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The Wages Of Sin IS Not Grace

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Rewards are found, not in disobedience, but in following our Creator in every Word that He has spoken and will speak in the future.  He speaks to us through Scripture, Yes.  He also speaks to us from within our spirit.  He speaks to us in His Still Small Voice, and He speaks to us in our hearts.  His Words will not return to Him Void, unless we reject personally His instruction.  Even then, His Words will never fail.  What we receive personally is just as eternal as those in Scripture.  We just decide what we will follow and to Whom we give Honor.

The Wages of Sin is not Grace.
The Wages of Sin is still Death


We are known by our Fruits, and by our Love.
Grace has never been a reward for sin. Grace is the empowerment to live a Righteous and Set Apart life, in a sinful and perverse world. Grace, although free, comes as an attachment.  Grace is only received through Faith.

What is Faith?

Faith is the substance of things Hoped For, and evidence of things not seen by the human eye. Faith comes by Hearing, Hearing by the Word. Hearing the Word from Bereshit to Revelation, establishes our FAITH that Not One Word or even the smallest fraction of any Word will ever fail. Once I have established that Not One Word has changed from this moment back, I have the Faith that nothing will change from this moment forward.

Now my Scriptural Faith is established.

Faith that my Creator is not a wishy-washy leader and Master, and I can count on every Word He has ever Spoken; I will not have to walk on eggs, so to speak, for once delivered, THE WORD IS TIMELESS.

Once my Faith has been established
My Faith gives me the Right to the GRACE that is spoken of in Scripture.  That right is satisfied by my Creator and Master as He bestows upon me the measure of Grace that is evidenced by my Faith/Walk/Works. Our precious Messiah Yahoshua was the only human being that Grace was not given by measure. That 'Measure of Grace' is directly added by our measure of Faith. There is no Grace without Faith in every Word Spoken from Bereshit to Revelation; we have only to study The Word for our measure of Grace.

Grace, although Free, comes only through Faith.
Now that I know what is expected of me through my Scriptural Faith, I am empowered with the necessary Grace to live my life in the presence of a Perfect Creator Who will not surprise me with sudden and unexpected changes that catch me unaware. He Never Changes. Therefore His Word is perfect throughout all of Humanities Generations. I am now safe and content in His care.

That is GRACE. 

Anything less is Counterfeit.

What most people liveunder today, is His Mercy.
Mercy is the withholding of Deserved Judgment.
When His Mercy runs out, as spoken from the beginning, there is no more time for repentance. When Mercy runs out, it is Judgment time. Many who were lulled into a false grace will be surprised that the Wages of sin was not Grace; That His Word really did not change, and He will give His reward to all who 'Believe and Follow.' The rebellious will find their reward also. Their own reward, is the same as rebellion brings; Life apart from Love and Grace. We make our own choices. We judge ourselves.

Scripture tells us that HE has shown the end from the beginning. That HE brought it to pass suddenly, so we could not give credit to any false elohim, or false deity.

Rebellion is not rewarded with Grace.
Sin is Sin. Rebellion will cease.
None of these will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.
The Scripture Cannot Be Broken.

FAITH brings forth GRACE
It is our personal Faith from which we draw Abba's Grace.
We cannot live/survive eternally from any other Faith then what was 'Once delivered to the His people,' and that, on an interpersonal basis with Abba YHVH. It is by Faith in His Word that we draw His Grace - empowerment to live a righteous life in this sick and perverse world.

Scripture tell us
"My sheep hear My voice,
and the voice of another they will not follow."

There is a time when His Still Small Voice leaves them, because the time spoken from the foundation of the world reaches its fulfillment. I believe that time has passed. What Religion waits for in futility, and what the Theme of Scripture calls 'Taken away,' is for destruction.

Matt 13: 40-42, 'As the darnel, then, is gathered and burned in the fire, so it shall be at the end of his age. The son of Abam shall send out His messengers, and they shall gather out of His Reign all the stumbling blocks, and those doing lawlessness, and shall throw them into the furnace of fire -- there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.'

Man Made Doctrine.
Mistakenly known as the Rapture, the Taking Away is a man made, Adversary supported, false doctrine that has lulled many to slumber; Unaware they are taken; Unaware that their house is being broken into. Not knowing the Scripture on their own, they depend upon teachings of men in Whited Sepulchers, whose teachings go to the grave with them, but still live through the teachings of others who will follow them to the Lake that burns with fire.  Teachers will be held to a stiffer judgment.

His own remain here for the Reign that is now in process, A Spiritual Reign of 1000 Years, which began on Pesach-Passover 2006.

We have need to understand the Scripture defining Faith, for it is in our Faith, a Verb, requiring action, that we find our Works. For faith without works is dead. To endure requires work, not slumber.

Ya'aqov 2:24-26 - James, "You see, a man is declared right by works, and not by faith alone. For, as the body without the Spirit is dead, so also Faith is dead without works." Ya'aqov tells us to be a 'Doer of the Word,' a Walk in tried faith, not a blind faith.

Do not even the demons believe and tremble? Theirs is a walk/works also, but their fruit is corruption. It is by our Fruit/works, that we are known. Words without action/Fruit are futile. We must Walk/Bear Fruit/Work/ Show our Faith by our Walk.

Belief in a name is nothing, for there are as many names as religions to believe in. Our Faith will be clearly seen by our Fruits that we alone bear. To bear fruit requires action, a Walk, a constant action shown by our work/walk.

Whether we want to admit it, we all have works. What fruit do those works bring forth, Thorns, Thistles, or Wheat?

Wheat does not just happen. It requires a seed, a caregiver, Most of all, growth that is seen by the works within. The Tares also bear fruit by its caregiver and growth is seen by its works within; Unfortunately all that growth is destined for the fire.

We All have works. It is the Good Faith/Works that Messiah rewards. Walk in Faith, not sedentary half asleep slumber, but belief that is lived throughout our Walk with Him. The Jewish Messiah said to those who work iniquity. "I never knew you." Their works gave them away. They thought they cast out demons in His name. They thought they prophesied in His Name.  There was no where to hide.

They thought they did many mighty works in His Name. Their works bore bad fruit. Perhaps they knew not His Name and preached in the name of a foreign deity, An Abomination that Scripture warns us of. "Do not learn the names of their elohim. Do not let the names of their elohim come out of your mouth." Perhaps they bore another abomination Abba YHVH warned of. "Do not learn the ways of the heathen. Do not do them and say you are doing it to Me. It is an abomination."

What is man to do?
One says believe in This Name to be saved. Another says that Name to be saved. What is a man to do? Study to show thyself approved!  Study is a form of Works. We cannot get past it. A man's Works will show his Faith.

Faith without Works is dead.
Our Faith is shown by our works, says Ya'aqov.

Many may speak, but it is by their fruit that we shall know them. Words can be spoken, repeated, memorized, written, and studied, but we will still know them by their Fruits/Works. "Lay hands on no man suddenly," says Scripture. See his works before acceptance. "Touch not the unclean thing," applies to all things.  Keep our Temple clean before Our Abba.

So, in our Walk with Messiah Yahoshua, we have need to 'Study to show ourselves approved.' Knowing Scripture - Understanding what is expected of us, will render the Grace we need to survive spiritually in this sick and perverse world. Make no mistake of it. ABBA is not mocked. We will reap exactly what we sow! Our fruits will give us away.

To believe in itself is an action word.
We are instructed to even more than believe, but to follow, take action, do the works of the Father, as Messiah said, "I do the works of My Father." "He who believes in Me, the Works that I do he shall do also, and greater Works than these he shall do because I go to My Father."  John 14:12 John 5:46-47 tells us, "If you believed Moses you would have believed Me, since he wrote of Me. But if you do not believe Moses, how shall you believe My Words?" How could they believe Moses without studying to show themselves scripturally grounded? Likewise, how can they believe the Jewish Messiah without taking the Action to know what He said? But, even more than believe, one must follow. That is even more of an action; it requires a walk, for just to believe is what the demons do and tremble.

Believing is only the first step. Following takes the remainder of a man's life. He must also continue to do this without stopping, LK 9:62, Yahoshua said to him, "No one, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of heaven."