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Now we begin to discover our origin.
The flesh makes that difficult to grasp.

Our Heritage,



There are so few today that can hear these messages, as they attempt to rewrite their own story concerning prophecy, based upon some religious-extremely man made interpretation, of Abba YHVH's' intended meanings and insight for us to survive in this transition from the past Six Days-thousand years, into this the Seventh and Last Day of world HisStory as we have known it, or even expect it.  Since the Seventh Day started at Pesach 2006, we are seeing the lead up to Abba YHVH's cleaning up this old world as we have known it, for His Surviving attendees that mark Eternity's HisStory into the Last Great Day-Sh'minnie Atzeret - The Eighth Day - The Last Great And Eternal Day, when we whom Abba will usher into 'An Abode with Him' for Eternity's Remaining Unfathomable Timelessness, will finally Dine with Him at His Heavenly Table for an Eternity.



Unable to exactly discern what Abba has for us in Eternity, for 'Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered the minds of man the wonderful things Abba YHVH has prepared for those who love Him,' and time has not been able to sort out this riddle to any degree acceptable for any man's understanding, because dealing with the impossible(figuring this out) is not a man made possibility, nor does Abba YHVH revoke even the slightest portion of even one letter of any Word He Has Spoken from the past through the Eternal, man has not even the first clue what is in store for himself among the treasures Abba has already seen through His Own Eternal Eye.


Today we see through time dimly, but soon we will see Face to face(Meaning Spirit to spirit) for Neither man nor Angels have seen nor will they ever see The Face of Abba YHVH literally, and live, one of the reasons Abba YHVH came in the flesh; was "changed" from that earthly flesh that profits nothing into His Esteemed New Bodily Form Not Flesh, but representative of His Life in the flesh that Angels will finally see throughout Eternity.  Scripture tells us that no man has ever seen His Face and lived, and although I am not certain about eternity's future concerning His Face, I will venture a guess, that the Esteemed Spiritual Form of Abba YHVH's Sh'kinah Kavod, Divine Presence of His Esteem, 'Will also be Faceless,' as no man nor Angel has ever seen His Spiritual Face and Lived through it. 



Considering the consequences of the above, written for our edification and absorbed within our Soul to live by, we are on the precipice of everything Abba has endeavored for us to understand as we delve into the Wisdom He will show those surviving to live with Him during His Special Rest DayHis Seventh Day Shabbat we know as His Seventh Day of Creation alluded to in Bereshit, and this will be the Day we rest with Him in a special way unknown or unfathomed by mankind since Adam was created from dust.  Dirt has a created substance that supports growth among our herbs, fruits and various foods placed here for our nourishment, but Dust is totally worthless.  THUS - "The flesh profits nothing, the Words I speak to you, they are Spirit and they are Life," said our Jewish Messiah Yahoshua who created every vestige of eternity past, present and future with the 'Word that He Is' as represented through the same type of flesh we abide here in, apart from our spiritual bodies known before Creation as Angels - some fallen, thus Creation to try man and angels and cast out all evil from before Him into the Lake that burns with fire for remaining eternity.



David was not immune to the mystery presented for us to understand.  So He placed this Mystery spoken by Abba YHVH  boldly printed in Tehillim 82:6-7, "I, I said, 'You are Elohim, And all of you are sons of the Most High.  But as men you die, and fall as one of the heads."'  For the Second witness, walking as a Man, Abba YHVH made perfectly clear our heritage from Creation when He said in Yohanan 10:34-36, "Yahoshua answered them, Is it not written in your own Torah, 'I said, You are elohim"'?  "If He called them elohim, to whom the word of Elohim came - and the Scriptures cannot be broken...."



Yet men who worship the flesh continue to mock His Words and refuse to understand that they(in the flesh) profit exactly as the dust they were formed from-NOTHING, and that it is a CHANGE that is coming as the Apostle Shaul-Paul spoke, "When Our Change Come."



Nothing before Creation has changed considerably, except the casting out of the enemy of Life and Love into either the Pit or the first stage of The Lake that Burns With Fire for the remainder of eternity.  Angels remain Angels, although some even now leave their first estate attempting to thwart Abba's plans for Heaven Anew. They then accompany their true father on the road that leads to his final non-resting place called The Lake of Fire, but with one difference.  They, as all Creation, will see the destruction of the master of lies, as a 'Fire will come forth from within him, and his fall will be the mightiest of all, not even a memory among survivors or his followers will satisfy their pain.'  Given over to destruction purposefully, they well continue in their hatred and bitterness for the Truth and the Love that was afforded them, had only they conformed to the Rules Set Down before Creation and lived.



August 30, 2008