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With Eternity we begin to comprehend the enormity and complexity of our walk with our Creator.



Eternity is forever - Timeless

Not one of us has the right to dictate who is included in eternity. The decision is one from above, based upon the desires of the heart of the individual and who he has followed from birth to grave. None of us can stand in for another.

The one who is in eternal Grace has been chosen on his own  merit not on a stand-in  dictate can even acknowledge. The eternal presence of The Almighty is a personal one between.  

Would any of us like to be the decision maker on this account, seeing that sin cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and we are all sinners; all sinners? Can a sinful man be the just judge between his maker and eternity concerning another? Are any of us up to the task? Some men say they are the sole and decisive element concerning יהוה and who gets to spend eternity in His Presence. Sinful men in determination of a sinless eternal presence with יהוה Elohanu! Where could that sort of thinking originate? Where does all, contrary to the Scriptures, thinking originate?

Eternity is a long, long, time. Would anyone in his right mind consider giving over to sinful men, the decision of an eternity, for himself?

Quite the contrary!

Eternity in the presence of יהוה, and a personal relationship with Him, none interfering, none adding to or detracting from, all inclusive within a One on one relationship with our Creator יהוה, is living in His presence in the new Heaven on His Great and final Eternal Day.

There can be on others within this personal relationship. There are no others, physical or spirit, that has the ability to dictate your relationship with your Maker; Those who try are writing their own eternity apart from יהוה and in their own destruction.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no other human form within the Universe. There is no other physical life anywhere within the expanse of space and time that are allowable to be called My Children, by יהוה. There are no other physical lives within the confines of Heaven, other than the Messiah Yahoshua, Who is the Father יהוה, and occupies the Throne in It's entirety in the form of He Who first left that Throne to be called our friend. He Who paid our price, and in our human form, suffered as we, tempted as we, yet without sin, returned to sit upon His Throne for ever in the form of that Man Yahoshua, and retains His Name forever. The Name Yahoshua is an earthly name given while He was upon this earth. That Name will carry forever with our Savior יהוה, and called by Yahoshua for the ministry accomplished only.

HaShem, [The Name] יהוה, as given to Moshe, is forever. His name is YHVH while upon the throne, before He most graciously came to pay our price, and continues forever. When referring to Him by יהושע, we are calling upon the promises He made to us while dwelling with us here on this earth; Promises that He made in the flesh to us here in the flesh that He will acknowledge forever, for His Words never fail. While He was on this earth, He was speaking eternity directly from the throne, for His Throne is wherever He is. No man can occupy His Throne. No man can change His Word. No man can add to His Word. No man can detract from His Word. None can say that they have a given talent that changes one thing or intent that comes from His throne. All who try are writing their own epitaph.

Where on this earth can one person say that a change has been done by them, except by the enemy of יהוה. When does anyone alter the unalterable, except in the minds of men that they so deceitfully seek to destroy? How bold is there a man who seeks to rebel in the worst way, than by the hand of the enemy of creation. Where can man even conceive the idea of rebellion but by our arch enemy and father of lies and rebellion?

How many lessons are necessary for one to understand that the Master of the Universe is in command of all things good, and that evil exists only through the evil of one destined to the Lake of Fire with the false prophet and the anti-messiah? How much time and effort does one expel to know right from wrong, good from evil, Heaven from hell, Trust from rebellion?

When we consider the cost, and some continue to rebel and follow the master of lies, how far down that path must he go before realization reveals his destiny? Not very far! Yet with all the facts some continue and delight in the path that leads to destruction.

Can any of us pursue destruction unintentionally? Can destruction be an accident? Are the dead, dead and without Messiah?

July 19, 2002


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