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Tongues are Harmful when they are from foreign sources.
It is best to leave tongues to Ruach HaKodesh from where tongues from above originate. 

 Much  confusion today surrounds speaking in tongues.
Many search for them as a gift without really knowing what to expect. 
Without knowing, one can be subjected to about any form of spiritual warfare available, by allowing evil spirits to live within them.  All will seem fine.  Slowly, changes, will come.
There are tongues from Abba YHVH, Yes.
There are tongues from the deceiver also.
The main question is Which is Which.
One thing is for sure.  One speaking in tongues from
Abba YHVH will be praising Him, simple!
From the other source, anything can happen.
Many think just because Tongues are spoken it
must be good, far from correct.
How would one even know the origin of the
Tongues unless they were to interpret?
Knowing what was being said is the first thing one
must understand to know the difference.
Tongues from a vague origin will not be from
Abba YHVH, namely Ruach HaKodesh, that is certain.
Without interpretation, one is lost to whatever
way the wind is blowing.
The deceiver speaks in tongues much more often
than Ruach HaKodesh will lead, perhaps 10,000 to ONE, and the other signal is, how or who begins the tongues?  Big Question! 
Many just speak in tongues at the drop of a subject and assume that it is from above.  That is the first deception. 
The second
deception is thinking that they were for a good cause. 
Wild forms of deception, mainly tongues, brings others
into the kingdom of the deceiver unaware.
Speaking through demons/evil spirits/fallen
from Grace angels,
leans a person on the side of the adversary.
Once a person is focused on the side of the adversary, walking with him becomes easier and easier as time progresses, and the person subjected to them is unawares.  One would have to look at the fruits of a person over time to begin to acknowledge who is in control of that person, better said- who that person is following.  To even begin, one would have to be well grounded in Scripture, and following Abba YHVH unceasingly without drifting to the right or the left.  So few can walk in those shoes to begin with.
It is better to leave tongues alone, than to allow the evil one
and his to speak through you, even unaware.
When we are unaware of what we have and are giving the enemy,
he has us walking his road and the way is certain that our end will
not be in conformity with Abba's plan.
When one speaks in tongues properly, it will be
Ruach HaKodesh doing all of the speaking.
HE will begin and end the Tongues.  You will also understand
the tongues.  HE is not a Master of confusion.
I could give you examples but they are all
like much of everything else.
Have seen many forms of tongues, even desired them somewhat.
Now that I have had proper training in tongues
Abba Himself, I leave them alone.
When HE wants to speak in tongues through me, He will do it
from beginning to end, and I will know what He is saying. 
He will not leave me to wonder.
Ninety Nine point 999 Percent of tongues spoken today are not from a desirable source.
Dec 3, 2007