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O' How man has been deceived.
His own mind is deceptive.



Thinking of being a master of nothing settles not in ones psyche.  Being a Master sounds hard pressed for details, but being a Master of anything is more than just a thought or decisive mystery organized by ones self, for to be a Master of anything takes giving over to that something more than one would normally even consider unless driven by a force beyond his control.


A Master is nothing more than studying man's debates and studies from time immemorial until some time in the future when one can call himself, or others call him, A Master.  Master of what?  Master of men on that subject, or among the masters of men with differing views on various topics within that subject.  What does that get the Master?  Being seen by men as a master, holding office or stature among them!


Knowledge changes every time knowledge doubles, and that, every Two Years these days, so one must continue studying to retain his master-ship for the knowledge added daily to remain in control of his wish, being seen by men and held in high esteem.


What does a man do to be a master of masters?  Be the best!  Study the hardest.  Work the most and longest day every day, and become a slave to the goal of
"Master of Masters."


Does this sound like a goal for you? If so, you have been deceived to the end'th degree by those who would have your soul and spirit under the control of the evil one.  There are only two choices,  Abba YHVH or the Arch Enemy of Love and Truth.



What good does it do a man, if he gains the entire world and loses his own soul? says the Scriptures. How much time and energy does it take to achieve the goal of Master of Masters from a worldly view?  A Lifetime?  Perhaps more!  Perhaps eternal Life!


What does a man have really, that does not come from his Creator? Whatever that man thought he had is even taken away from him, for there will be no baggage when a man stands before his Maker on the Last Day.  All of his accomplishments are as dust, for the flesh profits nothing and its knowledge along with him becomes what it was, nothing.


Before I go further allow me to interject a thought about being a master of 'Not Much.'  Masters have come and gone but one thing is related to them all.  Death!  They were all masters in the sight of men and then they died.  Yes they left their studies, trophies, platters and rings to those who would follow, but that 'One Thing' happened to them all.  They died as all who follow in their footsteps have gone the same.  So what am I saying here? Scripture says,
One Thing happens to them all.

 The main point to consider is this.  Where are they now?  Have they found eternal life through their works, or have they found their works have led them astray and found eternal separation from Abba YHVH?  Every man must face the end result of their works while here on this planet.  A close study of Scripture could have revealed to them the purpose of all men is not to be a master of whatever, but to search, seek and find eternal life by having a relationship with his maker.  The entire duty of man is to become a living sacrifice wholly acceptable to Abba YHVH.  A living Sacrifice to his Maker, means to overcome the flesh and give every breath to Abba that he might be used in a more powerful way; gathering fruit unto eternal life,
a worker worthy of his calling.


Our treasure is either built here on earth and rusts and fades away, or His treasure is built in Heaven where neither rust nor moth can destroy. 
Where a man's heart is,
his treasure will also be found.


Now speaking of the heart of any man, we know that the little pumping thing found in our chest cavity does not have the emotions and feelings we think of when describing the heart.  A Man's heart goes much deeper in this setting.  The heart of a man is his inner emotions or thought patterns, although sometimes hidden from view, is the real and true self.  Whether a man decides to allow others to know what is truly in his heart or not, makes little difference on the eternal plane.  A man's heart justifies himself or condemns himself.  A man's heart will take The Word of his spiritual father and follow, or he will rebel against his Creator and follow others into the abyss that flows with fire burning, eternal separation from the One who Created him for a purpose that the man cared not to follow.  Simple but true.  A man judges himself throughout his life, daily making eternal decisions that will in the end determine where he will spend eternity.


The spirit of a man, 'his heart,' will prove to be his driving force into which place he spends eternity.  Those choices to adhere to the Word Eternal or run away from the same, determines his outcome.  It is not a big secret, but it is written by religious men in a form that one must search to find the meaning of life, for the religious men making eternal quests for the souls of men will ruin many a soul into the Lake that burns with fire for an eternity.  This is what a mind reprobate cannot figure out.  He becomes reprobate at the hands of his teachers and the hands of his own spirit, and he has no clue what makes himself desire and take what he strives for throughout life.  The part that the flesh sees is what goes back into the elements for Flesh and Blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.


So be it!  There are not so many seeming choices as we think.  The spirit of a man has made his choice long before it entered into the mind of that man what his goal and spiritual achievement will be, for the driving force of man, his spirit, is what will inherit eternal Life or eternal damnation; not by what he does daily, but by what spiritual driving force he ultimately follows. Chances are overwhelming, that he set himself up for the greatest fall of his eternal life, long before

he was made man in his own image,

for man was made in his own image and after his own likeness, after the likes of the one he ultimately followed.  It is really that simple, although religious men will complicate the heck out of the simplicity of this facet of creation and turn other men into following after the flesh, even in whom they chase after. Scripture is clear that we know no man after the flesh, for no good thing exists in the flesh.  Scripture is even clearer that we are not even to know Messiah in the flesh for even He told us that there is none good but the Father, for flesh and blood cannot enter into His Kingdom, and one must hear these 'words meaning even His flesh.'  Paul disclosed the mystery long ago. It is a 'Change' we are waiting for, not Bodily resurrection. 

When He said to us,
'I go to be with My Father,'

He was not talking flesh, for He also told us

'The Words I Speak,
They are Spirit And They Are Life.' 
Also, 'No good thing exists in the flesh.'

 Stop and think for a moment as I take you back to school on what atoms and molecules are made of.  This should be easy to understand.
If you take the smallest atom-Hydrogen, you will find that it has one nucleus and one revolving electron.  If we take this atom and expand or enlarge it to be the size of the head of a pin, the revolving electron will be  150 yards away. 
What is in-between in the space?  Nothing!
A complex molecule expanded to the size of a golf ball will have revolving electrons 200 to 300 miles away from the Nucleus.  What again is between? Nothing!  The example of Creation and
its complexities is given in the Heavens by celestial bodies called by various names, shapes and sizes.  What is in-between these planets, galaxies, solar systems?      Nothing!

Science has determined that the earth reduced to solid matter would be the size of a Pea, so what is between all these particles?  One day science might just find out that there is nothing here but energy, and that sustained by our Creator of Love and Eternal Life.  One just has to look and get out of the flesh to see the spiritual.  Paul never said we become bodies in eternity, but that our
CHANGE would come, and that is the change from this illusion of flesh into the eternal spirit.


Now let us look at the summary of this. 
Born in the flesh yes, for a special purpose that Isaiah speaks of, to cast the enemy out of heaven.  The flesh formed from the nothingness we just discussed.  We are then changed back to the spirit we were from before Bereshit-Creation-the beginning.  The only difficulty here in understanding, is to get out of the flesh and into reality, for the flesh profits nothing
and is destroyed when our CHANGE comes.  Not actually destroyed but changes from
one form to another.


 Now where are the particles of flesh from those alive and dead ages ago?  Long passed into the elements at hand, and how many people over millenniums have entertained the same particles, if you are thinking separate particles apart from one another distributed by now over the entire earth. 


The ancients placed their dead in tombs with body guards and servants waiting for a bodily resurrection that would never happen, but no one told them that.  The enemy of Life and Love kept that secret from them then, and today many are expecting the same results.  Is that not following the same spirit, worshippers of the flesh?  Applications for deity! 
Striving to be the master of something, but never coming to the realization, they are


July 7, 2008