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  יהוה   IS THE ANSWER

We ask questions for the purpose of obtaining answers,
not for pleasurable desires, but for answers.

Usually answers are forthcoming, but the hard questions can and
are easier to find
 when in humble prayer, and with persistence.

The hard answers necessitate a sincere desire to learn the truth, in its purest form.  Some wait for years and some for decades because they are not ready for the answers, or the answers are not ready for human consumption.  Time is relevant and we are all accustom with it, but in the eternal realm, time does not exist.

When we speak of time, we calculate a dimension and we consider where we are, but some are unaware of the eternal significance of our actions, desires and our motives.

Time.  Time is not as important overall, as the consequence of what we do with time.  There is never an absolute reconning of time as we know it, since time is relevant only to our finite physical life span.

Where are we going from this life is the most important aspect of our time spent on this planet.  How we get there is not an option, since being here was not an option considered by any of us beforehand.  We think that control is for us to ponder, but control is not within ourselves for consideration.  He who controls the time of others is in control of nothing but his own destiny.   The way we have treated the time of others will be held either against us or a consideration in our favor, when we are finished with the time we are individually here.

Can any of us [really] think that we have any control over another?  I think not, for we are stewards of all that is placed in our hands and must give answer to our Creator for every moment spent upon this earth. 

How fruitful can any of us be without a leader?  How much time can we spend without direction and come through it with advantage on the eternal scale?  Nothing happens without direction from above or below.  Cause and effect is not an option.  We are not in control of one thing that we do.

We either have given commitments to our Creator for our life span, or through neglect have wandered astray by our own devices giving control to powers below.  Can we think for a moment that what has been accomplished in our lives has been our own choice?  Shallow thinking at best.

Not one choice has been ours for the making.  Not one event in our lives has been ours to control.  Testing has been our destiny from birth to grave, and how we handle the test will determine our eventual end, not our determination or self will.

We think that we are making decisions here on this planet, but those decisions were formed before they entered our minds.  The only condition within our control is, who do we follow?  Do we allow prompting's from heaven, or is the lie more desirable?  Are we prone to thinking that we are in control of anything or have we given our lives back to our Creator for His good pleasure?  Not one decision has been within us to make.  Ideas are placed here for us to ponder, control is not within ourselves to act upon.

What we dwell upon will be the direction that our lives will take, or be taken.  Our will is what is at stake, not so much that we control our will, but instilled within us were paths to ponder, paths to consider, paths to view, and what we spend our time viewing will be the motivating factor to where we will go, what we will do, how we will treat others, how we will treat ourselves.

Some things are not difficult to understand.  Even our finite minds can determine that we end up where our concentrations have led us: Not difficult to see the effects of our thinking's, but more difficult to see where they come from.  Subtle little prompting's control what we look through to see our desired future.  All has been determined beforehand for us to consider.  Paths have been laid out for the choosing, controlled by not ourselves, but powers not within our ability to override. Desire plays the biggest part of our daily life, to be guided by the very thing that we give ourselves over to.  Physical limitations are part of our given limitations to lust, which can drive us to error.  We make choices to our directions but not to the end result.  The end result is a culmination of constant prompting's that we allow to guide us, whether good or bad. 

 Can we say in the end of it that it was us who had the power to contrive all that has happened to us?  Not!  Only in our puffed up minds are we able to imagine that we control anything.  We are controlled by forces that are beyond our capacities to resist.  We are in no way in control of anything that we face, but lead by our own dwellings of mind.  Consider where we originated, and where we are at present.  Can we say that we were in control of any of it, if we are honest with ourselves?

Where we go, the paths we are on, are not within our power to determine.  We are placed here and on every path for His good pleasure.  We learn from our experiences and follow from our heart where our final destiny will be.  We are driven by lust and enticed by desire, but even that was not within our determination. 

Correction is given to all who desire correction.