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Our Personal Script
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It is not what we say that matters so, but what we do.
This determines a man.




Someone said, "Let there be Light" and there was light.

Now many take credit for those Words through the religious sector worshipping myriad and sundry man made deities, but Who really spoke these Words First?


If you answered anything but YHVH יהוה you have been overcome by religious men, and their groups galore have permeated creation since the first and most widely followed member of rebellion first took office for himself in the Face of Abba YHVH.  Nimrod followed that demon in opposition to Creation's model and set himself up as grand super sun-god in the Face of Abba YHVH and is followed even today throughout the world by most religious men in various ways all in the name of religion, with each having their own invention slightly different but identifiable to any studier of Truth lead by Ruach HaKodesh that the Jewish Messiah said He would send to guide us into all truth.  There was one character flaw in most men to accomplish this almost insurmountable task in the face of the enemy, they would have to LOVE THE TRUTH.  That Word Love gets thrown around wildly as men decide what their form of love will be aside from truth, and they decide what that means themselves as Scripture tells us, a man does what is right in his own eyes.  Who am I to prevent any man from achieving his goals?  Every man is convicted or released by his own personal desires as he works them out throughout life.


Love is allusive to anyone not searching out its origin, and not going up to the heights of that search to its source.  By lingering too long in the lower realms of selfishness called by many self love, but in reality it deals with a persons spiritual walk or lack of with His Creator who is Love's Source.  Unless one experiences Love directly from Abba YHVH, he will be forever lost in searching the unknown and complaining how true love is non-existent at least to him, or he will search forever where others have failed to find it.


As this writing progresses, those lacking the Love of YHVH will become more disenchanted with these words, and that is what they are written to do: elude the non believer in the True Hebrew Messiah Abba YHVH-Yahoshua who is the only one who can give credence to Words designed like parables to keep non-believers from hearing the truth as Messiah said when asked why He spoke in parables, "Because to you it is given to know the mysteries but to them it is not, lest they see with their eyes, hear with their ears and believe and I should heal them."
Summons your deity today and find where he is!

If he really exists today, ask Him to identify Himself for you in a way you can understand.  Find where he, or she, or it takes you.  Study to show thyself approved, and demand the promises made to you in a fervent way knowing from whence they came.  Utter passages from antiquity that only He has spoken in Scripture and see how they sit within your spirit, for Judgment has been ongoing since the early nineteen eighties beginning in His House and ending in the doldrums of selfishness.  Judgment has been winding down lately, and only the possessors of Truth and Love from Abba YHVH have survived, and if you think you are among them, you will have known spiritually that 'Time has run its course and Abba YHVH Yahoshua has taken His Seat in Daniel 7:9-10.'  You might have known, but not necessarily, that The Books Were Opened September 3, 2003.  Not for His House, for they are not really judged but pass from death onto Life, but they do go through the accusations of the prosecutor who relentlessly pursued them throughout Creation even until now.  Warnings were placed all over the Internet, books, preachers, teachers, even from the lost, but who could hear in the flesh, for a man's spirit has had Six Thousands of years since Creation and Myriads of timelessness prior to come to the feet of YHVH in repentance, and a man's spirit has been his driving force since he was born; there is no excuse, but we all knew that, even the lost.


Now ask yourself, Why me? 

Why is this necessary for me to understand my conclusion to date, and why does this have to ring true within me to be worthy of Salvation?  Ask again!  If there is no answer, perhaps there is no answer for you, then you decide what that means.  I am the messenger, not the Judge.


Continue in pursuit of the unimaginable and see what rests within your spirit.  The days grow shorter and shorter before what Churchianity has claimed they would not go through.  Search for answers as you may, but if given those answers, prepare to follow them, or make preparations for the outcomes of those answers, for most have no plan 'B' and will be overly enangered that they have followed men in the flesh not ever knowing that their spirits made those decisions long before they were manifested in their personal flesh, which will anger them even more, that they had deceived themselves so deliberately and their fall was monumental.  We are at that moment in time.  We all thought it would come and some knew it would. 


Are we any richer at this reading?

Some are a bit confused or unsure, but Abba will certainly clarify for those which way is right, and though some considered themselves unworthy, Abba will set them free.  Not a Churchianity freedom that says they are free to live as they please because rules are for the Jews.  But rules are really for Abba's people yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Churchianity can see the yesterday and tomorrow, but they consider themselves special and have no law to abide by.  They consider themselves so special that they will not see what is about to train wreck the entire world, knowing not that those taken out are taken out for destruction.  Past tense, but they are still here with us who knew we would go through the refining fire unscathed. 


It is not only a Churchianity big surprise.

It is all who selfishly followed foreign deities into the Lake.

Enjoy the swim, it will be timeless.


Who is Saved?  Really?

It is, 'Who is Set Apart' by
The Set Apart Deity known as Abba

No one is made holy by Abba.  He is the Set Apart One who sets His own Apart from the paganism of worldly religious men and their underhanded lies in the name of inventions.  You should be furious that all of this happened under your saved noses while you slept in the fuzzy and coziness of religious doctrines lullabies. 'Out-O-Here before trouble' has been the biggest sedative these Six Thousand years have seen.  The Fall Has Been Great.


Now we come to the greatest question of all. 

Why would a merciful God labeled me or anyone lost?

One can never be lost, unless he was first found-or a member of Abba YHVH's created and personal house.  He knew who those were.  He spoke those Words in Scripture.  He knows every heart among man and Angels/the same.  It is impossible to hide even a fleeting moment or expression from Him, though so many have hidden under that false umbrella since and even before Creation.  Who was fooled?  And who did the fooling?  Are not those who thought they could pull the wool over Abba's eyes in secrecy, made fool of in their own folly?


Abba meant what He said every time, and He does not work against Himself, many are finally finding out.  But most knew that when they mocked Him by their actions deliberately, and by purpose.  If one could not believe Abba's own personal Words, how can they rightfully call themselves believers.  Believers in what?  Themselves and their foolish craftiness apart from a sound mind?  O' the flesh and its mind reprobate.  Taken in by evil spirits that were even their own and unaware that they have deluded themselves into eternal damnation.  If the Shoe Fits Wear It.  When you pass, you will just sleep, for your spirit who was the real culprit in this equation has already been sentenced and that sentence has been carried out.  One bit of Hope but a slim one.  For those in the Pit, when your spirit is loosed for that little season with the adversary, and instructed to attack the CITY Set Apart, he will have a final choice.  For those swimming around in the fire it is final.  My condolences, because you have been tricked by your own spirit and your flesh has been the pauper throughout this testing furnace of affliction. 


The deception in these days was so great that if it were possible, even the truly elect would have be fooled.  But the word says 'if it were possible.'  I will leave all to discern the personal meaning for themselves. 


Now will you listen?

Or will you continue on course for your own personal train wreck?

The choice is yours.  You know who you are!


This, The Seventh Day is YahVay's.

How could have you thought it would be any other way?

The Scriptures are very clear.  Even without this help the truth was there, but so were the smoke and mirrors regimentation.

It is not the fault of the flesh, the flesh were pawns, but the flesh still has a possibility for redemption, depending upon what his spirit does in 997.5 years, when they are loosed for a little season. 


Remember Yonah-Jonah?  He did his bidding after all but it was not a pleasure.  The Gifts and the Calling are without repentance. Yonah proved that.  So will many here today, and they cannot get out of it.  Once spoken, The Word is perfect, and the plan is also perfect.


Take a breath if you have gotten this far.

Relax and consider who you will follow the remainder of your time.

Make the right choice, as Abba YHVH has given us only two choices to make, then He gives us a hint on which to take.


CHOOSE THE GOOD says YHVH.  Receive your just rewards.

He always has a perfect plan up His Perfect sleeve.


Shalom v'Ahavah

Peace and Love


In the Name YHVH