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Where are the dead?
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Are the dead really dead?
Now comes the case of the lost flesh of the dead, and where does the flesh of the dead dissipate to after time has brought it back to the worthless dust from which it was nourished by dirt. You see, man was made from worthless dust. Dirt has value of even the poorest quality. It can be bagged and sold or even by the truckload or trainload. But dust has absolutely no value at all.
Aren't we all proud of the substance from which we were made? Worthlessness comes forth in mankind, for the flesh has no value at all except one. It is the flesh that is the veil that carries the spirit of the man, and it is the spirit of the man that inherits eternal rewards; on either side of the spectrum that is life and the other is death, that is in the spirit.
This is not difficult to understand. The Jewish Messiah actually told us this, in the flesh there is no good thing. When called 'my good man' He replied, 'Why call Me good, there is none good but the Father.' When given worship He told them, to worship the Father. He told us that of His own initiative He does nothing, the Father - Ruach HaKodesh-His Spirit, does all the works.
So where comes this worship of the flesh? Ancient Pagan Sun-Worship! They were worshipping the flesh of men long before Yahudah and Ephraim were indoctrinated into following the roots of paganism which they have paid dearly for over these last centuries many.
There is no good thing in the flesh of any man. Not Messiah, not the prophets, not you and me, unless one thinks of himself more highly than he ought, says Scripture.
We were created in our own image after our own likeness, just as YHVH-YahVay was made in His own likeness, a direct representation of His Spirit made in the flesh of a man, borne of a woman which nourished His flesh into the man He came representing The Father which is Himself in Ruach.
This again is not difficult when all Scripture is taken at face value without religion added for physical flavor and confusion. Getting the flesh broken off of the man is not an east task. Paul tells us "I get under my body and bring it into submission."
Now where is this little post that depicts man for what he is, nothing good? Just what is it we are to overcome while in this body we call flesh, and worthlessness at that? Your Soul consists of these three. Mind, which is full of envy, deceit, lust, etc., etc., and again etc. Then there is the flesh and its worthlessness that drives the lost into the spiritual grave with it going back into dust and the nothing but worthlessness it was created and formed from. And last is the Spirit of the man's flesh which is his substance in real terms, which has a reward waiting for it when the worthlessness of that flesh, is broken off of it or determines its eternal reward.
So there should be no argument here since there is no good thing in the flesh of a man, and the only substance of the man is in the spirit that drives him and consequently rewards himself with what he sought throughout this physical life following after either of the two forms of power. One from eternal life and the other from eternal worthlessness in the smoke and fire he sought so diligently while yet physically alive.

The flesh goes back into the dust that dirt nourished.
The spirit goes back into the eternal realm for its reward which caved into the workings of the flesh it worshipped, or back into newness of life that is eternal.

We chose to worship the flesh or Abba YahVay while in this furnace of affliction called physical life. We make the choice-speaking from the real man-His spirit.

Scripture is a spiritual book, although at times it address the flesh, but it is the spirit that gets the rewards it strove for throughout the Seven Millenniums it had to decide and follow the power of choice. Follow the earthly realm of the devil, or follow the Heavenly realm of the Spirit. Those who continue worshipping the flesh profits nothing still for the WORD does not change. Worshipping the flesh has nothing waiting for itself on the last day. Now Heavenly reward, but there is a reward for flesh worshippers and it is called spiritual death.

So where is this going?
A man knows where his priorities lay even as we speak, and he will not be surprised today or on the last day. He sought his reward and will receive, for even that is called true in Scripture, the Reward to eternal life or eternal damnation. No in-between choice!

Worship the Father, says Yahoshua HaMashiach.
The flesh profits nothing.
Are there more questions now that a few thoughts arise? There should be, so allow me to ask even more questions and also give a few well thought out answers.
Your questions must show a devotion to thought and research. A well thought out question benefits in the long run, as haven been researched a little and capable of the deeper meanings, as with life, as we age and experiences require in depth reasoning's, also well thought out questions refer  to the same sense of quality. Asking better questions will receive better and well thought out answers.
Too much religious, underneath true understanding, looses the real facts in summations galore that can cloud the minds of well meaning people. Books by the ton have infiltrated the wonders of heaven and eternity with the teachings of men, derived from those who have passed before them into the graves of Whited Sepulchers to be resurrected in the lives of those who study from them without a shepherd to guide them, and thereby delving more deeply into the abyss the studies originated from. It is quite simple. Those who seek a physical resurrection are worshipping at the feet of lovers of flesh, in the face of the Scriptures that clearly tell us that FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. So what good is being resurrected again into a form that will never see heaven but will see dust again. The again would mean that they were returned into the dust as Scripture demands. Then if "It is given to man Once to die than the judgement, and flesh and blood will never be in heaven, there must be a second physical death and that makes Scripture a liar."
Too much Churchianity has been carried into the sermons of well meaning believers, and by that, desecrate the Word into the forms of religion that originated in ancient Babylon and ancient Egypt for resurrection again in these last days.
For the worshippers of the flesh, what is your plan B when your flesh returns to the dust as Scripture promises and cannot enter Heaven. Where will the flesh take you then? The arguments that Messiah Who is actually YHVH come in the flesh just as we are, to set the example for us to follow and be edified away from religious men, resurrected in bodily form to live again in the flesh to suit the ancient pagan beliefs, is preposterous. To say that Because He was touched and handled and ate with them makes Him flesh again only adds to the throngs of other mis-interpreted Scriptures that contradict Scripture as a whole from all Scripture, Precept upon Precept and Line upon Line. Scripture is clear that flesh will return to the Dust it was created from and the corruption from it will never invade the Heavens. This serves the Scriptures clearly, but bodily resurrection does not. Churchianity teaches so many changes from sound Scripture teachings that it astounds me how well meaning believers can fall for the mind reprobate teachings that Messiah came to change so many things even while they teach that every Word is eternal. They agree that not one jot or tittle will ever change, but of course, for the changes Messiah made. Now that makes sense only to Christianity. HE never changes except for the changes He made! That is intellectual Christianity speaking.
To understand the Scriptures, one must "Come out of her My people,' demands YHVH, that you not partake of her plagues, and the first plague is a mind reprobate, that you will believe the lie even through the Scriptures that speak so clearly.
A mind reprobate is a wonderful thing to loose.
It is given to every physical man, Once to die then the judgement, and his flesh goes back into the wind, worthless as the dust he came in that was nourished by dirt. The nourishment will return back to where it came, but the flesh back to the dust from which it came.
To recite the Scriptures continually referencing the same Scriptures is futile until one understands Scripture from above, and that takes a search with all of his heart as Scripture demands. When given understandings from above, the Scriptures become clear again as at the first estate when mankind understood them clearly. Given a storm load of religion, man has lost his first estate - walking with his Creator and thereby understanding what YHVH is speaking, for, My sheep hear My voice and the voice of another they will not follow.
So, where are we? Does the world not understand being born again is not a physical resurrection that it lusts for so diligently?
If men die once, then are judged, and judgement is final, and True worshippers pass from death to life-no judgement, What happened to the once dead? Answer=Judgement, not resurrection. Then what is the resurrection of the dead but a spiritual resurrection to be thrown into the Lake that burns with fire for all eternity. And if being Born Again requires no second death physically, what is the reprobate Christian teaching of borne in spirit? Is being born in spirit a second life, while still in the physical form one is in when he fell prey to Christianity and her diabolical and detestable whoredom, worshipping daemons unaware? If you must be born of flesh and of spirit, yet we are borne in the flesh with the spirit we are made in the likeness of, a direct representation of the spirit we really are, is that not being borne of flesh and of spirit, so where is the borne of spirit Christianity talks of?
Enough questions? Well thought out questions? These will reap well thought out answers, unless one jumps back into Churchianity's deluge of reprobate doctrines that got us into this mind reprobate to begin with.
If when the flesh dies, yet is a hearer of the Truth, belonging to Abba YahVay not the other one, following in all things given from Bereshit and walking with Abba throughout his life, where is he then since his dust returned to whence it came? How does he then become born again? He is dead! That is, in the dust which he was nourished by dirt throughout his physical life. But where is his spirit? But back to Abba YahVay who gave it = Scripture, no holds barred. Does that man, then, back in the spirit from whence he came, seek re-birth according to the Scriptures in their original form, requires? Have we not covered any of this in our thinking and searching for the Truth from Abba YahVay Who instructs diligently throughout our life that we understand Scripture in its pure form and not fall reprobate to the wiles of religious flesh lusting men?
Why does EliYahu return to the flesh from whence he came in these last days, if he cannot live again in the flesh of another body not the original, but truly in the spirit of EliYahu? Flesh cannot inherit the Kingdom of heaven, so where did EliYahu go after taken in the firey chariots? Was he held in LIMBO after the Cathoilc model reprobate and ancient Egyptian Paganism doctrines from the grave? Has anyone heard of the CHANGE Shaul-Paul taught?
Has anyone recognized that our true Creator YahVay is the one who came in the flesh according to Bereshit when He said to all present, 'Let us make man in our image and after our likeness?' When He told us that nothing good exists in the flesh even His, and that flesh and blood cannot be where He is/will go? Is He a liar, or is He teaching us the truth He came to teach, and release us from the wiles of religious worshippers of the flesh. To release us from the bonds of this earthly existence, that we be finished and worthy to return to our first estate, and the purpose of Creation at the first, be finished in casting all those who worship the devil and his flesh loving followers into the Lake for an eternal swim, so they can swim around in their lust up to their eye-balls never-ending.
Scripture tells us to despise our physical life here in this furnace of affliction. So whence comes Christianity's diabolical lust of the flesh? Do they not worship daemons unaware, haven allowed their spiritual life to be broken into? Just like in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking(not such good spiritual food), marrying and giving in marriage(in spiritual whore-dome) until the flood came and took them away! So it was that they received the rapture they lusted after in reverse! The spirit has been taken(one of the two in the field) and thrown into the swimming pool past their eye-balls to cover their reprobate minds! Strong delusion requires strong words to expose!
So Mishpachah (extended family), what do we do now? Study to show ourselves approved. Keep remembering this, "ALL ISRAEL WILL BE SAVED," no matter from which religious system one was drowning in. Scripture is even very clear on how that will be accomplished.
The clarity of all of this will be displayed in the second book I am soon beginning to write. Allow me to say this, if one does not understand what is written in the first, SO GOES CREATION, a preparation study for the second, he will not understand the second. The first is offered at cost of personal printing and delivered free. I do nor seek any profits. I retired from a very well paying business to study Hebrew Roots and write according to the instructions from YahVay on both accounts. I am one of the chosen from the called out ones who, under instructions from YahVay has given every breath for the good of the Nation of Israel. There is no room for profit or time for self. This calling is not of my own, but of His, and is shown in the works Abba is doing with this clay I live in. Chosen to be a workman worthy of his calling. There is no striving here, but a following in every Word of His Still Small Voice. Some take these messages lightly, they are not written lightly, but by every Word heard and studied throughout the Scriptures.
It is hoped that you can hear these messages, they are written in sincerity.
What has been written are just the basics that religious men have disgraced.
The real material is coming, praise Abba.
Go to this link  Candle in the Darkness Ministry - Home , it will take you to sogoescreation.com where you can request, all cover to cover, 531 pages 8 1/2 by 11, in full color, for the cost of material, printing, packaging, and mailing, and begin a voyage of a lifetime. Be ready for book two. That one will cause quite a stir, as if this one does not!

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