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When Does Our Jewish Messiah Come For Us?

For or Against?

I can only agree with Scripture as seen throughout it, from page one to the last. I cannot read into it, and without Wisdom from above, man is foolish to try, especially the order of things not clearly written in pre-recorded HisStory.

I think the best way to explain differences in the word Rapture is this. There are many doctrines associated with the word rapture that are man made and afford no clear Biblical treatise to support it, but a consequential list of subordinate statements learned from the files of religious men who have always tried to second guess Abba in futility. With the man invented word rapture comes his exegetical rush to be the fist to decipher what will not be seen by man until the time of the event. Thus, Rapture and other non Biblical doctrines allow him to stand tall within mankind. He has his reward. I have not asserted to any belief in Rapture, mainly because of the baggage that carries it.

Have written on the Day, The Last Great and Eternal Day, the Eighth Day, that Scripture celebrates as the day our veil will be lifted, but again, that comes in 1,000 years. Scripture testifies that Messiah will reign on this earth for 1,000 years, but not in the flesh as flesh loving and worshipping individuals would have prophecy believe. When He comes as He had gone in the sight of Yohanan, Ya'aqov, and Shamon Kepha, it will be to end dying and suffering, rid eternity of rebellion, establish the justice He so adamantly spoke of throughout Scripture, and take All Israel back home from where they came. Time will not allow a full understanding of this until we are blessed with both the Prophecy and the events unfolding before our eyes. Until then we wait/walk/have Faith, discern, Pray and live among men where we have been planted in wait for His Glorious arrival in clouds of Angels. Till then we have to put up with doctrines of men and demons that try our Faith with confusion learned from men long dead.

To explain away rapture, man separates Christianity from Israel to his demise. Anti-Semetic replacement theology, however camouflaged, is a form of rebellion that is more than standing on thin ice. One cannot separate himself from the Covenant with Israel in it's Original and Renewed state and not be Anti-Semetic. There is a place for Goyim, Gentiles within Israel - wild olive branches grafted into the Green Olive Tree rooted in the Jewish Messiah. But that demands similar fruit. It cannot bare thorns or thistles. It must bear Olives to be a part of Israel. I know the argument that other fruits are grafted into other trees and flourish: even today, wild forms of religion flourish within the Field sown in Truth, only to be burned at the tares ceremonial. That excuse holds no Water of Life. We are known by our Fruits. Everyone must enter the New Jerusalem through one of the Twelve Gates. There is no secret way in. No tunnel, no Heli-Pad, no separate nation status within. Mankind will all have to adhere to the same Torah-Law that has been taught by Abba in the Pre-messianic and Messianic Scriptures, and lived by the Jewish Messiah for a testimonial to His Perfect Word. I know there is another messiah Christianity talks about. He is the one who defies Torah and the Commandments blatantly. He treads upon most every precept that The Jewish Messiah   Yahoshua came to fulfill and Live as an example for us to follow. One Creator/Messiah, cannot speak out of one part of His mouth prior to His Resurrection, then switch lips to another side of his mouth for another people who violate what was taught and lived by Him at the First. That would be calling Himself a liar. Even though some read in Scripture that it is impossible for Abba to lie, they continue to mix what they say is His Word with their own forms of theology/study of Theos. It will not work that way, and every man must stand and give account of every idle and idol word he has spoken.

All Israel received the Marriage Covenant. Ten Israel broke it enough times for Abba to divorce them, leaving them lost within the part of the Torah Law that says, if she marry another, He cannot marry her again. She is bound by that Torah Law until the death of her Husband. That Law/Torah of partition, separating 10-Israel from Messiah, stood against 10 Israel until Abba Messiah Yahoshua, paid with His life, therefore making the way for Israel to marry Him again. Even that could not happen until the 2730 years punishment of 10-Israel was completed in 1997. Her Betrothal at the Last Supper placed her in waiting until the time was complete. Since,10-Israel has been leaving her whoredom where she so desirously and lustfully scattered herself throughout the Nations/Goyim. But the prophecy for Ephraim/Stick of Joseph/10-Israel by Ya'aqov on his deathbed, spoke that Ephraim would be Melo HaGoyim - Completeness of the Nations - Fullness of the Gentiles, from whom they were scattered, back to her Hebrew Roots. The clarity of this Scripture in these last days to fulfilling the Stick of Joseph that is in the hand of Ephraim would one day unite again with the stick of Yahuda cannot be denied except by the rebellious. That is where the Gentiles come into the picture, and only where the Gentiles come into the picture. Returning Ephraim among the Gentiles have served their 2,730 years exile, and are returning to their Hebrew Roots within the Green Olive Tree. All Gentiles who follow become the same. But they must come through Ephraim/10 Israel. AND, 10 Israel will have to unite with Yahuda, and all that come with Ephraim must do the same. There is a reason that the Oracles were entrusted to Yahuda. Ephraim must return to the Basics of Torah before she/individuals may be grafted in, and there are none that do not adhere to Yahuda to be included.

Now that is the HisStory in Scripture - Al Scripture - One Book Two Volumes, united together in what we call The Bible. It tells the story of One People, formerly split by religious whoredom's, coming back together to conform to Scripture Prophecy and being played out as we speak.

When you can wrap your mind around this Basic Premise of The Word, other Prophecies will open their Mysteries to you, and you will be so delighted that the Presence of Abba YHVH becomes so near that you can almost reach out and touch Him with human senses. Once we have a grasp of Scripture in Truth, and begin to follow without mans error in selfishness observed, we will be on the road to sitting upon Abba's Lap, looking Him straight in the eyes, and breathing Abba Daddy.

We cannot add to Scripture
nor take away from Scripture.

Additions, no matter how sincerely thought out, will only drive one away from The Word, and there is little time, if any to reverse ones stand. There is a time limit spoken at Bereshit. We are at that limit. For over 6,000 years man has been able to grasp, if he would, what Abba has laid down as Torah. It is doubtful, but probable on some small scale, that individual man can change himself individually in the remaining days-but few.

"My Sheep Hear My Voice And The Voice Of Another He Will Not Follow," was not spoken in a corner. All men heard and all men know, the heart of man will tell his obituary.

At times it becomes necessary to speak what Scripture has been for millennia.

It has to be said, for there is excuse in futility, and time has not lied either. Abba and time work together. Time marks the spots, as Abba spoke the events. The two cannot lie. One Speaks, the other witnesses's. We on the other hand, stand as individual witnesses to these events from Time Immemorial. There is Grace to the flesh, but to the spirit, he has seen. He is without excuse.

Within, is the sorrow that
comes from Scripture Wisdom.

We are living in interesting times, and we are all witnesses's for or against Abba and Israel. This witness is Eternal. None will have to question what took place during these past 6,000 years, and the ensuing 1,000 years we are now celebrating. Our Witness will be enough to disparage any attempt to discredit Abba's Ways and handling of casting Evil and Rebellion out of Heaven - the reason the Earth and the Heavens were created.

When some say 'HE is not finished with me yet,' is conclusive. Our trying and finishing of Gold is by Fire in this furnace of affliction we call the flesh. Once completed, we will shine as bright as can be in the presence of Abba YHVH for an Eternity.

But the fire is about to reach its highest refining temperature. We will not like it so much. Just as we did not like parts of the refining we have all gone through in our lives, we will at least know this time that we are being delivered, and there is no man that can stop it. Abba's own will 'Be There' with or without those who question our devotion. The Narrow Path was even easier to walk than the wide one, but those on the wide, have no Idea for lack of Love and Shalom at the Feet Of A Perfect Creator. Once there, we can reflect, if that were possible in the face of the prophecy 'The Past will not be remembered nor come into mind,' that it was worth the stones, smears, daggers, persecution, murders, tortures, and loneliness that this life has so brutally bestowed upon itself; While we remember not the Birth Pangs that bring us there.

Shalom v'Ahava
Peace        and     Love
11 6 2007