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What Comes Next? Decisions, Really?
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What does this physical life consist of.
We know that it profits nothing.  So what is it?


What comes next?
Decisions, Decisions, Really?

When we make a decision from the heart there is a life long commitment that follows, or the decision was not from the heart.  Changes to a life long decision are usually not a consideration unless circumstances change so drastically that leaving things the same would cause strife to the spiritual make-up of our eternal life.  That said.  Consider that we are victims of change to what we think is sound living; constant changing as we weave toward adulthood leaving the immature life behind.  These are not the changes we speak of above but physical changes to our physical life that we live in the flesh, a series of life’s adjustments.

Decisions of change in the spirit which drives our life is a totally different matter.  We continue to evade these decisions from the flesh because we are at a loss usually of what they are and how to accomplish what we are unaware of so we delay, not knowing that in the spirit we are already making these adjustments and we will become these changes in our physical lives.  Not the physical life we speak of at the drop of a subject, but the spiritual decisions that have eternal consequences are the difficult to fathom.  Now the difficulty becomes even broader; we arrange our life based upon what we think is the coming change only to find we were at a loss and mistaken again and again.  Those scenarios play out throughout our lives in a constant turmoil until we learn to accept the change that alters our direction and brings us ultimately into a pattern so desperately needed but not understood as to how it all happened or from what these changes came.

Sound like life as usual?  For many, even most, this is what plays out throughout his or her life.  We come to expect these changes with the hopes we will somehow be involved in the process.

There is another way however.  It is the one we dream of at times but are a little too squeamish to pursue.  This one is the turning over of everything we ever thought of as physical to the Author of both our physical and spiritual existence.  The spiritual existence is the most miss-understood of the two.  Our physical we can see touch and feel.  Our spiritual side takes a little commitment to recognize as even existing.  Men attempt to be spiritual by reading, writing, and involvement in religious activities.  What eludes them however is even where that spiritual existence is found because we are victims of the flesh, we tend to think in physical terms leaving the spiritual a distance beyond our safety zone placed for self protection. 

Others delve into the spiritual from books and writings that are really spiritualism, and that deals with the adversary totally.  The search for the spiritual self can take a person on a life long journey running rabbit trails, ending nowhere desirable and everywhere satanic. 

How desperate some become in this search will determine his outcome in the eternal.  All of this is found in following the flesh of oneself or that of others.  When discovered, one will find how easy life in the spirit was to find, but some will be in for the surprise of their eternal life when they get there and find the detestable even by human standard.  Others will enjoy what they find even detestable, and become even more comfortable living that way.

How can one find his spiritual side?
That is easy if one can get out of the religious system and focus on Scripture.  A man cannot hide from his spiritual side, not really.  His spiritual side has been his driving force since even before birth no different than Jacob and Esau fighting while in the womb and racing to be the first born, striving from there for the rest of their lives.  This example is not isolated.  Every human born on this earth has a spirit and that has been his driving force usually unknowing from birth to grave.  It is whom his spirit follows that determines his life patterns. His flesh profits nothing says Messiah in Scripture.  This veil we call the flesh can and is our only hope against ourselves to affect a change determined through Scripture.  The spirit will go his own way eventually, and if that is to happen while still alive in the flesh, we have a promise from Scripture that “I will put another spirit within you.”  The gifts and the calling are without repentance, so like Job we will accomplish our purpose in spite of ourselves, and then will our end come.  I can only tell what is real and true in a man’s life.  The confusion from religious men becomes stronger as we give into the brainwashing placed before us by religious men, and peers as we live in search for something to believe in.

If and when a man takes a close look within his own heart, he will find his driving force.  We call it the Heart, and it is, but it is in essence our spiritual side and that is the part of us that will experience eternal life with or without our Creator.  The Flesh Profits Nothing, said Messiah.  The flesh goes back from whence it came and the spirit goes back to Abba who gave it.  A bodily resurrection and or catching away, is sought by religious men from time immemorial.  Embalming and treasures in the grave etc. has been passed along form a few thousand years.  Exactly what happens to a man dead for 3,000 years at the resurrection is uncertain since parts of his makeup in the form of atoms and molecules could have been in another mans physical a few times, with whom would that become a spiritual/physical existence after physical death?  Does that lay bare some of our suppositions?  We will see soon.

When we consider these we open a Pandora’s Box of possible reasoning.  You can tell the religious indoctrinated by their comments of physical resurrection of even those dead for 5,000 years in the hopes that they will be there and will not even listen to any other possibility.  Ever hear science discuss the relative distance between the nucleus of an atom and its revolving electrons?  Within the smallest of the elements placed on a scale we can understand: if the nucleus were expanded to the size of the head of a pin, the revolving electron would be something like a hundred yards or more away.  That is a lot of space between.  A Molecule nucleus could then be as large as a golf ball and the revolving electrons a hundred miles or more away.  What are we really made up of then?  I will let each answer these for himself. 

Well what happened to the Jewish Messiah at His change?
Heaven knows.  I have heard some accounts that if the earth were shrunk down to solid matter-no space between electrons and nuclei, it would be the size of a pea.  Man cannot fathom that we are made of energy given by our Creator and nothing more.  Split an electron and see its parts.  How much space between these and we begin to see what we are made of.  That energy, will one day dissipate and we will be living our spiritual eternity in His spiritual kingdom.  The flesh and the spirit are not the same.  So much for living in the flesh in eternity!  Hard rock to swallow for those who worship the flesh!

The energy we are made of, or consist of, will be transferred to a spiritual body in the spirit.  Not a physical body!  Boil it down, the flesh not only does not profit but is nothing but energy with limits and boundaries.  What happens is this energy of one sort or another within us decides to rebel?  What problems can we see within ourselves when and if that were to occur?

Yet many of us decide to break our boundaries of TORAH and think nothing of it.  How does that affect our spiritual and physical life?  These topics should provoke a host of responsive investigative insight within us, should it not?

I AM ONLY SCRATCHING THE SURFACE OF EXISTANCE BOTH PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL, and there are a thousand questions that have surfaced.
More on this at a later time.

 Let us get into the second most important part of our existence.

Prophecy is not a command but is HisStory spoken beforehand. It is not what is spoken that is as important but who spoke the Words that matters most.  When Abba speaks, no man can annul it, not even to the smallest detail, or it was not Abba speaking.  The Prophecy of the 70 Shavua in Daniel 9 is a perfect example.  Although the overwhelming majority of prophecy buffs have it wrong in its interpretation, Messiah came as planned and had a Ministry of exactly 70 Shavua.  Man loves to add to the prophecy by adding much error to the Word, and in doing so prevents many others from understanding not only the prophecy, but who the Jewish Messiah actually was/is.  Expecting something totally different according to religious beliefs, they miss again the easy way scripture is presented and understood; by design they interfere and will pay the ultimate price in doing so.

Many other prophecies have the same fate; disoriented by religious men from the grave and followed by their predecessors to the grave.  Common among these dilutors of the Word are their long list of pronouncements; admired by their following but lost in their heart knowingly.  I cannot stress enough that Abba YHVH is accessible to all, even to understanding Prophecy with moderate study.  All Prophecy? Not! But enough to understand that the Creator of all things good, does speak with men and will announce His plan to individuals who study and search with all of their heart.  There can be no mistaking who wrote scripture when prophecy comes alive right before our eyes. Prophecy gives light then, but we also can unwind sealed up prophecy at the time of revelation if we are close enough with Abba and can be trusted with His Word.

Like all prophecy, words were spoken ahead of time, usually centuries ahead, and when fulfilled speak volumes as to their Author.  Some prophecy comes personally, spoken to an individual by another for personal edification.  I have witnessed for myself personal prophecy worded to me in such a way that, although the one speaking had no idea what it meant, I had been primed from above and the Word filled the question with confirmation enough that the voice I heard was indeed from the Throne Room.  Abba has given to me Words that pertain to minute timelines in my life that were within a second or two, perfect as spoken even after over Five Years, some Ten, others as much as Twenty years.  The second or two meaning, “a second earlier or later and I would not have known it even happened.”  Five, Seven, Ten years with split second timing, no doubt gives me perfect confidence and trust that every Word I have heard in the open and in chambers will not fail.  When it gets that personal, over and over, how can a man not follow Abba YHVH in everything He speaks, Scripture or one on One?

The gift of Prophecy is the greatest of the gifts besides eternal life.  Personal Prophecy received or prophecy given, both are awesome to behold, and gives the recipient a heavenly lesson on future encounters with his Creator at the time of fulfillment. 

When one first meets his maker, the radiant glow from the spirit lights up his life with the Shechinah Kavod (The Divine Presence Of His Esteem) from within, and that mans experience can be felt by his fellows; a rare and wonderful experience.  On the other hand a personal prophecy experienced is an even closer shalom that lights him in a different way.  Knowing that his creator has plans enough for him, that Abba would give him lessons for future works to be done, and the Wisdom extracted never leaves, but gathers momentum along the way to the understanding that Abba YHVH will continue with this interpersonal walk throughout that mans life.  It is different then what we glean from Scripture as a walk.  This becomes a real, felt, experienced, personal, wisdom and knowledge that works vividly and openly seen in that man's walk.  With each passing experience of fulfilled personal prophecy that could not have happened by chance, and with only a second or two on either side of the timeline after some years passing, it becomes obvious that much greater blessings are in store in this One on one interpersonal relationship.

Our Walk represents our closeness to our creator in vivid terms and exposure by the degree of encounter; a venture expressed by accomplishment.  A lesson by experience, and an assignment completed.  Multiple prophetic assignments, as time passes solidifies confidence within, enough to bring forth an unwavering dedication unmovable.  Other than eternal life itself, what greater gift can a man receive than a working, vividly seen, punctual preplanned life and felt presence with His Best Friend and Creator?  I know not one!

Before a man makes his decision to give up an interpersonal relationship with Abba YHVH his creator, a little insight; Should he have had motivation enough to pursue, would have perhaps challenged whatever selfish implication he considered to delve into maters contrary.  Decisions!  Decisions!

Now we come to the end of it.  Pursue right living in accountability to an Interpersonal Creator.  Be content with what He has bestowed upon you.  Search and seek continually with confidence that when the time is right He will fulfill every promise made to you either in Scripture or personally delivered.  He is not a liar.  He does not change.  He Is.

More to come!

4 15 2008