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The Apple Of His Eye.

Why Was Israel Created?

If we try to answer this question from the flesh, we will miss the mark, get involved in the 'Woe is me' attitude, 'Poor Jews' mind set, and others that distract us from the real answer or question that many by now have been wondering. Why Israel? Why the Jews? Why Promise than give us the immense question and burden that defies human logic? Why Us?

We ask these questions and have difficulty coming up with the answers, but the answer is within Scriptures grasp to explain. Taken in context, from page one through Revelation, the answer to all of these is quite simple. Israel was created to cast the devil and those who would dare to defy the El of Israel into the Lake that burns with Fire for Eternity; to separate the Wheat from the tares/darnel. Now that is not the entire answer! Isaiah told us that the Earth was Created for that purpose, so why call it "Israel?" Israel is a tiny fraction of the Creation picture, but Israel is the main Stumbling-Block to the enemies of Love and Eternal Existence with Abba YHVH.

We cannot separate Israel from the Creation Picture without losing our perspective on 'Why Create' at all? Israel is the main focus on the Number One Question, Why? Our perspective question can only be answered this way.

We lose ourselves in questions that do not address the primary causes that brought about the Creation of the Universe as we know it, Placing the Earth in its center, Bereshit 1:1 Genesis, when only the Earth and the Heavens existed (Created First). That is what placed the Earth in the center of the Universe, and the center of the Plan that would then isolate Israel as the Apple of His Eye, and the center of the universe within the beginning of Creation upon this Earth. Israel became the Center of the Universe the moment she was Created, and that, with the Promise to Avraham that he would father what would become The Apple of YHVH's Eye. The pupil of the eye is the focusing point that brings clarity to the retina and focus to our sight. When our sight is focused on anything, it first passes through the apple-pupil-lens, then into the stimulus that our entire attention gives focus. Israel is that 'Entire Attention' that Abba YHVH has as His main focus in His War to cast the enemy out of heaven and all that diligently follow that devil. Spiritually, all will be judged on how they treated Israel.

The coming war that will TRY all of mankind is not the end of the trials that are planned for this eviction. The big one will come at the end of the Seventh Day, when s*t#n is loosed for his little season to gather all that are his children to attack the New Jerusalem in the last futile attempt to oust Israel-the focal point of Creation from Planet Earth. It is through his war with Israel-The Apple, that the enemy will finally be judged and thrown as kindling, into the largest furnace this Universe will ever see.

I know that this explanation simplifies the question greatly, but Scripture is easy to understand when it is simply taken at face value. Religion tends to complicate things with great swelling words that take on circles within circles, and confusion within confusion, and that is also part of the battle plans the enemy uses to dominate the Sheeple of the Promise, if that were possible.

We know one thing for sure. The New Heaven will have none of this. By that time, or illusion of time, the Elohim spoken of in David's Psalm 82:6-7, and confirmed by the
Jewish Messiah in John 10:34-36, will have been
restored to their original esteem. We will have
survived the onslaught of the enemy as Promised in the Word, "All Israel Will Be Saved."

Why marvel at this? The Jewish Messiah told us, "The flesh profits nothing. The Words I speak to you, they are Spirit and they are Life."

Not one Word that our Creator ever spoke, either from His Throne in Heaven, or His Walk here on earth, will ever fail. Not the slightest stroke of the pen, not the smallest part of even one letter of one of His Words will fail either. When we disagree on simple prophecy, or any Word within the original Scripture Breathed by our Creator YHVH, all that is needed is a return to the Scriptures for the simplicity of His Spoken Word. Leave religious teachings where they belong, in the recycle bin, or better said, in the grave where they originated.

B'Shem יהוה