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Vision is not just a word to toss to and fro as men do at the drop of a thought.  Vision, although having many meanings, has one that is dear to my heart/spirit. 

Shalom Mishpachah,
I received the following blessing from a forum friend, and wanted to share it with you, and the Words Abba and I wrote in reply.

She wrote,
Dear Abba,
On those days
When hope escapes me,
When all I am is weary,
When darkness is all I see,
Let your strength be my
beacon, Like a lighthouse
on a rock, Shining bright
enough to Dispel the
clouds of despair And
bring me a new vision.
The Answer
What a word!  It means so many things.
One thing it means to me is seeing and understanding eternal Wisdom, andwhat are the plans Abba has for humanity, more importantly how it applies to me. The Wisdom that comes for all of us is only important when seen through the eyes of all of us, Unfortunately, His Word is not understood by all of us, because, without Ruach HaKodesh-His Spirit whom was sent to guide us into all truth, His Wisdom is more like a parable.  If He does not give the understanding, the man does not get the message.  In this late hour of prophetic accomplishment, most of mankind has no idea where we are, or Who He Is.  Most of mankind thinks they know because, from a pulpit somewhere, someone spoke with great elegance, and many wondered at those glamorous words, but substance was not forthcoming.  Men memorize the words of other men, so that is their reward Abba YHVH's reward though slightly similar in sound only, carries His Wisdom from His Throne for only those who's heart is fixed on Him.  To understand the meaning of His Word, one must have a heart for Him, dedicated to Him, speaking only what emanates from Him, and is satisfied with only what originates from Him.
For Wisdom to come to any member of His family, one must be totally committed to Him in every way, even to every breath.  No breath, no reception.  No reception, no Wisdom.  Not a spiritual loss of life, but a losing of what a man could have when hearing His Still Small Voice unhindered by life's mixed-up circumstances. 
Vision to me is having that interpersonal relationship with Him in every way possible, even to every breath.  Given breath He returns breath, and within His Breath, are His Words of Wisdom that gives us the VISION we seek so attentatively.  Along with His Wisdom comes rewards different from the ones men generally seek or even know to seek.  His Rewards come with Vision of future events personal and collective, and understanding current events scripturally.  These are the rewards we tend to want to share with others, but without that same interpersonal breath given, even second hand they will not hear, for the rewards given are for those whom He can trust with those eternal rewards.  Each of us have some form of those rewards for a taste of what will be given to all who really know Him, but to those who have given all, will eventually receive all, even while in this mortal body made from the worthless dust of the earth. 
Specifically, one of the rewards I cherish is seeing His Eternal Name written in the picture below.  I can look upon HaShem-His Name timelessly.  It is a most soothing, and peaceful encounter with His Wisdom because of the meaning of His Name which contains the entire plan of Salvation within.  Not knowing His Eternal Name, and the meaning given to Moshe directed through the pen for all to share, who can hold His Name above all physical Vision?  To hold His Name above all names, one must first know His Name.  From there comes the heart of men to hold or not His Name above all physical vision, and give reverence to His Name above all names with every breath, and speak His Name instead of replacements, for only those who do not despise His Name, will reap the reward that comes with understanding the depth, width, and breadth of His speakable Name.  I can look at His Wonderful Name eternally, and will, even as I began in this life in Honor of, and presence of His Sh'kinah Kavod - Divine presence and radiance of His Esteem, all seen and contemplated within His Name.  Only with giving constant heart felt attention to His Eternal Name, can one be taken into the companionship of His Applied Presence and Esteem within the Name He most graciously gave to man as a beginning to come close to Him in honor and reverence which only His Speakable Name can Imply.
She also sent an art form of the Hebrew
letters of His
Name of YHVH - יהוה
that can be seen on page 433 of SO GOES CREATION.
Vision!  I love Vision, directed to the Father of Wisdom, and received with the reward that comes with all of Him.  He said, "I AM THY EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD."  These Words are not to be taken lightly by He Who cannot lie.  This promise comes to all who diligently seek His Face in complete abandon.  Harken to His Command from Exodus 3:15, "This is the way you are to mention Me throughout your generations."  Giving diligence to His Name and His Command is Following Him, and that is our reasonable service.  If we are not following Him, who do we follow, and what then can we expect?  Our Creator gives us both instructions on how to live an abundant life in this sick and perverse world, then shows us how that is implemented by example in His Walk here on earth.
Vision is given to us in every way possible, Spiritual, physical and personal.
So, His Name is the beginning of Wisdom, and the Vision that follows, HaShem-His Name, יהוה.
B'Shem יהוה