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His Intent And Purpose should be ours also.

His Intent and Purpose

Much time has been spent on harrowing our Messiah
as  the  
portent  of  doom, and  depicts  Him  a
condemning feature in the Heavenlies.  Much time has been  spent  showing  Him to others  in  the  light  of judgement, than giving Him all of the Glory due that He deserves in saving each and every one of those who would follow.

We stand in awe of Him by our misconceptious view that man has portrayed.  We need to reevaluate our
relationship with Him in order to see Him as He Is, instead of what He should be according to the views of men.

Our misconceptions of Mashiach Yahoshua have lead
us to picture Him as a judge and jury instead of a
nurturing Daddy, available to all who would crawl upon His Lap, and fix our gaze upon His wonderful and precious attitude, that man is Created in His Image for the expressed point of loving one another as ourselves.  He Loves us as we are.

Can mankind really see Him in the
totally loving light that He Is, while
viewing Him through the
descriptions of others?

My Father in Heaven has only one purpose for me: That of a totally Loving Daddy, bringing me up in His Ways, not sparing the Rod, that I might walk with Him in honor and Righteousness, and follow His lead by being all that He wants me to be, in light of all that His methods have been in the past, will be in the future, and all that has been conceived by Him for the future.

We walk with Him in awesome tribute to everything that
He Is, including, that He Is the Maker of the universe;
The awesome deliverer of all mankind; The venerable One Who deserves all that we as His spiritual offspring
conceive and be, according to His good purpose. 
There can be no falling away from His purpose if we follow
Him perfectly in our will, and surrender all to Him in
awesome reverence, that He Is not only our spiritual
Father, but our Perfection manifest with Him in joint
purpose and function, allowing nothing between, that
our pure conscience be not hindered in perceiving
Him as He Is, instead of the way we think He should be.

We as children can only consider what lays ahead, uncertain
of the future, but trusting that no matter how difficult the
road ahead becomes, we will find the end of it where He Is,
and rejoice in the discovery that He brought us into
His Marvelous Light one step at a time.

How one can say that he follows in perfect harmony is only
the beginning of the journey, for who can also say that he
understands the path and what it has in store?  We follow
what we do not understand even when we follow perfectly,
for what does our understanding have in common
with universal perfection and eternal wisdom? 

His Good Purpose

We as the human race can only be in awe of His Wonderful
Law of Love, and only begin to understand when we are
given over to Him in totality, holding not even our every
breath.  For
we, His creation, are only here for His good
pleasure and purpose that we even breathe every
breath for Him, and to Him, and in Him and with Him.

Another time in His-Story will only be a duplicate of His
awesome Love for His creation.  Another era in Wisdom
would only be a duplicate of YHVH's Great Love for
all His creation.  There has not been one thing created
without Lovefrom Him in awesome wonder of all that
His Will Is capable of, which is infinite.

YHVH has but one
purpose in Creation

Bring into existance all that His Love can bestow upon the
Works of His Hands.  We are only a shadow of what is to
come.  The infinite scope of His Purposeful Creativity will
be seen throughout His Eternal Day.  We will be living
with Him in perpetuity, and witness every gift that can
be had within His Love for us.

How can anyone be the recipient of an ever increasing abundance of all that is love, and all that is His Gift, for all
who wish to follow Him in all that He Does, and all that He
Is, and all that He Will Be?  All that He has will be
bestowed upon all who care to follow Him as part of His
creation throughout eternity.  His plans are for the
good of all that He has Created, and not one of His
will have an unfilled need, for all the needs of
His Creation are what is His to fulfill. 

We are on the precipice of the events that lead to His Eternal
Day.  We have been selected to be here to witness His Love
abundantly for all who wish to follow.  His Love Is in our
midst even as we speak, and will continue to be revealed
as we march into and through Heavens Door,
which in no uncertain terms, Is Himself.

On the other hand, we can only be in His Abundance if we as
individuals make the decision to give all that we are to His
Purposeful Intention.  We cannot go there holding on to
what we believe to be our needs and desires.  We can only
go there in total and relentless pursuit of all that He and
only He wants us to have.  We can only appreciate all that
He is when we give our possessions to others.  What we
have to divide is not earthly desires and possessions that
tend to keep us from His Presence.  We have gifts that
have been bestowed upon us individually that can only be
kept by giving them away,
'For the totality of a man is what he gives to others.'

Can we be in total observance of all that He has ordained? 
Can we be in awesome observance of what has been
ordained to us individually, without asking moment by
moment for His guidance, in fulfilling His Purpose step
by step?  These questions are for each of us to ponder as
we perceive what we are capable of, by what we have
asked for in His Name.  If wehave asked for our own
desires, we have missed the mark.  If we are asking that our individual desires be given directly to us by He
Who Has Inscribed us in the Palm of His Hand,
then we are on course for the most wonderful
journey that even the Angels cannot imagine.

We see dimly through the veil, but soon Face to face.  We
see only what we have been able to understand in limited
response to His guidance.  We see only what we are
capable of, for we have only just begun to live out the wait for those who desire Him in totality. Heavenly Treasures that 

When we come to him in awesome humility, naked and alone, with nothing grasped in our will but Him and His
Purpose, we can begin to respond to that awesome purpose
that only He can bestow.  We are not in full obedience
until we can rightlyexpress ourselves through His
Hand, and see Him Face to face, that is, Spirit to spirit, as He gives ability. 

We are only here for a moment.  We will pass from here to
there in the blink of an eye.  We will only have this time to
advance to the Mark that has been set for us in awe of Him. 
We have only the tools that He has given to get there.  We
have not all the faculties that we eventually will have to
bring in Heavens Eternity.  We have only what we have,
and that, diversly intended for His Good Purpose.

When we come into His Heavenly Presence, we will not be
strangers to His Home.  We will have been prepared in His
Way for that wonderful meeting and we will be able to
respond to Him in an acceptable way.  We will be
there as His Family (Mishpochah), and have all
the necessary facilities that He has bestowed
according to our individual need.

We will be Perfect, as our little children are perfect.

B'Shem   יהוה