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Can we really hear through the clutter?



No better way to hear from your real Creator than to stop the noise!  Before most anything can be received in our hearing, we must quiet the mind.  Abba's Still Small Voice is exactly what Scripture says it is; Still and Quiet.


Is it a wonder why most today hear only the voice of the roaring lion?  What else can be heard over the thumping noise of modern music and the way it is played?  Or the whining sound of whatever it is called in today's classics.


I know that I am not making sense to most reading this page, but with all that is playing in the mind today from whatever source it is received, can you hear The Voice that is softer and quieter than thought itself?  But, you say, I can't just give up on my music, but I call it noise; two opinions from two people making the choice of what will come through their mind.  Now we make choices every day.  What we allow into our mind will shape our future even at the letting.  We allow ourselves the comforts of what we deem comfort, be it Abba   YHVH's Still Small Voice, or whatever else there is to infiltrate our soul.  Now we think that we are allowing into ourselves whatever is our choice, but have you not heard, our choices have already been made for us even before we think, we think.  There is no informality in making these choices.  We were lead, we saw, we made the choice that the driving force within us decided to make.  If we reject the driving force being made within us, there is only one other driving force left to receive, and that is the one that will ultimately decide our eternal place to dwell.  Should this be made a little clearer?  Chose you this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, we will serve YHVH, Creator of the universe and everything good.


We all are made up of the choices we have allowed to become us from within ourselves, stationed within the heart.  It is our hearts that give us away.  A man follows his heart, and his heart will not deceive himself today and the last day.


So, to get rid of the noise in one’s mind, one has to quiet his mind, at least when he expects to hear Abba’s Still Small Voice. What makes that difficult are all the noise issues we have allowed into our mind daily. How much in one’s mind is voluntary? Every moment!

The mind can be a terrible thing, as it is vulnerable to more than one voice. The voice that interferes with clear and honest-humble thought-communication with his maker is not from Abba
YHVH, for Abba will not compete with anyone for attention. We must go there ourselves. Sure we can attain eternal life without discussions with Abba YHVH
. Yes we are in His hand when we have chosen to follow Him, and following Him is necessary to really be His.

The difference is how much do we really offer Him of our lives?
If we have really given all to Him, we forego the cares of this life for the real-true riches daily as we speak, walk, and sleep.

Am not suggesting to those who write beautiful devotional music to stop.  I am saying that to spend every waking and sleeping moment with Abba
is a deliberate action we take upon ourselves, and we go there constantly with a quiet mind lest a crumb fall from His Table unaware. I hope this is not taken in the wrong light, and I am more than willing to discuss with any truth seeking individual the meaning of the above.