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Love Is Not A Feeling Or Condition




Not all love is conditional. Not all love is systematic.

All love is relevant to the people being loved.

There can be no love without intent. Intent will

determine the depth of love, and it's overall response.
Conditional love will not be long lived because of

the demands inflicted from one side or the other,

but conditional will have it's day destroying the
hope of reconciliation over time. Conditional love
never succeed, for one party will suffer
trying to meet the conditions demanded.

When we talk of love in it's purest form, love
becomesfree. Free from ties and freedom from
Nothing can stand in the way of real love,
for time,
distance, finances, or age, cannot interfere
since love is from the heart. The intent of the heart
will always
prevail and can be seen in the eyes of
those who possess

Love is real when given freely, without force, and with
honest open interest for the other or others involved.
Can we find real love within the confines of this

world? Difficult at best.

Many who love openly will be disappointed with other
obstacles. Difficulty surrounded by infamy, poverty,

riches, freedom, confinement, contentment, perseverance,

disloyalty, characterization, and all sorts of pollutants
that chip away at the very heart of love, making it hard
to continue as one begins to drift away, leaving emptiness
and heartache behind. The biggest obstacle to love is

found in the minds of men and women. Programming
from the outside in, giving a false picture of true love
that conditions one to error from expectancy or

unrealistic goals. Nothing can destroy love like the
mind. Set on pre-existing perceptions of how love
should be instead of allowing love to be free and
grow into a lifelong relationship.

Love is not a feeling or a condition. Love is not a need
or desire. Love is not lust or jealously.

Love is a wilful giving from the heart without conditions.
Love is freedom from oppression, free from demands,

free from imposition, free from insecurity. Love then,

knows no bounds.

How difficult does it become then, to love our enemies;
To love our persecutors; to love the downtrodden;

to love our friends?

The answer is in how difficult it is to forgive?
Is forgiveness conditional or a free act of the will?
Is forgiveness in part or total? Can forgiveness be

partial and complete at the same time?

How one forgives will say much about how one loves.

Without love we are empty vessels, searching for some
kind of fulfillment that never seem to arrive.

Without love one is never alive, for life is love, life
is freedom, life is relevant to eternity. How one loves

will prove to be his last stand in front
of the Author of Love.