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Hebrew Words Translated

 ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things un-seen,’ say the Scriptures. Un-Seen by the flesh but not by the spirit, for spiritual substance is not measured by the flesh, except that the flesh is the exact representation of the spirit, nothing is hidden. We are exposed in everything we do daily. Scripture also tells us that those who come to our Creator must come in Spirit and in Truth, for HE is seeking such to worship HIM. This is found in the Good News of John and is made an example throughout Scripture. The Substance of Faith is measured in Spirit, and that, by our closeness with our Creator which we determine. Faith has no bounds. The most important precept in Scripture tells us, the beginning of Wisdom is His Name,



werbeH<<Hebrew is read from Right to Left<<werbeH

"I will not overstep my bounds, as Abba יהוה has instructed me personally and proven in Scripture." That means keeping all the Commandments as written, not interpreted by someone's religion. Example: First Commandment, "I am יהוהYHVH

 your Elohim, have no strange elohim in My Face." I see this command violated everywhere I go. It is violated in religious circles and even in the prayers I hear so many people recite and or write. The most important conclusion we must consider is, 'It does not matter what we think Abba means, it is what He says that matters.' There is no Creator but Him. When someone uses a foreign name of a foreign deity, He is in violation of the Commandment. Using words that in Hebrew mean the direct opposite of HIM is an abomination, not that I say so, but Abba says so. The word abomination is the strongest word in Hebrew. When we call out to foreign elohim, it is the foreign elohim we get. Our words justify ourselves and our words condemn us also. Each man judges himself thereby. As for me and my house, we follow יהוה, no one else.

Among religious circles, "FREE SPEECH" is being removed when it goes against their teachings. They are denying HaShem-יהוה The Name YHVH more and more and punishing those who follow Scripture correctly. Since Creation, HaShem-יהוה -The Name YHVH, has been made war upon and being removed by religious circles. In doing so, The Beginning of Wisdom-HaShem יהוה is also being removed from the tongues of would be righteous men. Mishle-Proverbs 9:10 The fear of YHVH is the beginning of Chochma-Wisdom: and the da’at-knowledge of the Set Apart One in binah-understanding. Tehillim-Psalms 111:10. The fear of YHVH is the beginning of Chochma. Proverbs 1:7…Fools despise Chochma-Wisdom and discipline. RSTNE  When we take away the beginning of Wisdom, we are left with fables, confusion, and pagan thinking, for יהוה is not there in the circles that worship the adversary by any false name, even unknowingly. He said When two or more are gathered in My Name, there am I among them.’ ‘Gathered in My Name’ as in the above Scripture will yield YHVH. Whatever name one calls upon, that is the spirit he gets! Just a Word of caution to everyone: A man does not have to wear black robes to come under the curse of Mal'aki 1:6, and Mal'aki 2:1-3, to all who 'despise My Name,' says Abba YHVH. These are serious instructions. Calling upon יהוה will get you your Abba-Daddy, if that is whom one desires to have audience with. 

What is my current relationship with Abba יהוה?

Wonderful Question that every man should ask himself daily. This should also be measured by Scripture from the earliest manuscripts a man can investigate, and the most important instruction to pursue is His Name. We should know the scriptural reasons why. By calling on foreign deities, we miss the mark, and fail at the very sound of foreign deities.

The most wonderful thing a man can have is a working, interactive, two sided communication dialogue; a perfect
understanding of His Voice; a complete giving of life and breath; a living sacrifice 100%, keeping a constant 24/7 open interactive, on subject, totally open heart, interactive spirit, on call by the second, uncluttered mind focused on Him and waiting for any crumb to fall from His Table. All of this requires a 'QUIET mind,' attentive countenance, perfect intention; subordinate position; servant status and above all, these should be implemented every second, of every minute, of every hour of a man's life.

What He gives in return is Himself perfectly in every aspect stated above. A dialogue unwavering! He will withhold very little depending upon commitment, perseverance and necessity. We are on a need to know basis. He will open the treasures of heaven to anyone capable of this intensity of surrender, and give in return exactly what we release to Him. An interpersonal relationship with Abba-Daddyיהוה   at this level, will reveal to you many mysteries in the Universe: understanding going back to even during Creation, and eventually understanding some of the complexities of the Universe. There is no bottom or ceiling to the depths or heights of Abba YHVH, and most everything will be revealed to anyone who can reach out that far. He will meet you half way and take you the rest of the way without holding back, giving you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven. Our flesh holds us back because of limitations, mainly because there is so much to uncover. Only in eternity can any discover the multitude of what it would take to accomplish all Wisdom.


The Scripture says "All things are given to those who Love Him."
By going to that level of commitment, one learns the depths of LOVE and love's requirements in servitude. Complete abandon means complete abandon to His Purpose. Then to learn His purposes, one must be a total self sacrifice, and that can only be learned from
Abba YHVH  
Himself: One cannot  learn  it on their own, and that takes a lifetime to achieve. It starts at the beginning, and that commences by choice.