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Our Journey Began Eons Ago
And Takes Us Through Eternity
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An Inspiring Journey

Our Messiah Lives. His Word also lives.

Everything He speaks lives, either immediately as we know time, or comes to be in the fullness of time. He Lives Eternally. His Love lives within the hearts of all that know Him, for without love there would be no life. Life will one day become life eternal. The Eternal, is Life with Him.
Who Is He?

Shemot 3:15 Exodus
This is My Name forever and This is the way you
are to remember Me Throughout your generations.

Our study takes us on an inspiring journey.
Those who Hear and know His Name have an advantage.

The Key of Wisdom is,
YHVH - השמ יהוה -The Name YHVH.

The Name of our Precious Creator has been removed
from most churches today through vanity and tradition.

Men have decided that they know better than their
Creator what is good for them and those around them, and have been swallowed up by the teachings of other men who have worked fervently to destroy the wonders of heaven, and brought about convictions that man is able to judge between right and wrong without the help of
His Precious Spirit sent from heaven to guide us into all truth. Man has concocted for himself a selfish disposition that he knows best, and what is in his heart, whether good or bad is the way he will live. His excuse says that "God knows what's in my heart."

When someone says that our Creator knows his heart,
then fails to follow the commands etched in eternity
by his Creator, it is obvious what is in that mans
heart, and it is a surety that
יהוה knows what is
lacking in that man's heart.

The enemy has been working fervently within mans mind
to turn him away from his Creator, and has done much
to draw worship onto himself in forms difficult to recognize
on the surface. The enemy has infiltrated our churches, our
homes, our marriages, our schools, our government, and also
with blasphemy infiltrated our Scriptures with lies (Jer 16:19,)
falsehood, and futility.
O YHVH, my strength and my stronghold
and my refuge, in the day of distress the gentiles shall come to You from the ends of the earth and say, "Our fathers have inherited lies, falsehood, and futility, and there is no value in them.
v 23,
Therefore see I am causing them to know, this time I cause them to know My hand and My might. And they shall know that My Name is YHVH.

The enemy is in our seminaries, our literature, and our thoughts
continually. The Battle rages on from every point of advantage
the enemy can conjure up. The Battle for the mind is ongoing
throughout a mans life and works through the fleshy weakness
of men that turns him every which way but forward.
There is only one way to end this drama.
There is only one place to turn.

Our Creator יהוה has not spoken in secret, not from
the beginning till now. He has written His Word through
His Prophets for us to feed on for an eternity, and not
one of His Words are out of place, nor will ever fail, for
He is Never Changing, always accessible, and never
failing to those whose hearts are fixed on Him.
has loved His own without fail from before creation, and
has been vigilant in His care as He will throughout eternity. We
do nothing for His Love for
He first Loved us.
The time has come
Love Him in Spirit and in Truth
as He has loved us.

He knows our heart and so do we.

In the beginning was The Word....
And It was good.

Today we are swallowed by various forms of vanity within our
midst that cast the Truth to the ground in a fashion that man
knows not, because man fails to rely on all Scripture to interpret
itself, and has in his vanity become the 1 Corinthians foolishness,
YHVH- יהוה has made foolish in the wisdom of this world. We should not become wise in our own estimations.
We will not please Him with our own wealth of knowledge aside
from all Scripture. We should not become Wise within ourselves
from the teachings of men. We must examine all the Scriptures.

2 Timothy 3:16.
All Scripture is breathed by יהוה profitable for
teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction
in righteousness, that the man of
might be fitted,
equipped for every good work.

In Isaiah we are told how to study Scripture Isaiah 28 10-14.
For it is command upon command, command upon command,
line upon line, line upon line, here a little there a little....
This is the rest, give rest to the weary, and This is the
refreshing. But they would not hear it. But the Word of
 יהוה was to them, "Command upon command,
command upon command, line upon line, line upon
line, here a little, there a little," so that they shall go
and stumble backward, and be broken and snared
and taken captive
. Therefore Hear The Word of יהוה.... 

When we turn away from the Faith that was once delivered to
the saints, and chase after teachings of men, we also turn away
from He Who Authored the Scriptures, and Authored life itself;
Who gave for us a divine mandate to honor Him in all that we do,
according to the Writings that He Authored for us, that we be
wholly acceptable to Him on the
Last and Eternal Day.

We now continue in our study, of the Feasts of YHVH,that we not be turned by every wind of doctrine, but follow His Written Word into soundness of mind.

We left our study in Yochanan 5:1 (John) and the
Festival of Shavuot חג השבועות - Feast of Sevens,
attendance required For all who dwell in the land.

In John 6:4 our Bibles mistranslate, 'A Passover
was near.' They do not say that
Yahoshua - יהושע
Went up to Jerusalem. Passover is an Appointed time that requires attendance to all who dwell in The Land. Instead,
with Five barley loaves and two fishes,
fed over five
thousand, and that night joined His Taught Ones in the raging
sea and went with them to Kephar Nahum (Capernaum). Then
in Chapter 7:2 we find the
Festival of Booths, Sukkot.
In Verse
10 He went up to the Festival in secret, And in the middle of the
Feast went into the Set Apart Place and was teaching.

This brings us to the third Feast that יהושע Kept.
He first attended Pesach - פסח Passover, and Feast of Unleavened Bread - חג המצות
John 2:13, 23 These two run together in an Eight Day Festival.

Then, Shavuot - חג השבועות Feast of Sevens John 5:1,

Thirdly, Sukkot - חג הסוכות Feast of booths John 7:2.

The Feast that was near in John 6:4, was most likely Yom Teruach - יום תרועה, Tishri 1, also known as
Feast of Trumpets - Day of Blowing, That is, Blowing the Shofar, and Prophetically relates to the Trumpet that will begin to sound just prior to the coming of
Messiah the second time.

1 Cor 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last
Shofar:for the Shofar shall sound, and the dead shall be
raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

There is no mention that Yahoshua - יהושע Went up to
Jerusalem since attendance is not required at this Feast,
instead He joined His Taught Ones in the middle of the
sea and went with them to the other side.

These are the Moadim - Appointed times, in the month
Tishri, the seventh Hebrew Month, in the Fall of the year,
usually during the pagan month of September; Rarely October.

Yom Teruach - יום תרועה Day of Blowing Tishri 1

Yom Kippur - יום הכפור Day of Atonement Tishri 10

Sukkot - הסוכות חג Feast of Sukkot Begins on Tishri 15.

Shemini Atzeret - שמיני עצרת Last Great Day Tishri 22.

Simhat Torah - שמחה תורה Rejoicing of the Torah Tishri 22-23.

Feast of Trumpets - יום תרועה - Yom Teruach - Day of Blowing Announces a powerful prophetic look and the shadow
picture of the Last Days when Messiah will return for His Bride.
The Trumpet begins to sound on the Day of Blowing Tishri One, the first day of the Seventh Hebrew month.

Yom Kippur - יום כיפור - Day of Atonement.
Day of Atonement, was in the Pre Messianic Scriptures
one day of the year when the sins of the people were forgiven.
The High Priest would go into the Most Set
Apart Place,
not without Blood,
To make Atonement
for the people with the blood of the sacrifice.

Today our Messiah, Who Ministers in the Heavenly Tabernacle
not made by hands, will make the final Atonement for mankind
just prior to His appearance in clouds of Angels where we will
meet Him in the air, and forever be with Him.

In the Pre Messianic sanctuary service, when the High
Priest went into the Most Set Apart Place with the blood
of the sacrifice, he was instructed by
יהוה to sprinkle the
blood on the left side of the
Mercy Seat.
He was never to
put the blood of the sacrifice on the right side of the
And for a very special reason. Ron Wyatt discovered the
Ark Of The Covenant
just below the place where our Blessed Mashiach משיח was Executed-Sacrificed, about twenty feet below the surface where the earth cracked open through stone and bed rock: the Blood having been spilt into the ground by the thrusting into Messiah of the sword of the Roman guard was found in a cave under the surface, where the Ark of the Covenant lay with the lid on the sarcophagus that enclosed It, split open as was the rock above it by the earthquake: The Blood of our precious Messiah found on the Right Hand Side of the Mercy Seat which was kept undefiled by the blood of animals for all those centuries, the earthly Atonement had been completed. The Earthly Sanctuary Service had continued until it was finished, and our Earthly Atonement was completed on the Mercy Seat as it had been planned from before the beginning. Proof that Our Price had been paid.

The Blood of our Messiah Yahoshua was sprinkled where it should be, and our sins were transferred into the Heavenly Sanctuary where He now Ministers for us; The earthly having been a pattern of The True Tabernacle in heaven.

Moses saw it and was instructed to pattern the earthly
Tabernacle after the true Set Apart Place in the Heavenlies.

Ex 25:8-9, Heb 9:24, Rev 11:19.

Exodus 25: 8-9
"And you shall make Me a Set-apart Place, and I shall dwell in
your midst. According to all that I show you -- the pattern of
the Dwelling Place and the pattern of all of
its furnishings -- make it Exactly so."

Exodus 25:21
"And you shall put the lid of atonement on top of the ark,
and put into the ark the witness which I gave you."

What witness?

Exodus 24:12
And יהוה Said to Moshe, "Come up to Me on the mountain and be
there, while I give you tablets of stone, and the Torah and the
command which I have written, to them."

The furnishings of the Most Set Apart Place, Exodus 25:40.
"So see, and do according to the pattern which
was shown to you on the mountain."

We cannot stress enough the importance of the Set Apart
Convocations in Tishri, the Seventh Hebrew month. All of these
gatherings are Prophetic Windows of our Returning Messiah, and
the completing of the closing moments of this worlds His-Story.

The Trumpet will begin to sound.
The Day of Atonement will soon follow.

Messiah will come for His Bride - Yisra'el.

On the Last Day of The Feast of Sukkot,
the Cohen Gadol-High Priest would visit the Pool of Beit Zatha near the Sheep Gate. This is where the sick and the lame waited for the stirring of the waters, for at a certain time an Messenger of
would stir up the waters and the first one to enter the pool after the stirring of the waters would be made well of any disease that he had.

The High Priest would come to the pool and wait for the water to
for a totally different reason. He would lead a
procession to the pool and fill a Golden Pitcher with the Living
Water and return to the Temple where He would take a Silver
Pitcher of Wine and pour out both together and pray that

would send rain (time for the Latter Rain) and send HaMashiach The Messiah. There was no understanding that one day both Blood and Water would gush forth from the side of Messiah, spill into the ground 20 feet below the site of His Torture, and anoint the Mercy Seat perfectly on It's Right Hand Side that was reserved for the coming event, and fulfill Scripture Perfectly. It was at that time, when the Cohen Gadol poured out the Water and the Wine that Mashiach
Yahoshua stood and cried,
"If any man thirsts let him come to Me and drink. As the Scripture said, out of His innermost shall flow rivers of Living Water." John 7:37-38. For this some wanted to seize Him, but no man laid a hand on Him.

Could there be any mistake what Yahoshua was saying?
He was saying that He is the promised Mashiach. He is the
Living Water of Life. He is the Healer. He is
in the
flesh. He was saying this concerning the
Ruach HaKodesh
for the Ruach was not yet given to man.

The following day is even more significant.

After spending the night on the Mount of Olives,
Chapter 8, at dawn He came into the Set Apart Place,
and all the people were coming to Him. And having sat down He began to teach them. It is not reported what part of the Temple He went to but the events that follow tell us plainly. Verse 3 says that the Scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a woman caught in adultery. She would have had to be brought into the Court of The Woman, and that is why we know where Messiah went to teach, for the next Big Event was about to take place as it did every year following Sukkot.

They were saying that in Torah, Moshe commanded us that she be stoned. 'What then say you?' Those men were using Torah to accuse her, but Mashiach used the Torah to excuse her. Torah says that if the witness refuse to cast the first stone at her, she would be set free. Secondly, not only the two witnesses needed be present but both the man and the woman caught in adultery must be brought. The religious leaders as usual were in error and tempting Messiah to violate Torah, but He just began to write the Scripture on the ground, and said 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone at her.' They were in violation of Torah and they knew it and faded from view.

Another Great Tradition was celebrated from the Court Of The
. After the Booths were taken down following the Feast
of Sukkot Celebration, the women of Israel would gather in the
Court and dance waving Palm Fronds and lighted torches. They
would dance throughout the streets of Jerusalem with the lighted
torches and wave the palm fronds discarded after the Feast,
and they would sing Psalms throughout the City, Praising their
Creator from house to house.

By sunset the dancing women found themselves back at the Court
Of The Woman to find that the men had erected an 80 feet tall
Menorah, with baths of oil containing about 30 gallons each. The
men then took the torches from the women, climbed the structure
and would light the baths of Oil. The light from that Menorah
would cast light on all of Jerusalem. Some of the light from
that Menorah touched every home in the city.

It was at that time that Yahoshua announced that 'He Is The Light of the World,' and there could be no mistake again of what He was saying. He was saying, "I AM The Light of the World. I Am The Sh'chinah Glory, I Am The I Am, I AM YHVH in the Flesh. I AM He that was to come."

On the Day of Atonement, less then 2 weeks earlier, when the
High Priest entered the Most Set Apart Place once a year, not
without blood, the robe he wore being white, and after he
anointed the left side of the Mercy Seat with the blood of the sacrifice in the Sanctuary, the robe was torn into strips that were called
Swaddling Clothes
; One of their uses were the torches that the women carried throughout Jerusalem singing and Praising YHVH, the flames representing the Sh'chinah Glory. The Swaddling Clothes were from the Robe that was in the Presence of YHVH in the Most Set Apart Place. The Glory of HIS Presence were used to light the Menorah and was considered to radiate 
His Sh'chinah Glory
over all Jerusalem.

Another use for the Swaddling Clothes, or strips of, was to tie
Torah Scrolls, binding them together with the
Sh'chinah Glory
It was Swaddling Clothes from Zekaryah, the uncle
of Miriam that wrapped the Infant of Mashiach
Sukkah, in which Yosef celebrated the Feast of Sukkot
on a hillside in the sheepfolds of Beit Lechem-House of Bread.

There was only One Perfectly Torah Observant Person on the
face of the earth. He Is
The Torah made Flesh
that Tabernacled among us. He Is the Light of the world, the Sh'kinah Glory that
lights every true believers heart. He Is the
Living water
Rivers of Living Water
flows to water the whole earth. He
is the
Just Judge
Who will set the record straight with the
Sword of His Word,
and also calls into service with Him, those
whom He Chooses from among the called to be a light and a river
source for those who will

Nowhere in His-Story was there ever a more perfect Person
then He Who came from His Throne to Dwell with us and give to
us His Water of Life Freely. Nowhere in Heaven or in earth will
there ever be one as perfect as He, For Perfection radiates
from Him and those who follow are perfected through Him as we reflect His Perfection eternally.

Life Is In The Blood

Genesis 4:10,
What have you done? The voice of your
brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground.

The Blood upon the broken lid of The Sarcophagus, that had
dripped down from the crack in the earth, had also
the Right Hand Side of the Mercy Seat.
The Blood
of our
Precious Messiah
remains sprinkled in It's proper place, and the
Right Side of the Mercy Seat was finally occupied by our Messiah
in near full completion of
The Prophetic Sanctuary
that had been rehearsed for centuries.

Scrapings of The Blood of our precious Messiah, was taken to a
team of top medical professionals in Israel for testing and found
to be human blood. An amazing thing concerning
His Blood
that even after 2000 years,
His Blood Still Lives.

There are 46 chromosomes in human
blood, we have 23 from each parent.

The Blood of Yahoshua Has only 24 chromosomes, 23 from His
mother but only one from His Father, The 'Y' Chromosome.

Another interesting fact about blood is the embryo always has its
own blood supply. There is never a time when any of his mothers
blood is mixed with that of the infant. From the time of
conception the only blood the infant will ever see forms within himself.

Psalm 110:1 Mt 22:44 Mk 12:36 Lk 20:43
Heb 1:13
יהוה said to my Master, Sit at My right hand,
Until I
make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.

For 2000 years the Blood of our Messiah Yahoshua יהושע
remains alive upon the place that was reserved for His Blood.

The Right Hand Side of the Mercy Seat is where His Blood
remains to this day. I would guess that His Physical Blood will
remain there as long as the earthly Mercy Seat remains, as a
witness to His Life here on this Earth, for at least One Thousand
Years, the entire Seventh Day. I am sure there is a plan for the
Blood and the Mercy Seat on into the Eternity.

"Life Is In The Blood," and only In the Blood of our Messiah do
we have life. Once we are washed - Immersed in
have eternal life and who can annul it? We live in spite of ourselves for once covered by His Blood, we have no more conscience for sin, Heb 10:2.

What Changed?
Certainly not one Yod or smallest Stroke of the
pen is possible to be changed, Mt 5:18, Lk 16:17,
for the
Word of YHVH is impossible to annul.
Our Messiah, Who was
יהוה in the flesh
changed nothing either, but did complete the Sacrificial System,
and the penalty for sin was postponed through His Mercy, For
the wages of sin is still death.
becoming the Sacrificial
Lamb died that we become eligible again to be His Bride. The
Betrothal at the Last Supper renewed the original Covenant made
with all Yisra'el,
For All Yisra'el will be saved.
Rom 11:26.

"For I Am יהוה, I shall not change." Mal 3:6.
Our Messiah completed the Sacrificial System and became our
Atonement for sin forever which is a shadow picture seen from
and the purpose of the Sacrificial System, that we
might understand our redemption from sin and death, for the
blood of the Pre Messianic Sacrifice could not
make one perfect as to his conscience.

This is the covenant that I shall make with them after
those days, says
יהוה, giving My laws into their hearts,
and in their minds I shall write them, and their sins and
their lawlessness I shall remember no more.
Now where
there is forgiveness of these there is no longer a slaughter

for sin. So, brothers, having boldness to enter
into the Set-Apart Place by the Blood of
יהושע, by a
new and living way which He instituted for us, through
the veil of His flesh.
Heb 10:20.

He completed the TORAH - תורה  Sacrificial Service, that we come boldly before the Throne in the newness
of life, not serving the flesh that wars against us, but
covered by
His Atonement, we have access to
His Throne of Mercy and Grace..

Nothing changed! Atonement completed.
Heb 10:26-29. For if we sin purposely after we have received
the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a slaughter
offering for sins, but some fearsome anticipation of judgment,
and a fierce fire which is about to consume the opponents. Anyone who has disregarded the Torah of Moshe dies without compassion on the witness of two or three witnesses. How much worse punishment do you think shall he deserve who has trampled
the son of Elohim underfoot, counted the blood of the covenant by which he was set apart as common, and insulted the Spirit of favor?

As Faith without works is dead, life without TORAH is
lawlessness, for without the law there would be no sin.
Without Mercy and Grace we would have no hope.

Hebrews 2:12-16.
For as many as sinned without TORAH shall also perish without
Torah, and as many as sinned in the
shall be judged by
the Torah. For not the hearers of the
are righteous in
the sight of Elohim, but the doers of the law shall be declared
right. For when gentiles, who do not have the
, by nature
do what is inthe
TORAH, although not having the TORAH,
are a
TORAH unto themselves, who show the work of the TORAH written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness,
and between themselves their thoughts accusing or even
excusing, in the day Elohim shall judge the secrets of men
Yahoshua HaMashiach according to my good news.

Many misunderstand the meaning of TORAH. As TORAH
is our schoolmaster, תורה
  is our way of life. Contained within
is the Ten Commandment Covenant,
without the law there is no sin. The renewed covenant took transgression of the law from sin in the flesh, to sin in the heart, for willful sin after knowing Messiah tramples Him under foot, Heb 10:29. Today sin of the heart is committed before it is manifest in the flesh. Sin is now exceedingly sinful
, Rom 7:13.

Ya'acqov-(James) 2:14.
My brothers, what use is it for anyone to say he has belief
but does not have works? This belief is unable to save him.

Many excuses come from today's Lawless Generation to disregard
- The Law, and the Old Testament in general. When the
Commandments are discussed, a favorite quote surfaces in an
attempt to bring to nothing the
TORAH. They remind me that

said, and they take it out of context, that
Messiah made this statement,

The first and Greatest Commandment is to
יהוה thy Elohim with all your heart,
with all your being and with all your might.
Yes, He made this statement.

Then they go on to the second, and think that it proves
that there are only two commandments today.
This is what they fail to acknowledge.

The First and Greatest Commandment in this context
was first spoken by
יהוה, and recorded in
Debarim 6:4-9 Deuteronomy.

HaShema, "Hear, O Yisra'el: יהוה our Elohim, יהוה
is One! And you shall love יהוה your Elohim with all
your heart, and with all your being, and with all your might. And these Words which I am commanding you
today shall be in your heart, and you shall impress them upon your children, and shall speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. And you shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates....be on guard, lest you forget יהוה who brought you out of the land of Mitsrayim from the house of bondage. Fear YHVH your Elohim
and serve Him, and swear by His Name...."

The SHEMA is the Greatest Command in Scripture.
The Word שמע

All 10 WORDS, Debarim - דברים, Command us to LOVE.
The first Four command us to Love
our Elohim.
The last Six command us to Love our fellow man.
Forget not that
LOVE - אהבה,
Forgiveness is also a Command, and can only come with Love.

Our Master said that if we do not forgive our fellow man, neither will He forgive us. Love and forgiveness are requirements for eternal life. It is a grave error to harbor bitterness and resentment. Love and forgiveness are not suggestions, they are TORAH.

There are many Hebrew Idioms that have lost their meaning when trabslated into pagan Greek.
 When one is speaking
the TORAH in context correctly, Hebrew thought would say 'You are keeping the TORAH.' When  spoken incorrectly Hebrew thought would say 'You are destroying TORAH.' Paul was
not saying that TORAH
was abolished, but that Destroying TORAH
is speaking incorrectly of TORAH, a Hebrew Idiom.

The Transviolated New Age Bibles we have today are destroying the TORAH. 'If they Speak not according to This Word, there is no light in them,' recorded in Isaiah, the Pre-Messianic Word. Destroy TORAH?
Now really, can anyone actually destroy one Word, or even the slightest stroke of the pen of
Pre-Messianic TaNaK or Renewed Covenant,
His Word is eternal!

Transviolating the Hebrew Scriptures into pagan Greek
for a lawless Church will send many to the
smoke of Revelation's Lake of Fire.

Pastors, Teachers, Rabbi's, it is your responsibility
to shepherd the sheep, not scatter them.


יהוה אחד


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