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Hebrew Words Translated

As a man walks, so is he.

When we walk with יהוה there can never be a turning
from Him, if we are walking from a pure heart, and
with a pure attitude toward all that He is accomplishing
in our respective lives, for our lives are not our own
no matter how we look at this equation.  We are His
for certain when we are in tune with all that He is.
Our works give us away when we walk with pride, for
pride will never accomplish what Love does.  Pride of
life will destroy all that we attempt, for there can be
no good attached to a proud heart.
There are three things that יהוה hates.
A proud look, A lying tongue, And those who
sew discord among the Brethren.
Many of us consider the latter two as bad,  or evil
works while some harbor pride, evident or hidden,
and eventually pride will destroy that being to
the burning fire.  Love and pride are not synonymous,
for pride will smother all that Love reveals.
We walk with our Creator in Humility or we are
deceived into following the enemy unaware. We
can only occupy the same place with our Master
when we are truthfully undertaking an interpersonal
relationship with Him moment by moment.  Holding
back limits how close we may approach Him, for
sin and righteousness cannot be in the same mind at
the same time.  When we flip flop back and forth we
limit our growth and our time with our Master, and
how much can He teach us on a semi part time basis,
especially when we have to throw away what we have
learned to flip backwards into sin.
Our hearts give us away every time, even before we
fall away, for there is not one thing that we can
harbor in our heart that is secret.  All becomes visible
when exposed to The Light, and how can light and
darkness live together?
Come take the Water Of Life Freely, says יהוה. 
Come to Me and I will give you rest for your souls. 
And they have no rest day or night who worship the
Rev. 14.  Although there is Prophecy in the
Book of Revelation,
many are living out this
'no rest day or night' while alive in this
Just as 'The Just' are living out their eternal life
with יהוה even as we walk with Him today in the flesh.
A mans walk will not deceive him in judgement.
A mans walk will reveal him and his works for
the man that he is.
As a man walks, so is he.