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Without Direct Fellowship We Are Not Heard

We Pray
When we should be in fellowship
with our Creator.  Without direct
fellowship we are not heard. 

Unless we are in fellowship with יהוה , our prayers go
unnoticed before Him.  Unless we are taking Him to heart,
and following in His Ways, we are beating the air.

Our own heart gives us away, for we are not in fellowship
with Him in our hearts when we have in mind our own
desires, and we are not going to have our prayers
answered when we are asking with the selfishness that
we are so accustomed to pursue.  Our only help in time
of need is our Creator Who knows our needs and will not
give in to our whims of trying to get Him to
conform to what we 'seek without Him.'

When We Pray

We should think clearly when we pray, what our intention
really is, for lust of worldly desires will not be heard.  Our
only intention must be humble and necessarily devoted to
further Hope in our relationship with יהוה-YHVH
Our heavenly Father knows both our desires and our relationship with Him.  Our heavenly Father knows both
our desires and our needs. Our needs are what He wants
to answer, and we cannot fool Him with our whims and
control issues.  Our Father יהוה knows every thought
and intention of the heart and He is aware of even the
games that we play in trying to get
Him to concur with our passions.

When we pray there is no secret desire that is not known. 
We are to come to Him in humility, not in pushy intention of
self gratification, even when we are praying for others. 
There are times that we have ulterior motives when we
are attempting to be heard for others sake.  We know
our intentions, how much more He knows what we
harbor in our hearts.

A relationship with יהוה must be our first criteria.  When
we have that relationship, and are in His Favor, we then
can come to Him with requests. Not for things, for His Will
is not to inundate us with things that will eventually come
between He and us.  Possessions are an entrapment
that controls our emotional disposition, and we come
under the influence of them when we are searching
for them whether we get them or not.

 יהוה - YHVH's intention, to answer or not our prayers, will
come between us when we are not following.  Instead we
have the tendency to lead, and leading Him is
unfortunately what most prayer contains.  How do we
know what are our needs? How do we know what will
hurt us in our relationship with Him and come between?
Whether we know it or not, possessions are a detriment to
those who do not come to Him in complete abandon, naked
and alone, wishing for nothing other than what He wants to
give.  Hence, the desires of our hearts will be given from above
when we follow Him, and those things that we then pray for
will be what He has put in our hearts to ask for.

Moving mountains has absolutely no value to anyone
unless יהוה wants it moved.  If He wants it moved,
and wants a lesson learned to us, He will place
that within us and then and only then will
whatever needed moving, get moved. 

The only prayer that יהוה has ever answered, are those
that He put within our hearts to pray for.  We have not
originated one answered request from the beginning of time.
We ask and do not receive, as the Apostle spoke, for we
ask amiss, that we may consume it in our own lust, even
when others were the intended recipient, for even
then we at times ask amiss.

How can we appreciate a loving Father, when we are
constantly trying to control Him with prayer?  How can
we appreciate a close interpersonal relationship with control issues?  Is there any difference in relationship
with יהוה and relationship with so called friends?

Now comes the hard question.  How do we respond to a
loving Daddy with a control attitude, seeking only our
selfish desires, that when received are unappreciated. 
Can we consider that He is beyond understanding the
motives of His own creation?  Can we come to Him in
complete abandon asking for only those things that He
wants to give, knowing that only those things are
and will be good for us?  Are we immune to the feelings
of others, especially His, when we selfishly ask for desires that originate from our evil hearts?

We ask, why our prayers are not answered, without considering that perhaps those prayers cannot even go
forth from us, because they cannot exuberate out from
a selfish heart.  They remain within us, expectantly
waiting for what has no chance of being fulfilled.

Our chance of controlling our loving Daddy is less then
possible.  We are in control of nothing.  We are only
controlled by our own selfishness, and we cannot
accomplish anything good through selfishness.

In my answer to questions that have attitudes, there is
only one response.  "Take it to someone else, for I am not
a slave, but free in the hand of my Creator, and only He can
make demands of me."  Yet, demands are not even close
to what He will ask, for we share the same goals,
and those originate from His Throne.

We work in harmony with יהוה when we come naked and
alone to Him, seeking only His Perfect Will in our lives.  We
come to Him with open arms, souls, and hearts, if we expect
to receive any reward, and reward is only His response
to our coming, acknowledging Him in all that we are. 
We are here for His Good Pleasure, not our own. 
Somehow we get that backwards when we seek Him. 
We seek His Hand instead of His Face, and expect Him
to comply!  Not a chance.  Remember, He Loves us.
That also means He will not give what will come between.

To be in prayer completely is to be in complete fellowship
with יהוה, and be in complete reverence to His Power
and Humble Might.  We cannot serve two masters. 
We cannot serve יהוה and our own desires.  We can be
complete in only one service, and partial compliance
will only lead to frustration in attempting to
manipulate our very Creator. 
 Attempts to manipulate
Him will end in self will and being alone in our endeavors.

There is however a power that will cater to our whims and lead/follow us into self service that ends in death -- spiritual death.  This power also has the ability to serve our desires that lead to death and will even request special commitments from us to encourage our self will to dominate our lives.  By following our self will we end up in compliance with the devil. He will give into our whims and our self service and lead us into
all sorts of vile and lascivious behavior.

Chose you this day whom you will serve,
as for me and my house we will serve 

  י ה ו ה