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Call all Believers

 To all who Believe in HaMashiach המשיח - The Messiah, 
and have made a real commitment to Him with their lives. 
Believers  that  have  not  deceived  themselves  by
bringing into their relationship with
 יהושע המשיח
baggage that will contaminate that very relationship
that is needed so very much to get
through these last days unscathed.

There has never been a time like this in all of His - Story,
that we as believers are in such danger of infiltration by the 
adversary into all aspects of our lives.  The enemy has
been working overtime to change the outcome
of all that has been planned for this hour. 

None, but those who really have an ongoing, interpersonal
relationship with his Creator, can and will be safe in these
days of toil for the Truth.  The enemy has infiltrated our
Scriptures with lies, mistranslations, and so much rhetoric
that it becomes unclear to most what is the easy and perfect Will of
 יהוה in their lives.

We ask ourselves, "What is my purpose in life, and
why am I here?"  The only One Who can answer those
questions is kept far enough from them unless they
take it to heart and begin to hear His Still Small Voice 
that they follow not the voice of another.  Not to his loosing
Faith in his Messiah, but loosing the time that is purposed
for him to act on behalf of
 יהוה for the good of His Purpose,
and by lack of knowledge, becomes mundane and lukewarm
in his efforts to follow.  The Scripture says,

My people die all day long for lack of knowledge.

This web-site is for that believer who is in the state of
disarray, and is in need of enhancing his walk with his
Creator, that he be worthy of his calling, and ready in
season and out of season for the work that lays ahead.
To be progressive in our Walk,
we need to be in step with
  יהושע המשיח-Yahoshua The Messiah.

We should be able to hear and act on a moments notice. 
have that notice written in our hearts, and be able
to deliver flawlessly His intent moment by moment. 
Can we accomplish this seemingly insurmountable task
from the resources that we have within ourselves? 
Not even an inch.

This is why it has become so important in these closing
moments of this world's His-Story as we know it, to know
Him interpersonally.  To interact with Him, not only in
Word but in deed.  To not only hear His Voice,
but follow flawlessly, one step at a time. 

He Who is closer than a brother,
needs the attention one would give to another
who fills that purpose,
"Closer than a brother."

The fact of the matter is, we need to be totally
committed, without lack, to be that close. 
There cannot be one thing that we hold. 

We cannot be there by our own resources.  Even for the gift
of being that close, we need Him, for we are worthless
without Him, and nothing we do will have an affect on His plan without Him.  But how can that be accomplished
within us?  It cannot, without
  יהוה -YHVH leading
every step of the Way.  Without Him calling all
the steps, we fail.  Not salvation, for once found,
we are undeliverable form His Hand. 
What we fail in, is our purpose that we search so
hard to find, and ask so humbly to obtain.

Holding on to this life becomes futile,
when we consider its consequences, for

"Whoever seeks to save his life shall lose it,
and whoever loses his life shall preserve it."

It is just when we give our lives we must not be
holding on to things of this life.  Those are the things
that keep us so far apart from what we seek. 
We cannot worship
יהוה, follow יהוה,
give totally to יהוה, and be holding on to this life
at the same time.  What we hold will separate us,
and is the distance that we create.  How tight we hold
onto this life, limits how much our Creator will use us
for His Great Commission.  Not as a penalty, but
for lack of interest from us, and lack of enough Trust
that would allow Him to act for us in everything we do.

Keeping the Faith that was once delivered to the Saints,
starts with letting go of all resources but Him.  Letting go
is not easy until one does it.  There can be no fall,
for who can go farther than His outstretched Arm.

Letting go of all resources does not necessarily mean to quit
our jobs, etc., but it does mean that He will direct all of our
steps.  We may find that we work harder at our jobs, change
jobs, or both.  Getting use to His leading becomes easy with
time, as we experience His Faithfulness, step by step.

Are we up to the task? 
Can we hit the mark? 
Do we run the race with Him? 
Can we BE THERE? 
Sure we can.