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As a Man is, So Will He Be



It is customary to customize ones beliefs with what he has learnt from the religious leaders he has had contact with; purposefully or inadvertently, he changes the easy understanding of Scripture with these changes mainly because of programming he has had sown into his understandings.  This is not what gives one a mind Reprobate, but it does filter his understanding with teaching from the grave that his mentors have inherited, thereby filling him with what leads to a Reprobate mind.  A Mind Reprobate is a very strong word to describe most of those still caught up in Churchianity, but a man has free choice to whom and what he listens to.  There is no blame to toss around here because he has nowhere to hide from what he has chosen to follow.  Being part of religion instead of being Set Apart as scripture demands is a personal choice.  Scripture has been written in such a way that even one unlearned will come to the proper conclusions if he continues to search with all of his heart and leaves religious teachings in the grave where they belong.

That is much more difficult to break off of once indoctrinated, but it always goes back to one's heart and he has no excuse.  The flesh is veiled, Yes, but it is still the spirit that leads a man into or out of what has entangled him, and in the end of it all, he is to blame for all those choices taken aware in spirit the consequences while his flesh is none the wise except the clues he has from scripture weighed against his own actions.  The two work together.  One is the exact representation of the other.  A mans spirit is seen through his flesh.  What we see in a man visually, is what he is eternally, aside form the occasional mistake or frivolous choice; A mans choices do not hide himself.  He is seen exactly for his character throughout life.  Humility is sovereign.  Arrogance is a lofty disguise attempt to cover up his true self, but the arrogance itself is the giveaway of a fractured spirit; Fractured from being completed as Pottery is discarded when it does not conform to the Potters hand. Scripture teaches us this important precept so we can see where we are headed before we are discarded to the scrap pile – so to speak. There is never a time when man has an excuse.  He is aware from both sides – flesh and spirit, and either can take the necessary steps to affect change if so desired. 

The Two are one; there is no mistake.  A mans choices come from both sides of earthly existence and there is nowhere to hide.  Might I say that the spirit enjoys the balance of power; he is by-in-large the deciding factor.  He is most difficult to influence from the flesh.  He has been here much longer than the flesh and has walked among the stars when created and since.  He watched creation in process and was there to cheer when 'All the sons of Elohim shouted for joy.'  His choices were made long before the flesh was made, as he followed his master into and through creation to this day when time is running out for choices and again, there is nowhere to hide.

It is kind of sad, in the respect that his choices were made with eyes wide shut – so to speak, and there is no mistake he is making today.  Some have balanced on the fence awaiting a final decision that is being made today, but indecision to follow YHVH is in itself a decision against.  Light and darkness have no grey areas really.  One can see the light or he cannot.  He may delay for selfish inherent reasoning but even those delays are a decision against Abba.

I am not trying to condemn anyone for their own lust for self; that has been done from within the man since long before creation.  There are no fingers to point, most just point back at us when we do point.  I am not attempting to challenge a man's intent either; he shows that himself daily, and decisions abundant.  I am not deciding the fate of any man either, his fate-future eternally comes from deep within himself daily as decisions are made from the heart.  All one has to do is inspect his heart for the answer he holds within himself, he is not blinded to that view anymore than visual sight.  He may try to deceive himself over and over through different methods in an attempt to hide from the reality within, but the hiding only clouds reality in a way that makes it hard to open ones eyes to the real blame.  Why does man deceive his own self but to continue in his desires of rebellion, unable to face himself and his decision to run from his creator and elude himself continually hoping to get yet another moment of divisive rebellious pleasure in diabolical abhorrence to The Light.  Sad!  Sad!  Sad!

Sad, in that it is not a pleasure that any should be lost, but we have that free choice forever and rebellion will not find its way into eternity in the presence of our creator. 

A man has the need to examine his own heart while there is still time to do so.  In that way he can tell which way is the path taken spiritually from before creation.  Can the flesh affect a spiritual/heart change?  Doubtful but not impossible!  Is it worth the try?  He gets to decide!

Questions, Questions, Questions!
So many questions!  We are at the precipice of all answers coming together whether we are prepared for them or not.  A good, well thought out question, will draw the answer when it comes around.  Much of the same will see nothing but the same rebellion that brought a man to this point in his personal purpose.  There are no secrets.  There are no walls to hide behind.  As a man has been so will he be!  Nothing new, nothing lost; nothing has changed within most of us from before the beginning of creation.  Do some self examination and you will know, really, where you are.  What you say to others will not hide you from yourself either.  All you are is seen for what you are, and that is a total sum of yourself.  You can continue to fool your fellow man if you please.  Deception has a home within the deceived!  A man reprobate is neither an excuse, or a free ride, for the flesh is only a fraction of the equation at hand.  Spiritually, a man is exposed and there is nowhere to hide.

Jan 29, 2008