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Forever Is Timeless

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Can Eternity be measured?


Forever Is Timeless

Forever can be found in the blink of an eye,
when we travel from time into eternity.

There are no facts or studies that can compare to the vast distance in time and space that is equal to eternity. Yet we converse in these terms at the drop of a subject and consider that we have a grasp of what forever contains.

Ever wonder what the term forever means?

"Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the minds of man the wonderful things that YHVH has prepared for those that love Him."

Ever try to explain eternity? Can we at all come close to understanding this vast expanse, since we only have the physical to peer through, and a Spiritual experience or two to compare timelessness with? How are we to begin to understand?

None of us in the flesh have been there. None of us have been able to see this picture clearly, either in spirit or near death experience. Certainly not from the physical can we make a judgment explainable, even had we the gift of eternal knowledge, without the hand of YHVH in every letter we print, or word we write.

Who on this planet can see the eternity that has been promised by He who both Created and Promised?  The plans of eternity are less than vague even to those who try.

The Prophets were given glances into the future from where they were, and not into the eternity that we so diligently seek to explain.

Words were written, thoughts were conveyed, prophecies were given, yet the eternal event remains a scant, exiguous view of a promise we are in wait of.

Faith is Hope for the substance of Promise.

Faith is the Substance of that Promise.

Faith is the ever present Word of conviction that we
can hold in our hands, take into eternity, and keep forever.

Faith in YHVH can only come by hearing His Word.




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