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We Enter The Seventh Day,  Judgement is all around us,  The Transition is in progress for The 1,000 Years Reign of The Jewish Messiah....

What Now?

Our Relationship is Secure.
Where Do We GO From Here?

What now? is a question so many of us ask when
reach a pivotal point in our study and following
HaMashiach.  We contend for the Faith that was
once delivered to the saints with diligence, and
condition ourselves to follow no matter what the
world brings to us.  We consider only that we are
on the path that יהוה has planned for us, and we
tend not to look to the right or the left, that
we may be worthy of our Calling and persistent
in our diligence to be all that we can be
for the sake of the Great Commission.

Once we have mastered the art of following our
Creator we are His, and I call this an art, because it is learned and not natural.  Consequently we are
on this path with blinders wilfully, that our Messiah alone will be the One guiding, and we will be in favor forever in His Hand.

Until we come to the above definitions of following,
we are in constant turmoil, for the world will contend
against all that we are to be in HaMashiach, and
attempt to pull us into its grip through ministry, peer
pressure, media, government, religion, family,
and spiritual warfare.

We are only here for the good pleasure of our Creator,
and all the attempts to dislodge us from the firm grip
of our Messiah will only end in futility, if we are as persistent in our endeavor as He is in our care.  The
two are to be working in unison or failure will pervade
the house we endeavor to build.  Our only and most solemn intent must be for the good of the community
of Saints, or we become selfish in what we are
attempting to accomplish, and failure will be the net result.  It is so important that we follow completely that we are to Pray unceasingly day and night.

Praying unceasingly is not a difficult task when we
consider all of the rubbish that we allow into our mind
and souls when we are not in prayer.  The invading of
our minds is accomplished only by being idle within
our mind, and that allows outside influence to invade us. The importance of praying unceasingly increases as we become closer to יהוה and the Work that
He gives us becomes vital to those around us as well, 
along with the Work that He has planned for us for the future.  When we fail to follow by idle minds, and
become involved in idle thought patterns, we are
open to all kinds of misinformation that can and will
on occasion, steer us into a false and dangerous road. 
The longer on that road we are, the harder it will be
to get back to reality and following יהוה gets more
difficult to continue.  We sometimes think we
are following, all the while hearing the wrong voice. 
That is one of the tricks of the enemy; clouded
thought patterns; misinformation; selfishness
achieved through the enemy causing us to
think we are above the rest. 

Cannot we just deliver ourselves to יהוה a complete
living sacrifice, and give all that we are to Him
completely, all at once, that we side step the
interference the enemy will bring to us?  This is not as difficult as it may sound.  Total commitment is
achievable. It just takes a change of heart. 
How can that be so difficult.  Taking it to heart is
our reasonable service, for without the
"Taking it to heart," we will fail.  We cannot
ride both sides of the road, no matter how hard we try. 

The road has two directions moving in opposition. 
There cannot be motion in both directions at the same
time, and moving back and forth from time to time
will bring destruction eventually, for we cannot
Walk with יהוה and the devil.  Eventually we will
fall.  Spiritual fornication is worse than all the sins we
can fail with.  Whoring after other mighty ones will bring destruction.  Therefore Mishpochah, Family, 
contend for the Faith that was once delivered to the
Saints, and touch not the unclean thing, and you will
Walk in newness of spirit.  Be vigilant in your walk
and allow not the infusion by the enemy.  We will not
fail if we are in constant Prayer, Praises and
Worship, of He Who Is our Salvation.  We cannot
discover our plans which יהוה has ordained
with Him if we are not in total submission to His Plan.

It is not a difficult achievement when we consider that
without Him in our lives we come under the influence
of confusion, blindness and minds reprobate.

We can only come to יהוה in total. 
Parts are not acceptable. 
Conditions are not accepted. 
We are either following יהוה or we are falling
for the lie which leads to destruction.

Can we be there for Him, as He
is there for us, without His guidance?

We do not even know where that is without His
guidance.  We fail at first attempt without our
Shepherd. We are nothing but filthy menstrual
cloths without יהוה cleaning up after our messes. 
Without Him taking care of us the way a loving
parent attends their children, we are just lost,
alone, and in a big mess.

This is just the bare facts about what we can and
cannot be without יהוה.   Who are we to interfere
with His Work in our lives when that very Work is
our Salvation, without which our fall will be great? 

Like most people, we are not aware of our faults. 
We tend to think we are alright the way we are, and
who is anyone to disagree.  Our own thoughts give us
away, for we are victims of our selfish motives when
we think that we need no help and are perfectly in tune
with our Creator.  Who would not want perfect
harmony with Him but those who fight against Him? 
Our perfection comes from Him, and only when we are
perfectly tuned to Him are we where we should be. 
Our motives are the give away.  We cannot hide our
motives for long before we are found out, and He even
knows before we act, what those motives are.  So stop
trying to hide. Not one thing is done in secret
that will not be discovered both in
Heaven and on this earth.

We Are Not Alone

We are bombarded with all sorts of interference from
birth to grave, and we are not capable of determining
which is the right way to go.  We do what we can and
ask only on occasion for the vital help we require, 
yet help is only a thought away.  A simple gesture for
יהוה to bring us light.  A singular request that He
come in and dine with us.  A moment of time to change
gears and allow Him to guide.  We will not be
alone for one nano second. 

There are influences in every direction that want our
attention to which we can follow with the mere
acknowledgement that they are there.  Perhaps not to
the detriment of involvement, but they take away from
us time that should be spent with our Creator, the time
we so desperately require to continue in step with
Him.  Our eyes will pull us into what we fix them on,
so would it not be a simple task to be deliberate in
our choices?  Love is a command and not an option. 
How much more our focus on Truth and its
Author is a command, without which we
fall and great can that fall be.

How do we accomplish all that יהוה wants and has
prepared us for?  Can it not be the simple gesture of
dropping what we hold and taking hold of Him Who will
be our most praised possession?  A gift of love returned to
its Author, Teacher and Source.  A commitment
that says, You are my only Hope.  Without You I am
nothing. With You I Live.  With you I exist.

We are in this position with ourselves, 'Be all that we
can be,' without considering that we are nothing at
all without יהוה our Source and Strength. 
Once we consider that, we can begin to excel in being
just that, All that He wants us to be will
be accomplished in our lives.

Now is the time for salvation folks.  Without salvation
we perish.  Without Him we perish.  With Him we live. 
With Him we breathe life.  Without Him we diminish.
With Him we ascend into the heavenlies while
walking in the flesh.  With Him we are alive,
and will be exactly what we should be.

Our reasonable service will take all that we have
strength for.  All that we can strive for, and all that
we will be, is not for us to determine if we have
rightly given all to Him, for all that we are is His to
determine if we are truly His.  Who would want it
any other way?  Why would we want anything
less?  Except that selfishness be wiped
away from us, we perish.

March 2003