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Love, Our Only Offense And Our Only Defense

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Without Love We Are Nothing


Our Only Offense
And Our Only Defense

One thing we lack in this world is, a perfect relationship with our Perfect Creator.  Most who lack Love will testify that there are no others in his life that has shown him love. 

Love transcends even the soul and spirit and can only be seen, truly, through the Author of Love Himself.  We cannot love if we have not experienced love.  Anything we think is love that is not from our Creator, is another emotion or lack of, that keeps us searching for what we cannot find ourselves.

 We come to true Love only through and from its Author, and we see Love only in His eyes, as we see Him for Who He Is.  Until we experience His Love for us, we have a cheap imitation, full of feelings and emotions that betray us at the outset, for Love is not an emotion or a feeling.  Love is a Command, and we fail this great Command when we look for other sources for its essence.

Love cannot just come to us either through the mind or intellect.  Love cannot be found in books or songs, or poems.  What we see in these things are expressions of men toward what they hold dear in thought and feelings, or attempts to express what love they have to us in a way that we might understand.

Have any of us really found Love in words that can express love when we have it?  Do we see clearly, love in its infinite life, from words that cannot express properly what we know as love?  Words can only set the stage; the foundation comes from His Love for us, and through that only can we begin to experience Him.  Love manifest in us and through us from יהוה-YHVH , the Author and finisher of our Love made perfect through Himself.

Getting to know our Creator is the start of learning His Love, for He is the Author, and He Loves us more than we can know.  His Love will set the example, all we have to do is follow.