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Tears On The Mount Of Olives.

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Tears on the Mount of Olives

The time is so sad from the surface looking in.
Our entire world is rapidly assembling against Israel/Jerusalem,  even from the 'Government within.' Wars and rumors of wars must take place, we are assured. Each step moves us closer to Ezk:38-39, 
on that 'Dark Day' When Abba YHVH stands on the Mountain of Olives and splits the Mountain to the North and the South, His True Followers will escape the wrath brought upon Israel by the Islamic states including Russia. The entire world will assemble themselves upon the mountains of Israel. It will not be a pleasant day to live in Israel except for knowing that Jerusalem and all Israel are about to be delivered. Abba will use the invading armies to judge those who say they are Jews and are not, according to Scripture. There are few prophecies that are spelled out so plainly as Ezekiel: 38-39. We are approaching this gathering of those who hate Israel and Abba YHVH with lightning speed, and those attacking armies believe not that they are on course for the biggest Train Wreck this earth has ever seen. All of Heavens Angels have waited for this time, and if you listen, you can almost hear them scurrying about with the finishing touches according to Abba's plan and purpose. The Nations will be cleansed soon. The Islands will move out of their places as well as the mountains of the world. The Universe will be leaping for joy at the sight of this cleansing from s^t$n&c influences. The world is about to begin living in Peace for 1,000 years under the direct ruler-ship of Abba YHVH / Yahoshua Messiah.

I once stood there, on the summit of the Mount of Olives at night, and it was awesome. The up-lifting was so intense I could have been flying, had I not known better. The only bad part was that eye sore on the Temple Mount.

There have been few times that tears came from so deep within.  They began on the back side of the Mountain while on the bus.

Seated by myself, hiding my tears by the window; tears that were coming from a place deep within that the sorrow engulfed my being so desperately, it was like every cell in my body was crying. I have never cried so deeply in my entire life, never even close to it.

Since I am always in communion with Abba YHVH, I was apologizing to Him for the tears. He told me then that they were not my tears but His. HE was crying so deeply that I cannot begin to place the experience into words.

I said to Him, "I will hold you!"
And I know I was spiritually holding Him in His tears.

Abba YHVH/Yahoshua said to me through His tears,
"No one has ever said that to Me before."

I said it again, "I will hold you!"

Can you even begin to imagine the Creator of the Universe who sustains every atom in space with the Power of His Word, Weeping intensely?  Weeping in a way that is 'beyond human recognition,' so deep from within that I cannot put into words the emotion properly. Had this not been an experience, there would not even be a way of expression, though inadequately accounted, contagiously infectious. I continued to hold Him spiritually within until we reached the summit. At that time my joy overtook the tears at the splendid sight before my eyes; Jerusalem, from a lofty a'perch.

The tears began on the back side of the Mountain when I heard a soft song in my mind. 'Yerushalem, Yerushalem, I Love You Y'srael.' Over and Over the song played so gently in my mind, almost couldn't hear it. Then the tears came, the sobbing bitterly with such overwhelming sorrow that is only felt once in a lifetime, if that.

At the Summit, I broke off from the crowd and walked to the ridge alone, with Abba YHVH assuredly. We stood there together alone, all the while the bus remained. It was timeless. I do not remember if we discussed anything in these timeless moments. This I do know. It was the first time Abba YHVH has been to His City Jerusalem, since He left it 2000 years ago when He told them,
"Behold, your house if left unto you desolate."

This and much else went through my mind for the remainder of my stay in Eretz Yisra'el .

At dinner one of the early days there, I was asking many questions, almost being a pest. He told me "I need this time." In my joy it just didn't register and asked more, again the reply, "I Need This Time."

He will have to show me if that is His will, at a time in the future, what was happening then, and I fail to venture a guess. He had not been there for 2,000 years.

He and I had communications a number of times. Each one pointed to the same, He had not been there for a long, long time. The implications of those moments during the week were not even contemplated until they could be digested back home. I am still groping for answers that I have no idea what questions to ask?

Why then? That is His to answer. Why me?

One thing I can say for sure, He will stand on the Mount Of Olives on that dark day very soon the way events are stacking up in Israel. What a day that will be! If I could be there with Him then!  Wow!

I know it is a Spiritual summit meeting. His physical return is not for 1000 years, save the past year and few months since Pesach 2006 when the Seventh Day Commenced.

This experience happened in Feb 1998. I remember every event with Him as vividly as writing these words today. How can anyone begin to forget such a precious time as described above? The Memories are Over-shadowing me at this time. They always do when brought forward into the forefront of my minds eye.

To add to this would take away from the essence of the moment's experience. Today there is no doubt who cried with me that night on the Mount of Olives. There is also no doubt who walked with me during that week in Eretz Israel. There are many things we, He and I, talked about then and do now, and there is no doubt who He is. I could not even write this experience without Him, because the experience itself is so overwhelming my strength dries up.

So, when He said to me that it was His first visit back to Israel since He left, there is no doubt what He meant. The moment was too real, too awesome and absolute; I understand clearly.

There were other happenings in that Week in Israel that also gave confirmation that I understand correctly. These, to discuss, might sound odd to some, so they will stay with me at least for now. Some are revealed within the pages of this book in normal conversational composure.

I have learned many things from Abba, according to His Promise, "I will send the Set Apart Spirit who will guide you into all truth." Abba YHVH always has something up His perfect sleeve at times like these. He has always spoken softly and assuredly with me throughout my life, more now than at any time past. From once in 5 years to as often as is necessary, at times all day long, but in short periods, with preciously few chosen Word.

Now this story is out for publication. It was never a secret but kept until He disclosed the time of release. What the purpose is in all of this is yet to be announced. I am sure that it will have His impact written all over it when that happens.

Shalom Mishpochah
Peace Extended Family

B'Shem יהוה

In The Name Of YHVH