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About The Author


When speaking about oneself, it is common to discuss the great attributes one has performed in the sight of men. Scripture tells us that the reward is exactly that, being seen of men. Within Scripture also, is the very real fact that a man is powerless to do anything good aside from His Creator. There can be many things brought forward to reveal a man's true self, but the real true self can only be seen through the eyes of Abba YHVH, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. You will always find me speaking the True Name our Creator gave that we should/would 'Mention' Him by throughout our generations. Calling upon foreign deities will reap exactly that, answers from deities that Scriptures call abominations. Sorry to disappoint any on that. There is only One Name under heaven by which we must be saved and that name is not what man has invented. It matters not what one thinks he means. For Abba to give a miracle to one calling upon abominable names would further alienate that person from His True Name because that man would, for the remainder of his life, believe that the foreign deity called upon did the works. If that is disappointing to any of my readers, a mighty fix is needed within your heart, and only One can do that fix. Abba יהוה-YHVH's Name is written in the Pre-Messianic Scriptures over 6,823 times, but man has substituted His Wonderful Name for the Hebrew equivalent of Baal. That is what Lord means in Hebrew, Baal. You do the math! You may say He knows my heart. Well, that is true, and now that you have heard the True Name of your Creator, you are faced with a Blessing and a curse, and the rest is your choice, that choice will no doubt come from the heart. If you were calling Him Lord/Baal, you do not know Him anyway, so there is no loss there.

You are now faced with having your prayers actually answered, once He can now teach you how to pray. When we call upon the Name that He gave for us to know/pray in the Name of, your prayers will actually go directly to the feet of His Throne. If that is where you desire your prayers to go, you have now found a treasure. You will no longer throw your pearls before swine.

What Abba YHVH
has personally revealed

When I speak of what Abba יהוה has revealed, there is no doubt in my mind, and that is based on the following, concerning me only.

I know what is to come in my life until I am taken, even to how I will die. This is based on His revealing His plans for me since 1998. I base the future on this revelation the same as is based on Scripture. Faith comes by hearing; Hearing by the Word.

When I study Scripture from Bereshit-Genesis on, and find not one Word out of place, My Faith becomes strong knowing not one Word will be out of place for Future.

My Faith is a Biblical Based Faith. That 'Tried Faith' is my Grace which comes through Faith, that gives me the empowerment to survive in a sick, evil and perverse world.
Faith based upon personal revelation

Not one thing of the many that came from 1998 until now, is out of place. There can be no failing of even a Tittle for what is to come, because wherever He speaks, His Words are eternal and more specifically, the same is true for myself. His Word never fails.

Where I am and how I get there, is His to perform. Whom I follow, and whom I Honor, is mine to give. When my Faith and life is in His Hands, I know from what Rock I am hewn. When That Rock speaks to me of myself and what He has plans for concerning me, then He completes these perfectly for these past many years, there is no turning in me for the future.

Where I am, and what happens in my life concerning what He has spoken, does concern many others. I do not discuss this with all of them, just two who know where they will also be at revealed times. It is partially based upon these, and my personal understanding of the things around me for the next ten years, combined with what Scripture says unfailingly, I will at times speculate, and on others specify.

I base not on what comes through the mind, but on the
tried that has come to pass, on that I base my position.

To prepare me for what He has for me since and future, He placed me in real spiritual combat. Not unlike His from Scripture. I battled within the mind and physical for many years and even wrote 800 pages concerning these. One day someone asked me what was the theme or content of these writings. What came out was, 'Origin of Thought.'

With all the myriad origins of what goes through the mind, it becomes very difficult to sort them out. One sure way is to match them with His-Story Past, Present, and Future. When they happen in a very personal way, conform to Scripture, follow exactly as Spoken, vary not one hair, one begins to see origins.

Guesswork can be good when there is a base to stand on. History is a very good base to stand. His-Story within the Written Word is the most solid foundation to build upon; we are assured that our foundation is in the correct place and built according to instruction. My House Will Stand!

I know that my positions do not match many, and even provoke some, but these positions are sure, solid, well thought out, confirmed, and many through inspiration. I know where I stand, and that is why my Stand is unfailing. It matters not to me that it does not match the many. I know we have varying views, but I cannot be moved when determined by the above. When I speak of personal revelations, I keep them to myself unless inspired to reveal them to others specifically. They then, are usually a Confirmation to the hearer, not a podium.

Allow me to assure you, Abba speaks perfectly clear and wastes not one Yod - smallest letter in Hebrew.  His Words come sparsely, very sparsely. Messages are short but perfect.

It is not difficult to remember what He said because there are only few Words at a time to understand and remember. They are given in a way that most often there can be no question what is meant. His Word comes not with Power as the physical expects power.

They are the softest, most humble, and
perfectly positioned Words we will ever hear.

 Oh, I get the loud ones too. These are suspect and always proven wrong when tested. Another thing happens when HE Speaks His Few Words, they are followed with much speaking on the subject. Side-tracked; Led to confusion of the original message; Attempts made to rush one to conclusions; Almost haunted with slight changes. From these turn away! The enemy comes in contrast to Abba YHVH so slightly changing a little at a time until the original message is so obscure that we have no idea what was Abba's original message. That is where remembering the key phrases are important and 'Few Words' are helpful to recover from the onslaught of the devil. It takes a constant awareness of the Presence of Abba YHVH in our lives and a straight line walk that stays in scripture.

It is easy to recognize them in a writing because they are spoken of, showing the falsity of them. In realty they come camouflaged. They are almost believable by in large, and at times very believable.  It is time that sorts them out; Patience is golden. There are a few important scriptural facts to remember, and a few precepts to meditate upon.

Abba YHVH came

In the flesh as promised

He is not separate from Himself. He came in the flesh just as you and I, and according to His own Words. He is not a Committee of two or three, but ONE. To discuss The Father, is the same as discussing the Son, who is the Father in the flesh. The difference is ministry. He was, as we are here now, to be tried in this furnace of affliction, and He was tested and tried in all ways like man yet without rebellion.  Scripture tells us not to know any man by the flesh, even Messiah. We are to know all the reasons why, but religion has smoked up the mirrors and windows that many are unable to see. That is where a well based knowledge of Scripture, will give us the Wisdom we need to walk forward in this perverse world we live in. Many stay within the Messianic Scriptures, and there is nothing wrong with any of the writings, but remember one usually forgotten principle. To understand the completing in the Messianic Scripture, one must understand the original prophecies. It is from them that we will even begin to know what the content is in the Messianic Scriptures. Without the Foundation that all Scripture stands, one is left to the wiles of religious men, and their teachings from the grave.   If you do not understand TORAH, you do not understand the Messianic Scriptures.

There are Lessons after Lessons in the Pre-Messianic Scripture that tell the story as an example, that He has a Name, and the Name that He chose to identify with mankind will be His name throughout our generations, and it would/will Be His Name forever. When He said that, He was not lying. He told us that He does not change. He also told me through the Commandments, that I am not to worship false elohim, and 'The Speak Able Name' that He gave me by which to mention Him, I should not bring to none affect. He said that in the Third Commandment. He told me in Scripture that one day He would take the Baal's/Lord's out of our mouths. One day we would not call Him Baal=Lord, but Ishi=my Husband. He told me in scripture, if I do not take His Name to heart, He would curse my blessings. A mans heart will reveal his true spirit all the time, and from that, no one can hide. A Man's heart will not deceive him today or at judgment. A man's heart will always reveal his true self. There is nowhere to hide!

When He came in the flesh, He became my Yahoshua - YHVH Salvation, His Name while in the flesh. When my atonement was made, He became my Yahoshua - YHVH is my Salvation Completed.

I will tell you more about His Personal Name which is eternal, and I do throughout any of what I write, for Abba YHVH is my reason for existing. He is the One who placed me here for His good pleasure not my own. Speaking only for myself, that is my reason for life, and He is the One who will walk me through it. Without fail, He will complete my mission on this planet, because there will be no turning within me, not for a nanosecond; How could I? Abba has inscribed me on the palm of His Hand.

What He and I have discussed in secret, is personal and not open for discussion, unless He were to tell me what to discuss and with whom. Some of those personal discussions are revealed within these writings. Others will have to be lived out in this furnace of affliction where I am pottery in His Hands.

In summary: The Father is not separate from the flesh/Son, He Is One. Had Abba YHVH not come in the flesh, we would be dead in our rebellion. The same Father who came in the Flesh, is now on His Throne in the Resurrected body that He came in that we be like Him when our change comes.

While I am still here, I am not to learn the ways/rituals/types of worship of the heathen/Pagans. I am not to learn their ways and do them, especially to do them and say I am doing them to Him in worship or any other way. He told me in the Scriptures that they are an abomination. He also told me that I am not to learn their names, and to never allow their names to come forth from my mouth. He told me that I am to worship Him in all that I do, think and feel. He has told me that there is no excuse to worship of false elohim.

The Beginning of Wisdom is His Name, YHVH. I am reminded by the Scripture records of the prophets of Baal/Lord and those who worshipped him; the followers at least repented when they met the True Creator. Many today do not care to even know His Speak able Name. One of the most important parts of Scripture are His Words that are about to be invoked, Let the righteous remain righteous, and let the filthy be filthy still. We are very close to that moment, and there is little time to repent. Judgment always begins in His House. By the time that is over, we are almost out of time. I can write volumes, and will one day. These are the beginning, but are small compared to what churns within me that will one day be given to writing.

That will require time, and inspiration.
When those two meet, nothing can stop it.

One of the things that I treasure in this short life is a relationship with my Creator. I enhance that relationship whenever possible, daily, moment by moment, decision by decision, and I do not allow anything to get in the way of my most treasured possession/gift/reward. "I Am thy exceeding great reward," says He, and in these last days, I do understand what that means. Today I am filled with "Life more abundantly." Not as the world expects abundance, but exactly what He said He would give. There are many in this world today experiencing that 'More Abundant Life' but wonder how the bills will be paid. I know where they are. Those blessings come with total surrendering and total dependence. We are sifted, placed on trial, given over to much tribulation, and refined according to His ways not our own. When He gives us riches that is good; when He gives us poverty that also is good. There is nothing that He gives us that Is not good.

Being lead by Ruach HaKodesh - Spirit the Set Apart, makes us selfless. In time, that is how we learn to live. When He takes over the reigns of our hearts and our life, we become composite with His selflessness. We then are off the hook, so to speak. We do not have to wonder if we did it right, or if we said it right, or if we lacked anything in whatever we do. We become a part of Him. He reminds us when we look to the left or to the right. We then, have needs to follow and return to the straight and narrow before the error sets in.

About Fifteen years ago I played the part of Messiah in a play before a few thousand people. The play was spirit filling to me, and I was able to choose what I would say in the prayer in the Garden just before the guards came for me (in the play). I chose John 17, all of it, along with a few other Scriptures. The Orchestra played while these words were spoken, and a few commented on how real the words were. I did not just memorize them, but from my spirit prayed them aloud. I know what those words mean. They were taken to heart.

I have spent at that time, over five years studying the Good News of John by memory to be acted out on stage before many. When it happened, those Words were a part of me. Five years rehearsing them. Five years of studying every move I would make on whatever platform or stage Abba would provide for me. Five years of hand gestures, voice inflection, face recognition/expression, that nothing be lost to interpretation. What I took to heart for those five years, came out of me as if they were said again. This was not the play spoken fifteen years ago. This one was a few years before then.

There was no listening to music time to busily cloud my mind. Spare time was all given over to rehearsal in mind, body and spirit. Driving time was used efficiently. Bed time was always rehearsal time and sleep crept over me while in the middle of it. Those Five Years were totally His for the expressed purpose of the final day when I could represent Him, on stage before a multitude, as we all re-live those 70 weeks in living color. WE had only one other person in the play, The Woman at the well. That play was from John 1:1 to 6:51.

It is remembered that when I was finished, the music was playing, and a vocalist was singing "Rise again," I was back stage in almost complete exhaustion. Was in prayer apologizing for the two times I had to ask for the next line/Word. He let me know that without those which He caused, the audience would not really know that it was from memory, but now they would know these were not my words but His.  So I began to praise Him for those slips, and His diligence to His Spoken Word. Those were some of the best years of my life, that every minute was spent not reading the Word, but rehearsing the Words from every movement, facial expression and voice inflection. I had to become so close to Him, that He spoke those Words through me.

Bringing these moments back, reminded me of what happened just before this play. Having rehearsed the night before perfectly in my living room, and thanking Him in prayer for that, it was not known what toll that took on me. The next morning I was almost brain dead. I was trying to rehearse but the wrong words were forthcoming. I was into Bereshit-Genesis instead of Yohanan-John. Other Scriptures were creeping in. I was a mess. At the Assembly, I began to look for someone to do a sermon in my place. All were predisposed and many were on vacation. I went for food but could only find a bad bowl of chili. That made things even worse. There was nothing within myself that could even begin. I sat there as I was introduced, with a prayer, 'You know that it is impossible for me to do this in my current condition. It is time, and the rest is up to you.' I began to speak on Faith and Grace and faded into the Good News. That was planned and caught most every one off guard. So many, had not the wisdom to know the play had begun; many did not know the WORD.

Well you know the rest, as stated above. It went as He wanted it, and am sure that it was He that was speaking. A lesson, that in our own strength we are worthless. And His Strength is available when absolutely necessary. My life has been a wonder, full of His Works. I cannot even think of violating any of it.

There is no end to His Strength.

Blessings to all

Oct 11, 2007


                         East Gate - King's Gate - Golden Gate 


'Gat Shemen' means 'Olive Press' in Hebrew.
It is across the Kidron Valley from the King's Gate.
Gat Shemen is commonly pronounced Gethsemane.

Garden Of
Gat Shemen,

Gat Shemen means Olive Press, a garden outside the City, across the Kidron Valley on the Mount Of Olives.  Our Messiah spent much time in this garden throughout His life here on the Earth,  This was His place of rest.
The Olive Trees present now are said to have witnessed Messiah Yahoshua in His life, and possibly is where He lived, for He said He had no place where He could lay His head.  Some of the Trees would be over 2,000 years old today.

If you look carefully over my right shoulder, you will see the Golden Gate, or East Gate across the Kidron Valley.  Ezekiel saw the, Sh'kina Glory  of 
Abba יהוה depart through the East Gate before the destruction of the city, Ezek. 10:19.  His vision of the New Temple included the return of Abba's Glory through the same gate, 43:1-4.  This is also known as the King's Gate.  Abba's use of this gate rendered it Set Apart. It will remain closed until  our  Creator, Messiah and King returns and Spiritually enters through this Gate the same way He left, Ezek 44:1-3.

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