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There can be No Greater Love than the Author of Love


No greater Love than that a man lay down his life for his friends. Spoken clearly in act and deed by HaMachiach some 2000 years ago, and brought forth today in the Love that יהוה shows to us in favor and grace. Is there any man who can boast in His Presence? Can any man undo what He has done? Can there be anyone that can begin to fathom the depth of love and understanding that permeates from the Father, Who is the Son and His Spirit all in One. יהוה Echad, יהוה is One, apart from the plurality of paganism, He stands alone in His power.

Where can we go to find the Love that only He can give? Until one knows the depth of Love, and enjoys a deep interpersonal relationship with יהוה Elohanu, he will not know Love. We can guess at what Love is. We can try with whatever we have to accomplish Love but only from  יהוה can one begin to understand the true meaning of Love. Words are just not enough to express Love when we as humans have it. How much more is the Love inexpressible that comes from the Father? Words will never be an expression of Love. Words can only set the condition that we can begin from. Words are never enough expression to search the depth that our Creator has given Himself for our benefit. Think on this for a while!  Consider what your Creator has done for you. Think then about the future with Him who has no bounds or limits, and what may be in store for you. Whatever you can think of, He has prepared much, much more, for "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it come into the minds of man the wonderful things that יהוה has prepared for those who love Him."

Your wildest imagination will never understand, nor begin to see the things that lay ahead for those who give their lives, a living sacrifice, to Him who cannot lie. Care to try? Give it some time and explore beauty in your mind, you will fall short by eons the splendor that awaits you and all who come to He who has no bounds. If one can create life with all of its complexities, and put the Universe into motion and call each by name, what kind of limits can we put on He who creates simply with Words? Spoken once for an eternity His Words never fail. So can we limit Him to our finite minds? Not!

When do we begin to express how much we love Him with words that do not exist? How are we able to let Him know that our love is pure and true? How can we express what none before have been able?

The answer is not far from us. We have the ability to express what love we have for Him. He would not require Love and not give us the means to abide.

Think on how you can show love to anyone. First we have to know love, then express to the best of your ability. To go beyond your ability at present, you would need to inquire of the Author of Love, be open then for teaching. This is not a one day lesson, or a seasonal commitment. Love is a process that will never end. The depth of love that we can accomplish comes from Its Author in small steps, and for an eternity. None will ever completely know the total depth of Love, for who can examine the depth of his Creator.

If words are inadequate,
how can we express love to anyone?

You will find love expressed in deed. What we do speaks louder than any words that we may contrive. How we treat others will testify for or against, and our words will be seen for what they are. Nothing is done in secret. Not one movement has gone unnoticed. Never has one been so totally naked than he who stands before the Creator of the Universe. Nothing has slipped by Him. All has been recorded and none can hide.

WHAT are we waiting for? LOVE is a command ! Love is not an emotion, nor is love optional, Love is! Take your share and keep taking what you can handle for now, but keep on keeping on. Take all of the love that the Father has to offer and keep asking for more. Love has no limits. Love has no bounds. Love is free.

Begin today. Pick up where you left off and continue for a lifetime. The only limits are those that we make for ourselves.

Express love in everything you do and you will find

May 5, 2002