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HE Is Thee I Am and HE IS COMING

For many years YHVH has been expected to come in the twinkling of an eye as Scripture says He Will Come, but most are expecting Him immediately. The immediacy of His Coming has been felt as imminent. Without reference to Scripture as written and taking all of Scripture into account, religionists have developed their own style of what they say is His Coming, and have taught that doctrine to their followers. For many years believers have been waiting and expecting that He will come right now, or could come at any moment. In one sense that is true, for He may come for any individual at any time without notice, and in that moment one may be taken from time into eternity. The focus these religionists have given though, is that YHVH, Whom they call by titles of invention, may come for us all at any time. They say He can do anything He wants too, and that is exactly true. Just allow a reminder that He is not a liar, and He does not change. Once spoken His Word is eternal and none can annul It. All the wishing in the world will not get Him to violate His Word. Those who try are serving the devil, for the devil has been trying to make YHVH a liar from the very first day.

Outlined previously in this study are Prophetic Pictures that were placed from Bereshit, better known as the beginning. Every attempt to change them or annul them have failed, as will every attempt in the future. One thing everyone of us can count on is, our Creator's Word is eternal and can be trusted forever. That is the premise that our Faith should be based upon. Once spoken, His Word does not change. After we have traced back to Bereshit and found perfection, there is absolutely no reason to expect change in anything our Master has spoken for the future. The closest we can come to His Coming in the clouds, is after the One Thousand Years Reign, and a thousand years after HE has locked up the devil for his thousand years during which HE reigns from His Throne. That is Spiritual, not the Coming in the clouds at the Last Trupmet in Revelation.. The Last Trumpet will be sounding when He comes in Clouds Of Angels, with The Voice Of An Arch-Angel and The Trumpet of YHVH. Within the Scriptures there are still Seven Trumpets yet to sound, Rev. 8,9. Even taken out of context, the un-Biblical rapture could not happen until after at least Six Trupmets sound, and the Seventh begins. But Scripture tells us when the last blast of The Trumpet will sound. At a time after Revelation's Seventh Trumpet, we can then expect His Coming in The Clouds of Angels. His Coming, commonly called 'The Second,' is found in the Biblical Feasts. He came the first time on Tishri 15, was Circumcised on the Eigth Day, The Last Great Day, Shimini Atzeret, Tishiri 23, which is in the shadow of the lifting of our Veil at His Coming in Clouds of Angels, when we see Him, and we will be like Him. Incidently, we will be like Him not because we become 'Gods,' but because He put on the flesh for us, and at His Change, commonly called 'The Resurrection' at the close of the Third Day in The form of the Flesh that we also will be in, and we will be like Him in that regard.  He Changed Himself from flesh to Spirit again, but in the form of the flesh He inhabited during His Walk with us.

The way religious men expect
YHVH/Yahoshua to 'come again,' will not be for a Thousand Years. Sorry! Believe the Scriptures or religious men, your choice.

Faith come by hearing and Hearing by the Word of YHVH. If He were a liar, who can be trusted? Grace is a free gift, I agree. But Grace comes through Faith, not through error. Grace is the empowerment to lead a Set Apart and righteous life in a sick and perverse world. Grace is 'Applied Instruction.' Grace is Our Faith come by hearing and understanding His Commands. When we begin to live by every Word that He breathes, we have the Grace-Empowerment to lead that righteous life, Totally Set Apart to Him in complete reverence for His Word.

The wages of sin is not Grace. The wages of sin is still death. Living outside His Word brings death, not Grace. This lawless generation lives outside HIS Word, yet they expect and think they are under His Grace. It His Mercy they live under. When our price was paid, it was His Mercy that postponed deserved
judgement - penalty for rebellion. O' How those who follow the Beast have been turned upside-down. They think they stand, yet they are in a fallen state, apart from the Grace they think they have. Grace comes by hearing the Word. Mercy has a time limit. The judgement will come to all who live outside the Commands our Messiah gave witness too during His Walk. Beware!

Consider that there have been hundreds and even two thousands of years that have passed without His Glorious arrival in the clouds as expected by followers of religion, yet the doctrine that most
continue to preach is imminent return. Ignoring the Scriptures that give account of the prerequisites surrounding His physical Return in the clouds, these religionists continue to preach some secret expectation and foreknowledge that transcends the Written Word into their personal form of teachings.

Ignoring Scriptures by the hundreds they have built upon doctrine of men long dead and continue speculation that they are correctly teaching the Word of Truth. Followers of these doctors of theology that have been appointed by other men, fail to acknowledge the error in what they have been taught because what they have been taught makes them feel good somehow, or it is the lust for power that holds them on their reprobate course. That seems to be more important to them than what is the Truth of the Written Word.

Because men have translated the Word through pagan languages that have no exact way of relating Hebrew thought; so many Hebrew Words have no equivalent in other languages especially Greek, and have chosen to mix pagan doctrine with what is pure
and Set Apart, have come up with great swelling words that have taken men unaware into a lullaby of slumber. Their hope is in their religion and not in The Word which can never change; not even the slightest stroke of the pen can change, and these doctrine even teach changes as they weave their web among the brethren. Because of the slight of hand(teachings) that come mixed up and foreign to sound Scriptural teachings, men have bought into the age old trick of mind control. They see that the Scriptures say differently, but trust so much more in their preachers that they have accepted a mind reprobate without even challenging the error.

Eyes to see and cannot see, ears to hear but cannot hear; or is it best said Will Not See and Will Not Hear? Because of the slumber that they are in, and the feeling of soft and cozy fuzzy sleep, reject Scripture straight from The Word, and give way to preachers that teach according to lies and deception.

There is only one way out of this slumber, but the way will cause awareness and personal accountability to every Word that has been Written, and will even entail a search through the original languages to find the Truth handed down from the Throne. It will take a trust in Scripture to interpret itself, and a Faith that when Messiah said He would send the
Set Apart Spirit to guide them into all truth, that He really meant it. They will have to leave the teachings of men in Whited Sepulchers in the grave with them, and embark on a search with only The Spirit that Messiah said He would send, then they will have to believe what they find and continue that search for the rest of their lives apart from religions of men.

Not an easy venture, but a necessary one if finding the Truth is purposed within ones heart. That search will have to be made with All of Their Heart as Scripture demands. Anything that is brought along for the ride contaminates what would be gained. Letting go of all is absolutely necessary.

These same people will say things like, 'let go and
let god,' but they are fooling themselves the most because letting go means exactly that. Let go of all things completely and begin at square one.

So now what do we do? We begin as Scripture says,
You will find Me if you search for Me with all of your heart. I do not think most people really understand what that means. It takes a heart to seek correctly. He, YHVH, searches the hearts of men. Parables are understood when spoken to a pure heart. A heart that seeks His Face hears His Words directly regardless what form they may come in. Remember? My sheep hear My Voice. The voice of another they will not follow. Although parables were spoken, some knew what they meant, for it was not flesh and blood that gave them meaning. All understanding comes from Above, not from flesh. The flesh profits nothing, the Words I speak, they are Spirit and they are Life, said He.

From now onwards, know no man by the flesh not even Messiah, said Shaul - Paul. 'Put down your idols' are all over the Scripture. His People have suffered terribly for the worship of idols.

Let us end this suffering now and Worship Him
in Spirit and in Truth according to His Command

שלום ו'אהבה
Peace and Love
בשם יהוה
In the Name of YHVH

This completes Walk With Messiah through the good news of John.'
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