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So Goes Creation
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Our make-up is not what we thought it to be.
What we are made up of, has eluded us.


Truth seeking is a phrase thrown around much these days, but when TRUTH comes to the surface they cringe at it because it does not support their/many doctrines of Churchianity, founded long before the Jewish Messiah left His Throne to walk as a man that we would know Him. Trouble with most people who say they are searching for the TRUTH today is, there is no relationship with Abba YHVH, but they do have relationships with various and sundry false deities that come in various names universal to Romanism-Catholicism-Churchianity-Islam-Hinduism-etc that preach another good news as they see all from the same origin and arch enemy of YHVH/Yahoshua. It has become tiring searching for a fellowship group that is not afraid of speaking and accepting the Truth as taught by Ruach HaKodesh Who is here to lead us into that very truth Yahoshua said He would send in His Name. O’ how this soon to end world has been turned up-side-down by the enemy and the masses have swallowed up the flood from his mouth, deceiving and being deceived.

There is only one name under heaven by which Man must be delivered.  What most men fail to understand is the false doctrines were first supported by that man's spirit long before it/they were manifested in his flesh, for it is the man's spirit that is his driving force. His flesh profits nothing. Man was not made from Dirt. Dirt has a value. You can sell dirt by the bag, bushel, or truckload, but what man was made from is DUST-Worthless dust. There is absolutely no value in dust, and from that worthless dust, man's flesh was made, and back into dust he will return,
as the flesh profits nothing (scripture), In the flesh there is no good thing (scripture), Why do you call Me good, there is none good but My Father in Heaven (scripture): Dust is just as worthless as the flesh. The only difference is that Flesh has been nurtured by dirt, as from the nutrients within the dirt comes the same substance that flesh contains. And when a man's life is over, his dust will return into worthless dust again, but his substance-Soul-Spirit-Mind-Heart will return to The Father Who Gave It.

The origin of man is the best kept secret the enemy has perpetrated upon the flesh, in this furnace of affliction where a man's spirit is proven worthy of eternal Life or eternal separation. The flesh is only the vehicle that carries it.

Which does the world love? The flesh!   And they make their decisions accordingly.   More Scripture, "The flesh profits nothing, the Words I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life." 

Religions come from flesh worship. Some try mixing the two only to become more confused, but ask any one of them and they will tell you they have the truth knowing not that most are Mind Reprobate.

Man is bound to this earth. He came from dust and returns to the worthless dust that he is. 
Flesh and blood cannot enter in to Heaven, Scripture.


Any substance he might have came from a loving and nurturing Daddy, and that substance-Heart-Soul-Love that so few have today, returns from where it came.