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Hebrew Words Translated

Knowing Your Creater By Name is a Command, Shemot3:15- Exodus."This is the way you are to remember Me throughout your generations," tells us there is no other way to know Him.  Using horrible replacement names only nullify whatever prayers we attempt to send to the foot of His Throne.  To answer a request through the abominable name of a foreign deity only alienates the person making a request to servatude of that foreign deity.  Friends, it will not happen.  Let us learn to Honor our true Creator.

A Closer Walk With Thee
A Relationship Study of

HaShem יהוה - The Name YHVH


In Shemot 3:13-15, (Exodus), we have a First Person
account of
in His Own Words, recorded by
Moshe (Moses) for the benefit of all who will Hear.

"Thus you are to say to the children of Yisra'el,
יהוה - YHVH, Elohim
of your fathers,
the Elohim of Avraham, the Elohim of Yitshaq,
and the Elohim of Ya'aqov, has sent me to you.

יהוה is very specific as to what His Name Is, and
how we are to mention Him. That means how we are
to think of Him, introduce Him, address Him, and how
we speak of Him. How clear He is in this introduction
of Himself is evident, and we are to follow every
Word He Breaths. His Name is very important to
Him, or He would not have been so exact in
Speaking His Name to Moshe (Moses).
Translators have ignored Abba YHVH's command
to mention Him, and have replaced the word
Mention-Zeker with Remember and Memorial. 
This has caused most to lose
the most important precept in Scripture. 
The Beginning of Wisdom is His Name YHVH.


ELOHIM - Mighty Ones אלהים

Is a title that is usually
`translated God, which is also a Title. When
Eliyahu - (Elijah), confronted the priests of Baal,
he said, 1 Melakim 18:24Kings,
"And you shall call on the name of your
mighty one, and I, I call on the Name of
the Elohim who answers by fire, He is Elohim."
Elohim is a generic title but not as Generic
as the title God. When we say Elohim which
means Mighty Ones in Hebrew, we are
using a generic term.
By saying
יהוה אלהים we
are being specific as to which Mighty One.

Elohim refers to Abba YHVH specifically,
or Angels collectively, and can be singular
or plural depending on context.


אל שדי EL SHADDAI, is translated into our English
Bibles God Almighty. This is not a Name for
but is
an attribute of
that can reverse Creation. In this
way EL Shaddai gives Title to one of His Attributes and
becomes even more to us than He Has Been. For
אל שדי
EL Shaddai is in complete control of all
things Past, Present, and Future, and can reverse and
or bring forward, all He desires. Nothing is
impossible for
יהוה EL Shaddai.

"Is any matter to hard for
Bereshit 18:14, (Genesis).

Bereshit 17:1(Genesis)  יהוה ,
appeared to Abram saying, 
I Am EL Shaddai - walk
before Me and be perfect.

Yahshua HaMashiach - יהושע המשיח
gives the same command in Matt 5:48.

The Name YHVH - HaShem YHVH - השמ יהוה
is the very essence of our Creator given to us to mention Him forever.  We have come to know Him by titles that foretell His wonders and attributes, past, present, and future, given both by Himself and Prophets throughout the Scriptures. However, we cannot comprehend His Name when we think in finite terms, for His Wisdom is beyond our comprehension. We come to know Him by various traits that He Himself has revealed, and we come to explain Him in terms that we can understand, that we
do come to know Him in an interpersonal way.
We Love Him because 'He First Loved us' and we
cannot comprehend His Love unless and until,
we become of One Mind with Him.

When we come to Him in prayer, we are at the foot
of His Throne, and we must act accordingly. We do
not have to drop to the ground for His sake, and bury
faces in the sand, for we are speaking to Him from
the spirit,
יהוה יהושע - YHVH Yahshua said,
" יהוה
Is Spirit, all who come to Him must
come to Him in spirit, and in truth."
We come to Him on different levels all the while
we walk in the flesh. As we come closer to
Him we attain a Closer Walk, and a closer proximity
with Him in the Spirit, as we are instructed to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We are not alone in this endeavor, for Ruach HaKodesh (Spirit the Set Apart) has been sent to guide us into all Truth, by none other thanיהוה יהושע
.  We cannot come to  יהוה   on our own, we have not the power to approach Him on any level, but by the Power of Ruach HaKodesh Who is given for the expressed purpose of guidance, and Is Himself in the Spirit. For easier terms to understand, we cannot even begin to come to Him without Himself beginning the action. He knows our needs and is quick to bestow them, but, we need to have the heart, unless we take it to heart, we are alone and at the mercy of the enemy who, is limited in what he can put us through. Finally, we come to Him after our hearts are examined, and after He has proven us worthy, for all that are His will follow.


The Shema, Debarim 6:4

YHVH ECHAD- יהוה אחד - YHVH is ONE
שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד

One is< YHVH < Elohim our YHVH < Israel< Hear<

The above is known as 'The SHEMA.'
For a clear understanding of Shema, see

Shema is a Command in Hebrew that means Hear!
We are Commanded to Hear these Words.
Debarim 6:4-9 (Deuteronomy),

"Hear, Israel, יהוה your Elohim, יהוה is One."
"And you shall love יהוה your Elohim with all your
heart, and all your being, and all your might. And these
words which I Am commanding you today shall be in your
heart, and you shall impress them upon your children, and shall speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up, and shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates."

These Words should not be taken lightly. They are and
were breathed by
Himself to all people from the
Mountain, in smoke and fire, with Lightning and Thunder.
These Words accompanied the Covenant that
with the children of the Promise at Mt. Sinai, and were
heard by all the people from the Mountain and all saw
His Marvelous Power. The Torah went forth then,
and is still our schoolmaster that brings us to Mashiach,
and will never fail. We as a people hear Him
daily, but most are tuned into another voice and refuse
to Hear (Shema). There is no secret that
is an
accessible Creator. Revelation 3:20,
"Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears My voice and opens the door,
I shall come in to him and dine with him,
and he with Me."

Our command to Hear is directly from
our Creator,
and is not to be taken lightly for this command has
consequences to those who follow, and those who do not.
V 21
"To Him who overcomes I
shall give to sit with Me on My throne, as I also
overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne."

V 22,
"He who has an ear, let him Hear what
The Spirit says to the assemblies."

Each of us has the freedom to determine the
Power of these Words and the intent that
comes with these Words.
That is called Love, although a Command,
our choice. In Debarim 11:26-29 (Deuteronomy),
we find a blessing and a curse. Blessing come
when we obey, and a curse for those who do
not obey and turn aside. Our individual choice!

Our wonderful Creator tells us which is
"The Way" by multiple choice with
only two possible answers.
Then He even gives us the correct answer,

"Choose the Good," says He.


יהוה יראה - YHVH Yireh, is what Avraham
called the place that he took Yitshaq to sacrifice him.
The Bereshit 22 (Genesis) story will impress on us this
moment, and we can for-see the Supreme Sacrifice of

יהושע outside the gates of Yerusalem. Yireh means See
or Appear.
When Avraham called the place
 יהוה יראה
Bereshit 22:14, he was saying "יהוה will be seen/appear."
And see Him we do. From Beit Lechem (House of Bread-
Bethlehem) through Galgatha, to Revelation, we see Abba
and experience His Great Love for mankind. We
commemorate The Sacrifice of Himself for us every time
we Eat the Bread and Sip the Wine. We commemorate
the Last Supper event with the Cup of Betrothal, as we
drink all of it, and wait for the moment when
He Drinks it New with us in His Kingdom.


יהוה רפאך - YHVH Rophacha,
commonly pronounced Rophe, was given to the
children of Israel in Shemot 15:26 (Exodus), that
He would not bring upon them any of the diseases that
He brought upon the Mitsrites (Egyptians).
"For I Am
Who heals you," said He.
In other words, YHVH Rophacha,
יהוה our Healer.


יהוה נסי- YHVH Nissi - My Banner  
Shemot 17:15-16 (Exodus), And Moshe built an
altar and called its name, YHVH Nissi, for he said,
"Because a hand is on the throne of
is to fight against Amaleq,
from generation to generation."

fought against the Amalekites,
the descendants of Esau, who Baalim called

"The first of the nations,"
that is, to fight against Israel, Moshe held the Rod of
 יהוה in his hand. That Rod is the Banner of יהוה.
When in the battle with Amaleq, and Moses' hand
with the rod was raised, Israel was winning,
but when it lowered Amaleq was winning.
Esau came against Israel with the god that
he worshipped, but
placed His Banner or Rod
in the hand of Moshe, and more than implied that
He Is the only ONE, and His Esteem will not
be given to another.
This is the Rod, or Banner, that opened the
Red Sea, closed the Rea Sea, turned rivers
into blood in Mitzriam, and visited all their
plagues upon them. It is the Rod from the Hand
יהוה and His outstretched Arm.

"My Banner " says  יהוה, Is My strength and
power for you. Use it wisely, for you are
accountable to Me who depend upon My Strength.


יהוה מקדש - YHVH M'Kaddesh - our Sanctifier,
Wayyiqra 20:7-8 (Leviticus),
Who Sanctifies you."
This primary meaning is to set apart, or to separate.
As Shabbat was given for man to separate himself from
the pagan world, also the Set Apart Convocations in
Wayyiqra 23 (Leviticus) set Israel Apart from the holy
days of paganism. As He said, and Michael Rood
paraphrases it best
, "Do not learn the ways of
the heathen, do not do it and say you are doing
it to Me, it is an abomination."

Set apart and Sanctified
specific Feasts - Moadim - Appointed Times
for the people of the Promise, that we
be Set Apart from the paganism of the world.
By keeping these Feasts, we acknowledge
whom we follow.


יהוה שלום - YHVH Shalom, we have no
problem understanding since He,
is our Shalom,
our Peace. This appears in Shophetim 6:24 (Judges).
It was Gideon who built an Alter unto
יהוה and called it

YHVH Shalom. It is the presence of יהוה from where we
get our Shalom. Israel had no Peace because they
no longer knew the Presence of
יהוה, so  יהוה
to Gideon and said, "יהוה Is with you."
Or, you will now have Shalom, I AM your Peace.

In 2 Dibre haYamim15:2 (2 Chronicles), we read,

"Hear Me, Asa, and all Yehudah and Binyamin.
with you while you are with Him. If you seek Him, He is
found by you, but if you forsake Him, He forsakes you."
"And for many days Yisra'el has been without
the True Elohim and without a Torah Priest and
without Torah,
But in their distress they turned
Elohim of Yisra'el, and they sought Him,
and He was found by them."

He then took on the flesh for us by the Name
Yahshua -
who is the fullness and Perfection
of our Shalom, our Peace. He now occupies the Throne
that He so graciously left to come for us, and took on
the flesh for us; He now occupies that Throne in its
entirety in the form of The Very WORD Made Flesh.
There is no literal seat on the right hand of the Throne.
Sitting on the Right Hand in Hebrew means Full Power and
Authority. When The Jewish Messiah told us that He was
going to SIT on the Right Hand Side of The Father,
He was telling us that He IS The Father, and from
that day forward, The Father would be seen in Heaven
in the form that He would ascend.  From that day
forward, Abba YHVH would be seen on His Throne in His Resurrected form. We know Him no more after
the flesh, for He is now back on His Throne in His new
Esteemed Spiritual Body, the one He took on for us
and resurrected anew, to return to His Place on the
Throne, there to Minister to us Forever, and
His Name forever is
Singular. When we refer
to His Ministry while in the flesh, His Name is,
Yashua - YHVH Salvation before He Gave His Life,
and Yahoshua - YHVH Salvation Completed, after.


יהוה צדקנו YHVH Tsidkenu is found in
Yiremeyahu 23:5-6 (Jeremiah).
"And this is His Name
whereby He shall be called:
YHVH Tsidkenu." Tsidkenu
comes from Tsedek, a Righteous one, Tsidkenu
means "Our Righteous One." Since
is Perfect
Righteousness, He is the source of our Righteousness.
Since all have fallen short and missed the mark, we have
no Righteousness but
is our source. Without Him
we are filthy menstrual cloths. The flesh will never be
esteemed in His Presence. We are totally dependent on
Him for everything. The sooner we give of what holds
us, the sooner we will be complete in Him.


יהוה יהושע - YHVH Yahoshua Creator Messiah

To understand that Abba YHVH is The One Who came
down from His Throne to Tabernacle with us, Sukkah
with us, We find it necessary to go back to Bereshit
1:26 and listen to Abba YHVH declare that He would
Create Himself in the Flesh, and in the form of a man
who would walk upon this earth as the Angels He was
speaking with would do also.  When He said,
"Let us
make man in our image, according to our likeness....And
Elohim Created man in His Image, in the image of Elohim
He created Him -Male and Female He created them."

He then came in the Flesh after His Own Likeness,
the same as we are made in our own Image and after our own likeness.  We are Created beings in the likeness of the Angels we are from before Bereshit.  We were created in our own image just like Abba YHVH promised and did Himself.  In Psalms 82:6-7 David gives us the clue,
"I, I said, you are Elohim, and all of you are sons of the Most High.  But as men you die."  While in the flesh Abba confirmed for us, John 10:34-35 "It is written, you are Elohim, and the Scriptures cannot be broken."
 In Yeshayahu (Isaiah) He Says,
"My right hand spans the heavens and when I call
out to them, they all stand up together."
Yochanan 10:30 (John).

"I and My Father are ONE."


יהוה רעי YHVH Rohi, as the Psalmist says,
יהוה Is my Shepherd. First appearing in Psalm 23,
David, having been a tender of sheep, knows full well the
attention that sheep require. They cannot find their way
home without the shepherd. They will wander far for no
apparent reason but what appears to be greener grass.
But when the sheep are feeding in lush places, they lift
their head often and look for the Shepherd because
they know if they are in the right place, within eyeshot,
they are under the watchful eye of their Keeper.
It is the job of the Shepherd to keep the wolf
away,  the lion, and the bear. All the sheep need
do is BE THERE, in His Presence. David knew
the Rod and the Staff of his Creator, and the
sheep know the rod and the staff of their
shepherd. Just as David's rod and staff comfort
the sheep, the Rod and the Staff of
יהוה רעי - YHVH
Rohi bring comfort,
with an intimate touch,
to those in His Presence.
I read a story a
while back about little towns within the country
side where herds of sheep are tended. At times
the shepherds bring their sheep into town for supplies.
Many flocks will be intermingled in the streets of that
town in what would appear to be one massive heard.
But when the shepherd begins to leave, He calls out
to them and they know his voice. To the voice of
another they will not respond.
As he leaves, his flock separates from the
others to follow their keeper to lush green
pasture. It takes an intimacy between sheep
and Shepherd to survive as one. As the shepherd
calls them all by name, our Messiah

 יהוה calls us all by name.
The occasional sheep that wanders as a habit
from the flock is dealt with harshly, even to
breaking of legs. If persisting to wander, the
sheep will be killed. The problem is leading others
to wander.
"Woe to him that scatters the sheep."
For the sake of the herd, the wanderer
must be dealt with. I prefer to stay within
the watchful eye of my Shepherd


יהוה שמה-YHVH Shemmah,
Presence of YHVH.

The book of Yehezqel (Ezekiel) latter chapters,
speak of the City of New Jerusalem.
The last verse in Yehezqel says,
And the Name of the City from that day is:

יהוה שמע - YHVH Shemmah YHVH Is there.

We come to Him in awesome wonder, and look for
Him with all of our attention. We know what we have
been taught in Scripture, and trust that all will
be accomplished and we will be in His Presence,
יהוה שמע.
 Our Faith has been given free for our
attention to what we learn from Scripture, and it
is according to the attention to detail within the
Scripture, that our Faith is attained. Our response
to Him and His Calling will determine how close we
will be to Him, for only those who retain what they
have been taught directly from Him, will be in His
Presence for all eternity.
We must Believe and Follow.
His Word will never fail.
When we follow His Word only,
we then will never fail.



From the start, יהוה has had a developing relationship
with His Creation. There is no other relationship on this
earth, or in Heaven that develops in this way. We are
here for His Good Pleasure, and by Him, and through
Him we exist. That He Is the Shepherd of the
flock is paramount in our relationship with Him.
We cannot do anything good without His guidance.
We are totally dependant upon Him for all
that we are. We can only praise Him for what
He has made us, but only to the extent that
we allow, for He is a loving Daddy who
will not impose upon our will.

We therefore, have the need to surrender all to
who He Is the Shepherd of our entire eternal life.
There cannot be any other that we allow into this
relationship for He is our total Provider, and it is
He, and only He, with our best interest at heart.
Accept not council from others, Yeshayahu 54:5,
"For your Maker is your Husband,
of hosts is His Name."
He is to be The Head of our minds,
bodies, our soul and spirit.
Yeshayahu 1:18
"Come let us reason together," Says He.
Verse 19
"If you submit and obey, you will eat
the good of the land."
Yeshayahu 43:11,
"I, I AM HE,
and besides Me there is no Savior."
The Scripture says that we must believe that He exists
and that He answers prayer. These are prerequisites to
any relationship with our Creator. We also learn
that the Key to Wisdom is
 השמ יהוה - The Name YHVH.

Mal'aki 1:6,
"A son esteems his father and a
servant his master. And if I Am the Father,
where is My esteem? And if I Am a Master,
where is My fear?
of hosts to
you priests who despise My Name."

If that is not enough, in Chapter 2:2 we read,

"If you do not hear, and if you do not
take it to heart, to give esteem to My Name"

said  יהוה of hosts, "I shall send a curse upon you,
and I shall curse your blessings. And indeed, I have
cursed them, because you do not take it to heart."

What kind of personal relationship will we have with The
One whom we call Father if we do not
take it to heart to know His Name?

take His Name to heart.

These are not my words.
speaks for Himself
concerning His Name for those who

And what kind of relationship can we have with
anyone whom we care not to know his name? If
we cannot even acknowledge His Name, how much
do we really care? By calling Him by abominable
  names and titles that cannot begin to show
His Natural Love for us, we show
our lack of love for Him, if we do not
Take it to heart.
Mal'aki 4
"For look, the day shall come, burning like
a furnace, and all the proud, and every wrongdoer
shall be stubble. And the day that shall come shall burn
them up"
 יהוה of hosts,
"which leaves to them
neither root nor branch. But to you who fear My Name
the Son of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His
Tsit Tsit.
And you shall go out and leap for joy like
calve's from the stall. And you shall trample
the wrongdoer, for they shall be ashes under
your soles of your feet on the day that I do this,"
 יהוה of hosts.
"Remember the Torah of Moshe,
My servant, which I commanded him in Horeb for
all Yisra'el, laws and right rulings. See, I am
sending you Eliyahu the prophet before the coming
of the great and awesome day of
And he
shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the
children, and the hearts of the children to the
fathers, lest I come and smite the
earth with utter destruction."

Friends, His Name is important.

Within His Name is the entire Plan of Salvation.
There is not another name in any language that
even comes close to what we have in just honoring
our Creator in the Way He instructed us to.
Our relationship with
which begins with the
simple Honor of calling Him by Name, will get better
if we apply what He teaches us. Vicarious knowledge
of Him is only that, someone else's relationship.
Parables are only understood from above.
The very One whom we say we want a better
  relationship with, speaks to us with His Wisdom.
Yet many seekers remain unattached for lack
of taking the first step, asking from the heart
to receive. Asking Him to enhance our
relationship is only the opening statement we
will soon learn, if we really desire
A Closer Walk With THEE
It takes a commitment
deeper than physical marriage.
It takes giving, and letting go of all that
we have, including our very lives.

It takes a constant Walk, with Him guiding all
The Way. For that to be accomplished, we have
to focus on Him with all that we are, all that we
will be, and all that there is. Not many are
willing to give that much, they hold onto things
that interfere. Baggage will not be allowed in
this relationship. To open one's self to

in total commitment is not an easy task, even for
the deeply committed believer. That is
why the rewards are so high. 
"I Am they exceeding great reward," says He.
We must be giving every moment of our lives,
which is our reasonable service.


How Close Is Close Enough?

Sit upon His Lap with our arms around His neck,
a sharp focus on His Eyes, and a relationship
that breathes Daddy. He did say,
"Come as a child."
This kind of relationship will require every ounce of
strength focused on
יהוה our DADDY.

Anyone Up to the Call?

Assuming that we all want this close relationship with He
Who Is our capacity to love, and shows us as we get
closer by teaching through His Love for us, we begin,

A Closer Walk With THEE

Examining the attributes, and character of יהוה
in the order listed, will find an ever increasing
relationship, that has no bounds. We may choose
to place boundaries, but He has no bounds,
no limitations, and no walls.

We really begin our relationship with The Creator of
the universe by responding to His Love. We then allow Him
to teach us His Name. Now that we are on a first name
basis with our Teacher, we begin our Closer Walk.
Prior to that, we search out other peoples relationships.
By going directly to the Throne Room, naked and alone,
He meets us where we are, with no baggage allowed.


We first learn in the Scriptures that אלהים -Elohim
Created the Heavens and the earth and
all that it contains, and it was good.


It is not until the second chapter of Bereshit that we meet HaShem YHVH - השמ יהוה.  His Name begins
the relationship we will have according to our
Faith and Love for Him. His Name
is always
connected to Relationship and Covenant. We
make no covenant with Elohim, since we seek
not relationship with generic Mighty Ones.

Bereshit 2:2-3 (Genesis) It was,
"On the Seventh Day Elohim completed His
Work which He had done, and He rested on the
Seventh Day from all His Work which He had done."

"And Elohim blessed the Seventh Day and set it apart,
because on it He Rested from all His Work
Elohim in creating had made."  

From this chapter on in Scripture, our
relationship begins with Him initiating the action.
"These are the births of the heavens and the earth
when they were created, in the day that

Elohim made earth and heavens." Bereshit 2:4.
From this point on our relationship with

grows until we reach the ultimate relationship
with Him,
יהוה Shemmah, the Presence of YHVH.

We have no concept of how
wonderful that moment will be until we
are there, for all the minds of man cannot perceive
what He has in store for those who love Him.

 Shemot 3:13-15 (Exodus), 

YHVH answered Moshe's question,
Shemot 3:14
   "See, when I come to the
children of Yisra'el and say to them,
'The Elohim of our fathers has sent me to you,'
and they say to me, 'What is His Name?'
what shall I say to them?"

"And Elohim said to Mosheh,
 'Thus you shall say to the children of Yisra'el,'
'EHEYEH has sent me to you.'"



I AM That I AM

יהוה first taught Moshe the meaning of His Name,
then He gave Moshe His Name, and His Name in
Hebrew is misunderstood in other languages.

I WILL BE For You Whatever You Need Me to Be
Is Our Covenant Relationship.
And Elohim said, further to Moshe V-14,

"Thus you are to say to the children
of Yisra'el,
Elohim of your
fathers, the Elohim of Avraham, the Elohim of
Yitshaq, and the Elohim of Ya'aqob, has sent me to you.

This is My Name forever, and this is the way you
are to Mention Me throughout your generations.

Our relationship with יהוה began after He had
created all things. Once He was finished Creating
He began His Rest. We come to Him from
Bereshit 2 (Genisis), and begin building
our relationship with Him. He initiates the action
as He initiated creation. He made us for His
good purpose, and that purpose will be seen
only through an interpersonal relationship with Him.

Once we find comfort with Him and begin to walk
along side, not at a distance, we enter into His Rest
with Him, and we begin to grow and learn from His
Love which is the basis for all true love without
which we fail at first attempt.


He soon becomes our
אל שדי  EL SHADDAI, more than enough,
able to do wonderful and marvelous things beyond
creation, even to reverse creation, that a woman
well past child bearing age would conceive and
bear Avraham a son. We see not only His
handy work, but His capacity to go way beyond
all of our dreams and expectations.
We begin to know that He is capable beyond
our finite limitations. When He becomes All to
us, and that isour choice and His desire, He
will begin to reveal Himself to us. He then
begins to share with us, His plans,
Bereshit 18:17 (Genisis), and
"Shall I hide from Avraham what I Am doing?"
Should not
show to us glimpses of our future
Work with Him, that we understand why we are
being taught one thing and another, and that
the importance of what we see gives focus
to our understanding?
When we begin to live for Him, should He
not make future plans with us?


He becomes our
יהוה יראה - YHVH Yireh, YHVH will be seen.
He completes the promise of eternal
life through His Sacrifice of Himself on our
behalf. This Sacrifice, which we could not understand
without Him, becomes Wisdom within our spirit, and
we have Eternal Life even as we walk among
others in our mortal bodies.


Once we are committed to Him with eternal life before
us, nothing lacking, and with all the confidence that
we can draw from Him in Faith, He becomes our
יהוה רפאך -
YHVH Rophacha - Our Healer.
This healing will be complete, in that He will heal
our heart, our mind, and our spirit. A few years
ago asHe and I were having a chat about our
relationship, He said these Words to me,
"I have placed My Words in your
heart that you may know them,
on your lips that you may speak them,
in your mind that you may see them,
and in your soul that you may live by them."


Turning back has never been an option. Going
forward at a running pace is desirable, but impossible,
for much would be lost in the fury. He keeps me in
tow and control that I not get in His Perfect Way.
As we walk according to his Path and the
Light that He measures, we become
His Banner,
יהוה נסי - YHVH Nissi.

He has placed me at a table with my
enemies, my cup runneth over.

Although my exuberance exceeds my ability,
we walk Spirit to spirit with our eyes on
the path ahead, and in a forward motion.

We walk Spirit to spirit, as He has defined Face to
face the same. I have come to understand Face to
face is Spirit to spirit. How else could I crawl upon
His Lap, look Him in the eyes and with joy cry out
DADDY? With conversation daily, at times all
day and/or all night, being in His presence has
become Comfortable, Peaceful, and Personal.
There is nothing that I do in my own power.
Everything is taken to Him Who Walks along side
and lives within the Temple that He has prepared
for Himself within our relationship.


Once Abba יהוה  lives within our Temple, He becomes
יהוה מקדש - YHVH M'Kaddesh, Our Sanctifier
and means we are Set Apart, or Separate
. In the
world but not of it, living out eternity from our
fleshy abode, waiting, working, hoping, expecting
as we wait, and at times with not so much patience.
Since He is in charge of the timetable, patience is
more than a command, it is not even an option,
We will acquire it with time

Eventually we acquire patience and selflessness,
and become permanently installed so to speak, into
His eternal plan willingly accepting all that He has
planned for us. Wanting only all that He wants to
give, nothing more, and certainly nothing less.


What follows is Peace like a River , He becomes our
יהוה שלום- YHVH Shalom.

"And Gideon built an Alter there to YHVH,
and called it:
YHVH Shalom. Shoptim 6:24 (Judges),

Yochanan 14:17 (John)
"My Peace I leave with you - My Peace I give to you."

From that point, even a glance at the world is uneasy;
there is no turning even for a glance. The Shalom

that surpasses all understanding becomes common
place, and we begin to walk as friends. Yea! More
than friends. For although He Is our Creator and
Sustainer, Healer and Supplier,
Peace Like Rivers
of Living Water
flow out from us, and we discuss
things like friends who are closer than brothers,
with comfort and patience, we make plans.


יהוה צדקנו - YHVH Tsidkenu becomes all that
is righteous for us. By now He lives within us and
becomes our Righteousness, that we lack nothing
before His Throne. When He Paid our Price He
Called. When we answered, He accepted. When
He inscribed us on the palm of His Hand, we
became securely attached and none can deliver
us out of It. Yermeyahu 23:6 (Jeremiah),
"And this is His Name whereby He shall be called:

יהוה צדקנו - YHVH our Righteousness."


With our debt paid, our Righteousness covered,
we are firmly in His Grip, knowing His Rod
and His Staff He becomes our

יהוה רעי - YHVH Rohi, Our Shepherd.

And the sheep goes wherever the Shepherd goes,
for we follow none other voice than that of
יהוה רעי.

Same Voice, Closer Relationship.
Thy Rod and Thy Staff they comfort me.
"For thus said the Master
'See, I Myself shall search for my sheep and
seek them out. As a Shepherd seeks out his
flock on the day he is among his scattered
sheep, so I shall seek out My sheep and
deliver them from all the places
where they were scattered in a
day of cloud and thick darkness.'"
Yehezqel 34:11-12. (Ezekiel)

"יהוה is my Shepherd." Tehillim 23:1 (Psalms).
When we begin to love correction, we begin to ask
for correction. We live under His Tsit Tsit and
follow His Plans into the New Yerushalem,


There to live throughout eternity in His Presence.
יהוה שמה-
YHVH Shemmah The Presence of YHVH.
We will see Him as He is throughout eternity. We
will look upon Him whom we have pierced. We will
know Him by His Fruits and by His Wondrous Love.
We will know Him by His Power and His Esteem.
We will Honor Him forever and know Him by
the wound in His Side and the holes in His
Hands and His Feet.
We will see the wounds in His Head,
and we will melt into
Eternity With Him.

Shalom Mishpocha,