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We are tested and tried throughout life to separate the Wheat from the Tares. 

The Refining fire I speak of throughout these writings, is the 'testing by fire' we all go through in our lives referenced, 'Furnace of affliction - refining fire.'  We are all tested and tried in this fire of affliction we call life, but going beyond common analysis buy mankind who has missed a very important part of Scripture by listening to religious men, I would like to bring forward and perhaps expound on it slightly as I bring this book to a close.
This is the biggest secret the adversary has kept from mankind since Beresheet-Genesis.  By keeping it from man, he-man, has little true understanding of the seriousness of this life as we in the flesh know only it, and mainly see only through our fleshy eyes considering that Human Life is the ultimate with special significance throughout eternity.
We encounter many belief systems mixed in our understandings of ""WHY WE ARE HERE to begin with.""  We have been taught to believe that the flesh of a man is special in his relationship beyond what it was intended, and we think along the lines that this special flesh will live eternally somewhere in this universe, and serve as a personal witness forever of what is happening, and that  has been his understanding throughout life as we know it.  That is only partially true.  What witness has a man who inherits eternal damnation?  The memory of him is forgotten, and he lives no more.  The eternal man inherited, lives through his spirit as a witness forever the events taking place right before our eyes throughout time as we know it, forever.
We are placed here in the flesh, YES.  It is 'The WHY' that mankind has all mixed up in religious beliefs that worship the flesh as the ultimate life and relationship.  We have become dull in hearing from the very Scripture we read, even under the influence of Ruach HaKodesh because of preconceived beliefs impressed upon us, and we begin 'there' when trying to understand, making Ruach HaKodesh of little affect.
We have need to let go of these for a moment to hear the message I am about to tell you.  Some-Many, will just disregard this message, while others will want to throw rotten fruit at me, but given a fertile heart/spirit, the message will ring loud and clear, and that one will be more totally aware of his/her life in the flesh, and the utter importance of it, with understanding more of the people around them, and why they react so to various spiritual stimuli. 
Allow me to first bring in a few Scriptures, then discuss them in context.
Let Us make man in Our Image and after our likeness.  In the image of elohim HE created them, Male and Female created HE them.
Psalms 82:6-7, I, I said, "You are elohim, And all of you are sons of the most High, But as men you die."
John 10:34-36, "Is it not written in your own Torah, 'I said, "You are elohim"'?
       If He called them elohim, to whom the word of Elohim came -- and it is impossible for the Scripture to be broken --do you say of Him whom the Father has Set Apart and sent into the world, 'You are blaspheming,' because I said, ' I am the Son of Elohim."
Job 38:6-7,  when speaking of the earth, YHVH said to Job, "Upon what were its foundations sunk?  Or who laid its cornerstone?
When the morning stars sang together, and all the Sons of Elohim shouted for joy."
Various Scriptures remind us, "The flesh profits nothing.  The Words I speak are spirit and they are life.."
Genesis 2:7 man was made from worthless dust.
Genesis 3:19, from dust you are and unto dust you will return.
So we begin.
Man is made from DUST.  Dust is worthless.  Dirt can be bagged and sold, but Dust is worthless, and from worthless dust man was made, and he returns to dust.  The flesh of a man is worthless.  Dirt nourishes the Dust man was made from, but in the end when the nourishment is removed, the dust remains worthless.
I will have to get into the event man calls the resurrection, and Paul calls 'Our Change,' to bring a little more light at this, the beginning of a longer explanation of 'what is man, and for what purpose is he?'
Now allow me to bring up another thought - Idea.  Man was made from worthlessness to be here for what we call his testing.  Has anyone ever wondered why Abba would want to test nothingness/worthlessness, the flesh of a man that Scripture tells us cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven?
I know that religious men have taught on every point I am bringing up and will bring up here, and has brought it in his own gentile mind that thinks from the flesh through its knowledge and intellect-the Greek method of Debate-Debate-Debate, that takes everything spiritual and dissolves it into debate, bringing WISDOM and SPIRIT to none effect by fleshly lust for the parading of the flesh, placing all their trust into the intellect of the flesh that profits nothing.  That is why Romans 1:22 says of intellectual man, ""Claiming to be wise they became fools.""
So now we have gathered together the worthlessness of man and his intellect, and his ability to debate to nothingness what is good, and bring down to his own value of worthlessness, what Abba has given for WISDOM.
To him whom much is given, much is expected.
The accountability mankind has for the Wisdom Abba has and will impart unto him, is paramount in this testing we are calling 'The Flesh.'  Man has the ability to go beyond what has been allotted to himself, and deceive himself and others by going into matters he does not understand, nor was given to him, and bring to none effect the Wisdom imparted toward him, and follow his lust for other forms of deity he so desires.
So the gist of it is this.  We are important only as we follow Abba YHVH's voice, whether audible from one reading Scripture aloud, or His Still Small Voice given to each as Scripture tells us in the Good News of John, 'All men are taught by Elohim.  He that has heard and has learned, will come to ME,' says Messiah.
While the spirits of men have the ability to change the flesh of himself to follow Abba YHVH in all that He has spoken, they also have the ability, if so desired, to confuse their own flesh and that of others to believe the lie.  This is where the testing of the man/spirit is played out in this furnace of affliction we call life on this planet, and will continue to finish the Seven Thousand Years until Abba comes in the clouds to take us home and make an end to this following by man, whatever his desire.
I am getting to it!
We consider life as personal to safety and soundness of life, but in affect, we are the worthlessness of Dust, and it is our spirit that does have the life we consider as flesh for eternity, whether we call it CHANGE or resurrection.
We are place here in this body of worthless flesh, with all of the ability to make decisions, but those decisions are not made in the worthlessness of the flesh, but are made in the spirit to follow a planned destination in progress, or counter the perfect plan of Abba YHVH with deception and strife toward ourselves and our fellows, as we in spirit weave the mess we continue with until Judgement makes an end of those doing so, thereby releasing the universe as we know it from the bonds of filthy lucre, and rebelliousness toward our Loving Creator.[[[[
December 1, 2008