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Many are Called, Few are Chosen
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The only way we will really know our exact calling and Purpose is when we have given all to our Creator personally, and hear His Still Small Voice literally. Other than that we guess, and that can be a leading by Ruach HaKodesh to bring understanding.

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Many are called, few are chosen.
What does it mean to be called?
Yet perhaps not chosen!
The Message Few wanted to hear!
The two go together on occasion, but are truly a separate instructional messages from above.  Abba YHVH calls all of His into a ministry of one sort or another, but that ministry is not always understood or even recognizes among the brethren. Many are called to raise children - a worthy calling. Others called to teach, some to instruct, others to bring to the widows and orphans the needs emotionally and spiritually that will set them free. Some are called into higher levels of research of the Word and man made systems to disseminate among others, the brethren, whatever was appointed them from above.
Many go through this life in the physical not knowing exactly what that calling is specifically, yet perform perfectly throughout his or her life the exact work to be done according to his calling.
Others have a higher calling, that is evident in their walk with their Abba, and from Him glean wonders unparalleled among mankind. His will be a walk that will be both exciting and bothersome at the same time, because of the battles ongoing throughout the ages in spiritual warefare.
But to the Chosen, I am instructed to give you this message, and it is paramount not to get confused here, for whatever your calling, or your being chosen to or for, it is a gift from Abba, and that is your blessing in this life, and is never to be underestimated or overlooked. Strive not to encroach upon the blessings of others, lest you become vane and bitter, without understanding and resented among the highest office attainable in the kingdom. Keep what you are given, and come when called remianing in whatever service you are given.
The Chosen are from a different breed. Not spiritually, but physically given gifts to perform in the sight of men, and not to be confused with anyone's calling, even his own.
The chosen are not here for comfort and solace to be seen of men or recognized as such among them as superior or higher called, but to be servants to mankind in ways not assigned until properly trained throughout his life, and when given the part chosen, will unleash upopn mankind both blessings and curses perhaps not verbally, but in deed bestow upon those who tread upon them the curses they deserve. Not that the chosen bestows anything, but they are placed here at various levels of discernment usually unaware until given the spiritual go-ahead in whatever they were assigned.
A little confusing? Presumably so! But hear this message from your spirit, for the flesh will not begin to understand it. It is for the spirit of the man: his driving force which/who were able by Grace and Mercy to overcome the flesh and what it holds, and able to be released into service without a whimper or complaint, yet physically unaware until that light is given. Until then, he may just consider himself not worthy to be a servant, nor capable of adhering to his calling. To BE, is the calling. To be able, is what the Chosen are called into, and that 'ABLE' is given in various degrees  according to His Works among them. Getting even more confusing perhaps?
A man is not a chosen vessel until he overcomes the things that bind him, namely the flesh and its grip upon the heart and the mind that will not release the Soul to live by what Abba will bring to him in awesome wonder. The mind and heart, once connected, are necessary to be released to the soul(the portion of life one lives, and that bestowed by his creator) to be that vessel according to the Potters Hand and not our own or any man's whims or personal desires. The life of the chosen is usually full of pit-falls, strife, disorder, a little confused because his steps are given one at a time, not in abundance with specific goals to accomplish. Yet he may have an overview of his life, and that may contain specifics that can be many years in the making, and striving for them without taking step by step instruction, delays his outcome discernibly(the noun).
For the Chosen.
There is nothing wrong with a life that seems overly distraught or visually in disarray. For the chosen, that man is not calling his steps but Abba, and that man, although seemingly confused and unsettled, is kept that way as the greatest gift he may have, while in this physical life we so desperately despise. The man is at times kept in disarray to keep himself from getting in the way of YHVH - YahVay,the real one in charge of his life. The perfect ways of  are not understood until one looks over his shoulder, and in hind-sight views the steps he was carried unaware, and that keeps himself out of the way Abba has so clearly chosen. A working format so-to-speak with his Creator, will be unknown but for highlights in his life. The wonder of WHY becomes distant eventually when one begins to visualize the scope of his blessings, then gives to Abba His Way unceasingly. Not until the man or woman has given every breath, holding nothing, releasing everything, given poverty or riches, not knowing which way is his next step until taken; only then can the man in training be worth his weight in DUST.
July 2009

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