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Now Is The Time
For Salvation
Now is the time for salvation said the Prophet.
Salvation is not what we seek after death or after
we are found in trouble.  The time is at hand for us
to seek, that we may find while it is still day.  It is
not a matter for speculation or consideration.  It is
a matter of eternal life or eternal destruction. 
Choice is the key here.  Force is not in the equation.
Choosing to follow Messiah into His is a free will
offering; a sacrifice to follow what Yahoshua did
for those who would hear.
Nothing happens until someone does something.
It takes an action to start a process and a reaction
to keep that process moving forward.
The first action was taken when YHVH, from His
Throne, came to the earth to pay our price, and
free those who were bound.  That action enabled
us to willingly seek eternal life through Him; a
promise made that cannot be broken, having been
spoken by He who cannot lie, and has the power
to carry to conclusion all that He started.  The vary
same Creator of the Universe Who walked as a man,
tempted as we in every way, yet without sin, took
back for us what Adam had lost, and set us free
from rebellion and death by His sacrifice on the
execution stake, arose under His own power to return
from where He came, having put all on the line for us,
that we would have a clear path homeward bound.
Having put down all principalities and powers that
were in the way, leaving for us a freeway directly into
the Throne Room, where we can call ABBA Father.
Where exists such wonderful Grace than with our
very own and personal Creator, Who with Words
eternal, not only made the way, but leads the way
in clear example of His Love and commitment to us.
Can we find in all the world, a friend so dedicated
that He would give His own physical life for us, be
with us through all forms of distress, comfort us
from all sorrow, be closer that a brother, and in
the end give what no man can, eternal life, to be
with Him forever and share in His Glory? 
What more is possible for a father to do for his
children?  Cause and effect are not in the making here.
What is important is that He paid our price for the
assurance that we would not have to work for our
salvation; That we would only have necessity to
follow His example and come when called.  No
burdens were placed for us to bear.  No hoops to
No other mighty ones allowed in this relationship.
We have a relationship with Him that is as close as
we dare pursue.  Freely He gave to us, all that is
necessary for salvation, and freely we continue our
awareness of the close personal bond that He has
established with us for only the taking.
Is it possible for any to refuse such a gift? 
A question that can hardly be considered, yet more
than not, refused for personal reasons.  The thought
of a final authority, an accountability, a rule of
love, is somehow even beyond the imagination of
some.  Given to evil forces and wilfully blinded
by lust and enticed by wickedness, they walk
from Creation to destruction.
When we consider the ramification of forgiveness,
nothing stands in the way of a just and definable
beginning from the followers of Messiah.  Are we
too slack in our efforts to seek exoneration, a
humility that brings forth Grace from above?
Can we as adults, really come as children to the
feet of YHVH and thank Him for coming personally,
and in our favor, with gifts of eternal life for the
taking?  Can we, set in our ways, be committed to
changing our every day life for one that never ends,
believing and following after Him and His plan for
us?  Is newness of life such a challenge that we
cannot comprehend?  Trust, hope, faith, are action
words to live by, and unmerited favor is the result
pouring upon those who follow It's Author.  When
in the past do we find such wonderful peace then
when we commit all to His marvelous light?
Some will never see His Peace.  Some will never
seek His Peace.  Some will never want His Peace.
Some never know that it is offered, free to those
who chose life.  Woe to those who cannot and will
not bend to the easy yolk of YHVH.  Woe to others
who will not see, wilfully blinded by self, and unaware
of the promise of an abundant life.