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There is only one way to have Life More Abundantly.

Abundant Life

Not One event from history past was an accident.
Everything that has happened of any importance was pre-ordained and decided beforehand.  Our Creator does not make mistakes, so whatever one thinks may have been an insult to his relationship with Abba YHVH can be summed up in one word, wrong!  We are tested in everything we do, a given.  The enemy wants our allegiance to YHVH tested; in his mind the enemy tries to prove we do not love our Abba.  Others in the flesh test us for their own selfish purpose for gain and power.  Governments test us for the same reasoning, power and control.

We test ourselves in ways sometimes un-noticed, but testing has been all of our lives a battleground of control and power.  There are no other ways we can discover with whom we stand we stand. The tests tell 'US' more about ourselves than any other. 

Testing like pain is our friend!
Without testing, we know not our heart.  Usually, when tested we have need to look deep inside to find where we stand before acting.  From within, our motivations are revealed and we become more acquainted with ourselves.In doing so we become aware of who and what we really are, thereby understanding the why of what we do, and the price we are willing to pay, for or against our creator's Word.

Nothing is happening by accident.  That sounds more than a little strange considering all the details we cross paths with daily, but we are motivated from within and without from more than a few sources; however these sources when boiled down reveal only two - Light and Darkness.  I know!  How are little details that important?  Should not our spiritual resources personally be the account of trials and happenstance?  At times yes, but considerations must be given to whom we follow and to whom we give allegiance.  These are the main motivators and influences we receive throughout our lives.  The blind flesh is much more manipulated than we allow ourselves to consider.  Do we then walk on eggs in wonder of which side this or that is in control of at the moment?  Not important!  What is important is where our heart is, that is important; the rest will be taken care of.  Whether we follow Light or Darkness, attempts at change are taking place; one or the other. Usually darkness attempts, taking advantage of whatever situation for the gains of darkness.  Our Marvelous Light Source allows trials and testing from the adversary for our own benefit.  We become more acquainted with our true self as trials come and go.  We know from where we stand on important issues of life, namely Love and eternal Wisdom.  Nowhere on earth do we find testing ground so thorough than within the mind.  Our mind is the main battleground from birth to grave, and we are tested to the maximum of what we are given to bear, not for personal gain or religious freedom or perfect posture, but for allegiance to who we will eventually spend eternity with.  It is that simple.  The world has become a complicated place to survive, but what is most important to understand is the simplicity of our exact purpose while here on this beautiful earth.

I am not saying all of this for idle reason, nor for any personal advantage, just making known the simplicity of life Abba YHVH has shown to me over the past 68 years. We tend to become complicated, along with complications that the world imposes upon us through fear and reprisals, to a degree, way beyond what is spiritually healthy for us.  The more complicated our existence, the more difficult it becomes to be spiritual, and the less spiritual we become the more we are open to more of the same from the author of confusion.  We as a people have become so complicated in our lives that many lose our easy spiritual existence or never find it to begin with. Our Blessed Messiah came to set us free from the dificulty. "Come to Me you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest for your souls." He was and still is bringing to us the simple and easy way of life in the Spirit, as long as He is in the lead it will be accomplished.  He wants to take our burdens away.  He wants to take the worry and strife out of life for us.  He desires to have an interpersonal relationship with each of us in the manner prescribed in Torah.  He, the Living Torah, is all we need to have Shalom/Peace in this world of complications and murders, and theft, spiritual adultery, spiritual whoredom, debauchery, anger, strife, and a polluted mind.

He is the answer to all of the earths confusion, but the enemy has us battling him so much, and/or following him so much, that we are blind to the view and cannot hear the Still Small Voice and the Soft Humble Knock at the door beckoning us to give Him a try before it is absolutely too late.  Even getting our attention is an almost insurmountable task, we are distracted in so many ways.  Religions have us distracted from the easy understanding of scripture.  Peers have us distracted into a world of do for me attitudes, or what can I get out of this.  TV has us wallowing in scenes of drugs, sex, and violence to the extent that we deem it natural in this perverted world.  Our families are the closest to us and because of that can influence us the most.  How many of them have a really intimate interpersonal relationship with Abba YHVH?  So many have their own form of religious beliefs it is almost impossible to see any of the easy to understand precepts of scripture exuberating from them.  What is mankind to do?  Where is there to hide?  How are we to survive in this world of perversion and confusion galore?  We know the answer, but how to get there is the imagined difficulty.

The difficulty is not in finding the real creator because He stands right there at the door knocking.  The difficulty is letting go of all the things and teachings that hold us back from Him.  Those are the real culprits of interference.  Our perceptions of what is important, and letting go of them to even make the first step count is the true difficulty.

How the enemy has infiltrated every aspect of our lives with fear, error, confusion and suffering;  So much so, that we are almost lost to finding our way out, and letting go of what we hold important becomes even harder because of them.

This page makes it sound so elementary in getting back on the right path, but it really is.  It is easier to let go of what we hold, than to hang on white knuckled so hard those things become imbedded in us.  It really is easy, and the reward is called in scripture, "Life more abundantly."  The rewards overwhelmingly outweigh the useless deluge of attachments that sink us so deeply into this earthly abyss. 

Easy answers sound a little too wishy-washy to pay attention to, but in most all instances of life's complications, the way out really becomes easy. Facing the problem was the difficulty; getting unwound then, came natural.  It is the same with spiritual life, understanding that there can be and is a spiritual life is the most difficult.  Knowing what a spiritual life is not is the most difficult to reconcile.  When we can turn in our PHD's so to speak in life's abundance as we know it, we can turn life over to the Master and originator of life, believe me He is called Master for good reason.  The biggest release HE takes from us is, He becomes responsible and we become a follower.  It is much easier to follow than to lead.  There is noting wrong with leading, but leading in this life we are in is not an easy human trait.  It takes the Master at life to lead with life's manifold abundant consequences. All one has to do is drop the lead and begin to follow.  Easy as pie!  That is where your training will begin.  One step at a time HE will lead you into the life He has for you, 'life more abundant.'  Not full of things, or riches, but really an abundance of what life really is about from its outset.  Every man is different and has a different set of circumstances but the solution is all the same. He leads, we follow.  Now, how can any go wrong when following the Master of life?  Do we even care to guess?

This is what we cannot guess at.  Which is the right Elohim?Is HE in the church, the synagogue, the chapel, a particular denomination or religion, or is He found in books many?  Nada!  He is right in front of you.  He will guide you into all truth.  He will not take from you what you desire either, but will wash you if you allow Him that liberty.  It will take a walk along side for the remainder of one's life, and the pleasantries of the walk will become more evident as we become washed and reborn in His care.  Our life will become an easy one to cope with.  The detestable will begin to diminish, but as some resurface we will soon find that we were the one allowing them back into the relationship, and baggage is what interferes with an abundant life.

One word of caution, the adversary stands all around us.  One's heart will make the choice.  It always comes back to the choice within a man's heart, and he cannot deceive himself, he is found out in the simplest choice; which voice does he follow?