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So Goes Creation
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The Heavens and the Earth were created first.  All else followed.  Bereshit 1:1 Genesis

Where is Heaven?
Heaven is not just a place.
Heaven is a perfect place.

Heaven can only be seen in the Spirit,
and only through The Set Apart Spirit.

Since Heaven cannot be seen by the earthly, physical, there can be no explanation for Heaven that can be understood. Heaven exists only in Spirit and the only physical body ever to enter heaven is that of יהושע - Yahoshua in His Perfected form as seen by the apostles after the resurrection. יהושע is the Father יהוה - YHVH - YahVay, and sits upon His throne in Heaven where He first left to come and save us. Today He is still on that same throne and occupies it in its entirety.

Abba יהוה is One, not several. Abba יהוה is Perfect. Abba יהוה is The Almighty El Who created all and sustains all with the Word of His Power.

Answers to difficult questions, that is, seemingly difficult questions, usually have reasonably easy to understand answers. The Scriptures contain all of the information we need to exist and respond to יהוה in an acceptable way.

All we need do is follow Scripture teachings instead of men.

The Scriptures are not difficult to learn. Asking for Wisdom should be the first step, then, follow the Set Apart Spirit who has promised to lead us into all truth.

The rate one understands will be determined by how much one can follow Him and not mans teachings which usually will lead to confusion.

יהוה is accessible. He hides behind no one. His words tell us that He requires a personal relationship with each of us; that we have that access directly through Faith and that He will lead us into all truth.

Simplicity is the main character in this equation. He has not made knowing Him a difficult task, only the need and desire to know Him is necessary.

He knows our heart, and a willing heart is all that can be asked of you, He will do the rest.

Ask yourself this, "How can יהוה lie?" The answer is obvious, since He speaks things into existence, what ever He says happens; it is impossible for יהוה to lie. So hold onto all that He promised knowing that He cannot, and will never fail.

One request that we should all make to יהוה is this. "יהוה, please pray for me." His words will not return to Him void. When He prays for you, as He did for Shimon Kepha (Peter) His words were profitable.

Keep up the fight for Faith, and remember that you are not alone. Abba יהוה is present with all who believe in Him. He is not far away. The distance between is your choice. Prefer being in His Hand, for once there, no one can deliver you out of it. Fight the good fight as Scripture instructed, and whatever happens remember, nothing is new under the sun. All has happened before and you are not experiencing anything out of the ordinary. The enemy has not a single original thought. He tries the same old things over and over. Convincing you that you are different is his mastery.

Cover all things with the Price Paid for all sin, that of יהושע יהוה while here in the flesh. He lives and is alive today on His throne, the very one He left to come for us.

Today is the day for salvation. Today is His gift to you. Today He is with you. Today you are delivered in Him who declares all things before they happen, that none be surprised, and none left to feel wanting.

Do not allow your life to be in vain.

You are here for a purpose. Find out what is that purpose.

Even the least of us are a witness to His Magnificent Truth.

Be aware of the enemy in all phases of life and fear nothing,
for Abba is with you FOREVER.

July 19, 2002


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