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Eternity as We Speak.


Some things are for sure and cannot be changed.
Scripture in its original writing is as perfect as its Author speaks them.

 Not one Word has fallen out of place, although translations would cause some to assume so.

Our seekers of truth and perfection in the Word have proven that even through language changes, the perfect Word can be and is, found perfect.  Had our Author not spoken over many centuries through various walks of life and levels of human endurance, one could level a remark that mankind had somehow perpetrated these words for selfish purpose.

I cannot stress enough the perfectness found in both Scripture and His Still Small Voice the level of consistency that is found without fail in every Word Spoken, penned and performed, as His Story records Him spotless and flawless.

Found within His Word are prophecies that man has not even begun to recognize as prophetic.  Some things lay in wait to be discovered, according to the prophecy in Yeshayahu 48:3, "I have declared the former things from the beginning; and they went forth out of My mouth, and I showed them; I did them suddenly and they came to pass."  In chapter 46:10 Abba says, "declaring the end from the beginning, and from of old that which has not yet been done, saying, 'My counsel does stand, and My delight I do.'"

I am not one to forget, says Abba YHVH throughout Scripture.  Not even one thought is out of place; how could even the slightest word be brushed aside?  We are standing today among the most awesome days this world has ever seen, for even creation does not exceed that which has been placed in motion to perform.  One at a time we watch the world conform to prophecy and wonder at His marvelous ways to bring into fruition every syllable and stroke to absolute perfection in the face of those who really think they are winning this eternal battle for His Throne.  How cynical has man become in his efforts to make Abba a liar.  My heart cries out for them even as they perform their dirty works among men, but in futility my cries have fallen on stony places.  I have become unremorseful; not that sorrow does not find a place here but in futility has set a hardened visage impenetrable to empty works of futile idol worship in the face of my creator; I am without remorse.  A man judges himself daily, and without the help of Abba YHVH whom they insult by abominable practices and idols in the face of, I have no patience anymore to even attempt a futile word that proves throwing ones pearls before swine will only reap a rendering of more abominable dissertations that convict them in their arrogance.

The First and greatest command is that of Love.  Abba has shown through His patience and Mercy much more love than man can even conceive, yet in His face they throw feces from their renderings in abominations abundant caring nothing for His feelings throughout history.  I stand for and with my creator Abba YHVH in the face of the enemy He has placed me at a table with my entire life, separated me of late to stand with Him in this final battle against the wickedness of men and angels.  My Cup Runneth Over!

Are there any other words that a man can say regarding the stand Abba is making as we speak?  With or without me, His stand would be the same, for time and prophecy has dictated the outcome history has recorded perfectly.  A man who stands alone, aside from his creator today, is in for many surprises. Having laughed off prophecy concerning his methods and responses, he is now nearing the finish of all that he has opposed in selfish abandoning of the pure word of truth thinking somehow the Word did not apply to him; surprise!  His spirit knows the difference and has not missed any Word our creator has spoken.  He knows who and what he follows and in the face of whom.  He is without excuse and there is nowhere to hide.  Time has not stopped for any man or Angel.  Time has been spoken in finite terms clearly from before the beginning.  Six Thousands of years have proven the hearts of every man that ever existed, and it has been the heart of every man that has and is judging himself even today.  Warnings have been many and answers have been few, but life goes on as sure as death in its entirety.

No more games against truth and perfection!  Not any that will succeed!  How futile these offensive maneuvers to change truth into a lie!  How awesome the Love bestowed upon them for millenniums as they weave their cynical web of hatred.  Yet unaware that the love they see is real Love for lack of the heart needed to grasp it, they will ungratefully and willingly suffer an eternity of separation from the One they offended face to Face.  What better motivation are these for ridding eternity of the evil these demons have squandered all over the universe?   What better way to show believers and followers that Love is the prevalent force in this ready to be changed universe?

I can only say for myself that His Love has been the motivating force that has sustained me from birth.  I stand in the face of the enemy alongside Abba YHVH, and I will remain there with Him throughout eternity, unwavering.  

Can any hear the time clock winding down to the twelfth hour?  The world is conforming to His Word in prophecy.  The enemy is conforming to his call from their leader and motivator.  Those in between are only in that position for selfish non committal purposes to serve self as long as they can and many have succumbed to the error taught by many, that a last minute change can take a man back to eternal life.  Well, now is that time.  Prove them right or wrong, those riding the fence!  It is time to make your move.  Falling from a tower may have been exhilarating, but there remains' only a few feet left; make your move.

Cannot one man be the scapegoat for another?  Only in ones western gentile mind!  There has been an offering for every man to grasp many years ago, and witnessed by history physically, spiritually, and today the rocks are crying out according to the prophecy Abba YHVH gave while riding into Yerushalayim a conquering King.  Who have believed in this report?  Yahoshua conquered the enemy of mankind and showed Himself in that office undeniably and defiantly making the statement that He will prevail and has prevailed until now; who can change it?  Man has never gotten it right.  Man has seldom been able to read correctly prophecy being fulfilled, and even fewer have taken the action to surrender.

How have you fallen from heaven O Lucifer, sun of the morning? Yeshayahu 14:12.  How have you fallen with all those that have given you their souls, O devil of destruction?  Know you not that time is over for change?  Judgment has been set and the Kingdom has been given to its rightful prophetical receiver who has inherited the kingdom and will receive it very soon, as cleaning up must come first.  Examine your hearts, you who think to fool Abba YHVH; you will find the answer to your eternal question there.  You know who you are; I do not have to finger you.  You have always known who you are!  Are these harsh words that you hear?  Is the truth difficult to bear at these closing moments, as if you didn't know before hand that the enemy of Love would perish and leave you holding the bag for your rebellion in following him?  You were there when the end was spoken from the beginning.  Where you out to lunch?

I have no remorse left.  There is no more giving for those who take.  We stand opposite today, millions on either side.  Those who understand scripture know the outcome.  The body needs nothing; it goes into the wind, but the soul lives on into the eternity prepared for them from the foundation of the universe.  No eye has seen, not ear heard, what is to come and is being now prepared.  There are no surprises here, nor there.  Even to those facing destruction, have no surprises coming.  The light has been shining since Bereshit 1:3, and has lighted every man that has come into the world.  Since all things become visible when exposed to the light, where were the blind eyes of the rebellious?  Light is the life force that gives growth to the living.  What does light do to the dead?  Expect your reward very soon as time has passed for choices; some to eternal life in the light; others to darkness with the rebellious.  Rewards!  Rewards!
We all get our just rewards, and payment is due.

Jan 30, 2008