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Eternal Life in this Limited Universe

The most bizarre of all thoughts


Is there proof that Messiah was and is the,
Only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth?

This question seems to burn mostly within all those who
know not the Creator of men and angels.


Allow me to comment for a moment on the reasons these thoughts even surface.  Believers know the Creator of men and Angels exist because Scripture says, It has been shown to them, 1 Cor1. 


Now let me ask each one, 'How has it been shown to them/us?'

Could it have been in dreams we do not remember?

Perhaps passing glances through what has been created?

Maybe it was told in a fairy tail before memory began?


I know that this sounds far fetched, but Scripture is not wrong in this prophetic announcement from the past about what has passed, all the way into the last Day.


We can only decide these from Scripture, for even though we may have revelation to this fact, there still remains the need to 'Prove All Things.'


To begin with, in our quest to prove these facts, though they have been shown from before the beginning according to Isaiah, we must consider our own lives and see if there was ever a time that we were shown the end from the beginning.  We are born into our families from our physical parents.  We are raised in our current setting on this planet, limited in what we see except for what we pursue in Wisdom from our Creator.  We stand today a complete image of what we have been from what we have experienced in our lives, except that we know not from the physical image what is our spiritual beginning, and we see not 'that creation,' not literally.


Our own testimony tells us that we know Who our Creator is from Spiritual insight, but we are unable to place these into words that even get close to what we know in our hearts, for the flesh is the veil that blinds us from seeing our beginning in the spirit.  The blindness through the Veil is more than just a veil, it is a wall between where we are now and where we will be someday; Likewise from where we have been.  These Paper Giants we assume are not penetrable either physically or spiritually, and we conceal them in our mind's eye as towers unsearchable.


Yes, I know there are those who delve into the occult through daemons and warlocks alike in an attempt to view the spiritual, only to be taken unaware by the enemy of Love, Life and an Eternal relationship with the One they war against with their hideous demonic nature from even before the beginning of Creation. They become aware at some time that they oppose eternal life in favor of eternal damnation because that is what they have been shown before Creation; their conscience bearing witness that they are from the father of lies and darkness-the absence of Light.  Is there any wonder that Isaiah tells us that the Earth was Created to cast s&t*n out of heaven; and all that follow his demonic forum will be cast away eternally from the presence of YHVH Elohim, our Master and Savior?


Never learning the Truth, they forage ahead without Light, learning only what their father of lies bestows upon them in their blindness to anything good.  They live a spiritual life of separation from Light only to be taken unaware by s%t#n's mask and mirrors, they become a legend unto themselves, working for the worst kind of insidious destruction that they have been lead to believe is worthy and desirable.  They conjure up despicable abominations in the face of YHVH without giving a second thought that there is another life aside from darkness and detestable wickedness that they are totally blind to, even from the foundation of the universe.  Once given to the father of lies, they have become unaware that they could have known peace, love, kindness, perseverance, humility and above all, charity.  Charity unknown to them but for personal gain, they have succumbed to the most detestable form of rebellion, worshipping the father of all lies and destruction.


Religions have been built upon these platforms, unknown to most attendees.  Prosperity doctrines of greed have them thinking they do good, but their gifts are only looked upon by YHVH as promoters of disgraceful abhorrence to Love and a cheerful giver.


I know this is getting away from where most thought it would immediately go, but a knowledge of both sides are necessary to view Truth separate from it's opposite, and see from where the Light originates.


We know this for sure.  The Heavens and the Earth were created and it was good.  Speaking form the Scriptures we see Creation.  From spiritualists, only spiritualism exists.  As stated, they are even blind to intelligent design, seeing nothing but selfish motives on everything even charity, for only getting back manifold do they ever contribute anything anywhere, and only to themselves do they honor anything.  Selfishness is the design by which the father of lies rules; not much different from most rulers today throughout the world.  We can see this in their attempts to control whatever they touch both by taxation and spending, and literal takeovers of all they can.


Am not saying Kings and Potentates are bad men, for much of society are weaned on the need for someone to rule them, and there are many who will foot that bill and fill that office. The 'do for me attitude' many have, convicts them from where their heart really is. 


We search for the brighter side of life only to find that the brighter side of life is not all it is cracked up to be, for from there do the wolves congregate; wolves in sheep's clothing wait for the unsuspecting sheeple to let down their guard and like all victims of prey fall to the schemes and robberies, financial and personal, spiritual and physical, seen and unseen losses, to a smiling victor who thinks he has gained something.


Another way we see these detestable schemes proliferate is through war and threats of war.  Nations defend themselves yes!  Some even become the aggressor to ward off schemes of the enemy seen through clear motives spoken and hidden, but throughout history mans inhumanity to man is written for all to see.  History has been changed slightly to hide the motives of rulers of darkness, but to the People Of YHVH's Eye, the Scriptures are our witness, and all attempts to cover up the Truth have and will fail, for once Written HIS Word is impossible to annul. 


Many churches throughout history have covered up HIS Truth with lies of religious men and seem to have been successful, witnessed by so many of the Elect being blinded by the darkness they have been accustomed to regard as light.  Selfish rulers have murdered the Elect, banned their teachings along with their Scriptures, and today the only way The Word has been able to spread throughout the world is because of the infiltration by the enemy of Truth through translations, word changes, time assassination, and destruction of the original signatures along with the lies that their pagan languages were the originals.


YHVH has a way of allowing mans heart to search out from where it came.  He has allowed the enemy to 'Think he has changed Time and Law' and conquered the Elect from the Four Corners of the Earth.

  YHVH Does not play with the individual aspirations on His Elect but has ordained each and every one of HIS to a place in the Great Commission, from Martyr or Monarch the Elect has allowed his Creator the reign of his life.  Many an Elect has gone from birth to grave never physically knowing the intent of his life, but within the heart-spirit he has acknowledged his Creator with fervent resolution without self or safety.


Most of the Elect know not from where they aspire the direct act of reverence to their Creator, but they nonetheless follow HIM in the flesh through the Spirit and into eternal life spiritually unscathed.


How many times have we considered where we get our motivations?  Many witnesses have claimed many sources but miss the mark by circling the periphery.


Above all, we acknowledge HIM through our personal reverence to His Word and by following Him in all that we do.  'Praise and Worship' is second only to 'Following,' for only the doers of the Word look into the perfect Torah of freedom, he will not be a forgetful hearer but a doer of the Mitzvot (obedient works of Torah done in complete submission and willingness).


When we acknowledge The Words of Messiah YHVH Yahoshua, and follow in all the Commandments, which are not grievous, we begin our personal walk from a cheerful existence under the submission of our entire life in the Hands of He Who cannot Lie and is our Salvation unto all Good Word and Works.  We give all that we are to Him when we follow unconditionally every 'Breath He has labored' to send forth with the Light that shines through His wonderful Shechinah Presence, and we fail not to be accountable for everything we are steward of; our life being witness that we are sent by He Who Is our every breath, intent, motive, desire, and accomplishment.


Through Eternal Life we will be in acknowledgement of YHVH and every Word He has breathed from before the beginning, through the consummation, and into our Eternal supplication aspired throughout His Eternal Presence and Purpose for us.  From the Creation of Angels eons ago, His plan for us who aspire His Intention will be forwarded into a perfection so astounding that not only do we not understand it, but we could not even begin to imagine how wonderful YHVH will be to and for us as we live in The Love He bestows upon us even by His example.  Nowhere does any man or angel even begin to understand what is coming.  That Joy cannot be imagined or experienced without collapsing from the awesome Ecstasy and Bliss that would permeate our senses unimaginably.  We will not have even an idea of what it will be like there until the moment we arrive, for we could not survive the implication that we could deserve such promise.  Beyond all of that, we know from Scripture, "I Am Thy Exceeding Great Reward," said He.


Consider for a moment what that means.  YHVH speaks into existence what we now know of as all eternity, 'Even this small thing we call the Universe' and fathom so little of what 'That is.'  How much greater vision He must be capable of, considering that there are no limits to His Love and Power.


Does any one want to miss out on this unexplainable eternal event for any reason, especially selfishness, in this so 'Limited Universe?'  We are now going through the filter that will allow only those whom YHVH ordains as worthy for that eternal event.



Jan 25, 2008