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The Face is so much more than mankind  considers.
A close examination will surprise you.

What's in a Face?


A few days ago, as with many days over the past years, found myself contemplating The Face Of Abba YHVH and the implications of not seeing His Face for 'No Man Can See My Face And Live,' is a constant reminder that His Face is a place not to tread upon in any way, shape or form, for life will hang in the balance.  One cannot look upon The Face of YHVH in all of His Truth and Sh'kinah Kavod, Divine Presence and Radiance of His Esteem, and live through the scorn one would feel in that ‘presence so perfect’ and be able to survive for a nano-second.  Like falling into the sun, one would burn up totally whether flesh or spirit, and there would be not even a remembrance of them throughout the remainder of eternity.


As I contemplated the implications of His Face and what it would be like, I was in awe of what could be in a face, any face, and what that would mean, trying to understand.  So He said in His Still Small Voice that we would write about exactly that soon.  Today, 'that soon' came around and this writing is what was to come in answer to such an awesome, many years long question.


To be in an awe-inspired journey for many years searching, wondering, contemplating and asking but not directly, was/is awesome to the extent of lifelessness, expending the kind of energy mentally in that attempt to unlock the mystery of Why.  So as we begin

Speaking of Faces

There is much to consider, and this is what we wrote today.


When we speak of faces, one thing comes to mind that is not another form of the flesh, when considering The Face of Abba YHVH and His wonderful blessings implanted upon us that proceed from His Face.  Consider that for a moment.  Within the form of the face are both the eyes and nose, and the mouth.  It is from the mouth of Abba YHVH that we and all things were Created, and it is from His Mouth that everything in His Creation stands at His Calling, as in Yeshayahu 48:13.


From the face also comes cursing and blessings, to the delight or dismay of the recipient.  From the Face also is seen every act that man has performed whether in hiding or in the open; nothing is hidden from the Face of YHVH.  The face is a wonderful implement of the soul, for through ones face is seen and heard every idle and idol word that he has ever uttered: his face has opened up to the universe every vestige of thought expressed throughout the ages.  I don't have to express to anyone what implications are yet to come, for from every face in the universe is seen and heard all that is spoken, thought, sensed, and felt, and from and through the face are myriads of wonderful praises and supplications raised to the Father of all life, both physical and spiritual. 
The Face! 
The Face is not a toy to accommodate slander from an impending recipient of argumentative arrogance.  The face is also not for the means of perpetrating evil on anyone, although many forms do exactly that, and cause much hardship among both
Abba's Israel, and those who chose not to belong to The Covenant Currently present, and The New Covenant that is soon to come, when as Scripture tells us will flourish when All Israel return to their Homeland, and HIS Word is implanted in the Hearts and the Minds of All IsraelThe New Covenant to come, as in the eternal Covenant still present, are the Words and impressions given to mankind that will never change, even when those same instructions take presence in the Covenant to come, commonly spoken of in Scripture as The New Covenant.


From The Face of Abba YHVH came the Words of the Eternal Covenant, and from the Face of  YHVH will come The New Covenant in its perfect time, for from the Face of YHVH every Word has been perfectly timed for mankind and Angels throughout HisStory, and we are the recipients of Both Covenants, current-Eternal, and the addition to that Eternal Covenant, when every Word of the Eternal Covenant will be immersed within the Hearts and the Minds of all men, Angels included. 


Now my friends, are the comments that we all have been waiting for from eternity past.  The comments for these Last Days and closing moments of HisStory as we know it, as we proceed into the effects of the Seventh and Last Day of Earthly Existence as
we also know it, to be announced as we
speak here today. 


For now, as we partake of the Blessings that Abba has and is bestowing upon all who have and do follow the Eternal Covenant today and in times past, there are many Words that Abba would like to speak to everyone of His people Israel.  Because the enemy of Love has interfered to the extent he has in each of our lives, many and perhaps most do not hear The Still Small Voice well enough to SHEMA, both received Blessings and those to come, so this media is available to both us and Him, to accomplish just that.  I know this is a surprise to the many, but these Words must be spoken sooner or later, and the sooner the better for each of us to become aware of the position we are in these Last Days.


To the detriment of those who will balk at this witting, allow me to offer forgiveness, for we have been trained in absolute silence to not observe Words that come in the form of Abba's Word Anew, and do as we must, rely upon the Text's we have available to us to gauge and measure every spoken word to prove the authenticity of its origin.  To those who do not immediately adhere/understand the origin, my condolences for any confusion or suffering you may experience in determining the authenticity of what is being written.


So, here goes.


In the beginning Abba Created everything that was Created, and it was good.  What crept into the confusion of the wonders Angels were attempting to figure out from what it was they saw, and some participated within, they spoke among themselves in countless Awe, for nothing like current Creation was ever imagined among them, and the scope of the Creation was barely even understood in its content.  During the figuring and contemplating, many turned to a spokesman who took it upon himself to be a dictator among them, and from him was expected an explanation for the depth of both physical Creation, and spiritual changes they all saw through their own faces.


The instructions all had then, are the same as they are today.  TAKE UPON YOURSELF NO FALSE ELOHIM,

Abba YHVH, then not known as YHVH to them, told them directly from His Face, the rules we would all abide by during this, and all transitions in time forever, that His Word will never change, down to the slightest expressive curve or extension of any letter of even the smallest of His Word.  Because these Words were spoken directly from the mouth of YHVH to them directly, and not through an emissary, the importance of those commands were to be the ultimate Law among them, and the breaking of even the slightest of them would result in catastrophic punishment to their own discredit.


This brought even more confusion to those who had not that close interpersonal relationship with YHVH, and they sought even more a representative to explain.  Subsequently, the covering cherub took upon itself the role of what developed into the first dictatorship in the Face of Abba YHVH, and those same Angels are today following that same devil as they are even now being taken to the first stage of gathering for the ceremony that will see them
all thrown into the Lake that Burns with
Fire for all remaining eternity.



From then on, only the closest of Creation were given Wisdom needed to decipher the Commands/Words Abba YHVH would speak from then until now; that curse remains among them, and few, if any, have and/or will find their way home.  That said, Home is where the Heart is, and the Heart is the spirit that will guide all directly back to the place and estate they once had among the stars, and walk literally with HIM, Abba YHVH, throughout Eternity - the Last and Final Day of current Creation as we now know it.


From this moment on, all who can hear these words will have a different relationship with his maker.  His maker as defined as 'the one each of us will follow into eternity.'  Some to a clear view of the universe and those who inhabit it, and some to the smoke and mirrors of the deception they were driven into by themselves and the dictator they followed.


Now, allow us to delve a little deeper into this view of Creation from its inception to its commencement.  In view of all that has been said here, and all that there is to understand as we delve deeper, allow me to ascribe to you a personal message.  You, who can understand these words have a personal advantage.  You will begin to see more clearly what is before your 'Faces' and understand the consequences of what these words and those in Scripture have imparted unto you.  You will forever be in tune with Abba differently than those who do not understand as shown above by the Words written directly from Abba-Daddy as a comfort to your souls.  The understanding heart will take leaps and bounds in understanding Creation from its inception, and will forever have the vision of togetherness with his Maker in sublime responsive and attentive
respect that only He is worthy of.


Let us proceed!


I have written these words as they have been given to me, one by one.  They were penned-so to speak, by way of computer and sent along regional lines into cyber-space for all human consumption.  These words were written directly through The Still Small Voice that we are all prompted to listen only to in our minds, and only adhere to as law among us, as HE would guide us all individually into all truth not spoken here for the first time, but told in scripture that He would come individually to all for that purpose.  As we speak, many are beginning to hear that voice that is Stiller and Smaller than thought itself, and will become more accustomed to Him in this way as time winds down and settles firmly in His Rest Day, The Seventh Day Shabbat we have all hoped and waited for.  Welcome to Shabbat-the Seventh Day millennium spoken of in scripture, and find rest for your souls, as the cleaning up of the evil that has permeated this planet throughout time is cleared, and we be lead into lush green fields that The Shepherd of our lives and souls
will lead us through. 


As in Psalms - Tehillim 23, and David took his flock through the valley of darkness-crevasse and washes, with steep walls on either side, up to the flat tops of lush places to rest and feed, we will be guided through a similar valley of death, and the ones responsible for the threat to 'eternal life' and limb are the very ones that supplanted the Words of Abba in mass confusion.  Remember, "Thy Rod and Thy Staff They Comfort Me."  So when we are going through the coming affliction and corrections in our walk to the resting Shabbat we are promised to spend with Him, Abba YHVH for this insuing 'Thousand Years Reign,' remember that David did not have it easy either.  The difference today is the enemy of our eternal life has many ways to hinder our march to the top of the mountain where the green pastures are, where we will abide with Him in pleasant bliss and spiritual maturity that only He can supply.


Our Walk will not be an easy one.  We will be afflicted on all sides, and we will be killed for our belief and working Faith in every Word breathed by HIM.  Today there is nowhere to hide from the birth pains that we are in,

'Beginning of Sorrows.' 

Many expected an easy way out, but there never has been an easy way out of testing except to pass with flying colors due to our own diligence to His Word and the guidance from His Still Small Voice
I welcome you in this final walk to the finish line.  I will be walking with you though perhaps not in sight, but I will be there with you for comfort and direction.  I brought you into this fray, and I will deliver you from it, though not bodily perhaps, but your change is coming and there is no one that can stop it. 




Penned by Yosef

July 12, 2008

by direct Word from Abba YHVH.