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From more than time Immemorial, man has walked his own way, even in the Face of his Creator.  Few have found the narrow path while the majority have taken the wide fast lane. 
What makes the difference is simply from the heart.  The Mouth speaks blessings and cursings, but these originate in the heart.  These differences will not be remembered nor come into mind on the Eighth and Eternal day.  Only one way of thinking will be where there is life.

Why Has Mankind Walked Contrary


Our Walk represents our closeness to our creator in vivid terms and exposure by the degree of encounter; a venture expressed by accomplishments.  A lesson by experience and assignments completed.  Multiple prophetic assignments as time passes solidifies confidence within, enough to bring forth an unwavering dedication unmovable.  Other than eternal life itself, what greater gift can a man receive than a working, vividly seen, punctual preplanned life and felt presence with his best friend and Creator?  I know not one!

Besides our walk with Abba YHVH, we have another requirement, follow Him wherever He goes, and in everything He instructs.  Wavering is worse than sacrilege. Once we have put our hand to the plow, anyone turning back is not fit for the kingdom of heaven, says scripture.  A lifelong commitment is absolutely necessary, once on the path to His Throne Room, and letting go of our works and life is also expected.  But even more than expected, letting go is mandatory, for no baggage will ever be allowed into a relationship with Him.  The things of life that we continue to hold can and will interfere in our walk with Him


No place on earth, at any time, has there been a more apropos Calling then what can be heard today by those whom Abba YHVH is beckoning to His side, to walk with Him in complete abandon, lock-step and lack of nothing short of complete surrender to every Word that He has spoken in times past, present, and what He will bring to light for future.  All has been accurately recorded in Scripture for all to feed on forever; Words from the 'Tree of Life,' (un-visited by man because of a man's distorted view seen only through the eyes of men).


The 'TREE OF LIFE,' which the Jewish Messiah spoke concerning Himself; protected by His appointed Angels to guard that only to whom has purity of heart/spirit would be given access to, and only when Abba would speak that Wisdom unto whom He chose, and only again, when He does the Choosing.


Mankind has little affect on the coming global situation bearing down upon us presently.  Common among men are the general worries that surface at times like this.  Worries that feed only the flesh continually, can overpower a man's ability to 'Come as little children.'  Come the way you were at birth, naked, expecting only to live and have the comforts from where you came, unaware of the dangers of earthly life apart from your Daddy, and suffering only to be comforted by His Huge Right Hand that has spanned the heavens and when called out to, all stand up together, Isaiah 44:24.  The elements of the Universe know and understand the shout from a loving Creator and stand at attention when called, But,


Where Has Mankind Been All These Centuries? 
Why have they for the most part, ignored the Call from Abba YHVH to firstly, know Him according to Scripture, instead of mans distorted teachings of reprobate mentality, honoring replacement deities in His Face(violating the First Commandment deliberately, and with malice and forethought continually), and expecting Him to honor their desires spoken to those reprobate deities.  How humankind can think, To be in His Face with wild forms of adulterous deity worship, expecting to receive from Abba the gifts called out for, to foreign deities, or any that Abba has promised for only those who love Him and follow Him.


We honor whom we worship spiritually, even unknowingly, since those decisions were made long before they entered the minds of reprobate thinkers searching for their personal form of worship to deities unknown to them except from the mouths of teachers with itching ears looking for their own form of personal worship that keeps un-intentioned and disillusioned men, flowing to them for more unworthy 'scripture violating teachings' from sheol.  *Brave words but true.* 

Search the original scriptures, and compare
Abba's Name YHVH with the detestable forms worshipped today, while all the while men flock to them understanding not from whence they came.  Writing their own epitaph deeply inscribed into their soul without giving much thought to what was commanded from Sinai, Abba's Eternal Covenant with Man.  They, being taught, that some religious new covenant exists today for a special people who have no need to follow the eternal instructions laid down for men forever.  They ignore scriptures teaching that the New Covenant with HIS people, when His Word is placed in their hearts and minds, and they will all know Him by His Name YHVH, when His people are gathered back to Israel and none make them afraid; When His people inhabit the land HE promised to Avraham from the Euphrates to the Nile.  Then the New Covenant, which is the Eternal Covenant originally given to them at Sinai, is placed in their hearts and in their minds forever, and they will all know Him from the least of them to the greatest of them, and will give honor and esteem to His Name YHVH.  This is much too simple for theology teachers today.  They must gather the flock into their own barns to be done with as hey see fit in their minds reprobate, usually crying about money most of the time.


Scripture is simple to understand when taken completely, and under the guidance of Ruach HaKodesh.  But men have other ideas.  Humility, Wisdom and Spirit, have been replaced with intellect and knowledge from which no 'spiritual significance' can be gleaned, 1 Corinthians 1:19-29. 


Today again, men have trashed His Word like children partying with other children have trashed the homes of their parents while they are away.  What shall those parents do when they find destruction of some of their most prized possessions, especially their home, castle, and nest?  Shall they make light of it and honor their rebellious offspring with MORE STUFF?  Only in a man's western gentile mind!

 So we come into the Seventh Day, spoken in prophecy from the beginning, and many expect for scripture to be wrong again, as they dishonored it before to suit their personal form of rebellious adultery.  That is Not the kind of Food that is served from The Table of  יהוה especially not at the Magnificent Wedding Feast at the beginning of Sh'minni Atzeret, the Last Great and Eternal Day, The Eighth Day that follows the Seven Days of Creation and celebrated in the Feast we have just seen pass, The Feast of Sukkot. 


Oh, how the entire plan of salvation has been scorned by the blind who follow wilderness in place of The New Jerusalem and Its Twelve Gates of entry.  Thinking they are special, aside from Scripture, and afforded another secret door/gate only for their Lawless Generation, they refuse to come to the Light of Scripture and the Call from the Jewish Messiah for lack of appropriate Oil to light their lamps and come in the middle of the night at the call of the Archangel, to the Bridegroom who has come to take them to His Fathers House where the Huppah-Bridal Chamber has been prepared special for those who follow His directives, in purity, a Chaste Virgin. 


So, I have taken another attempt to enlighten whom ever will see, should there be any capable to SH'MA-HEAR the Words Scripture has been Harbingering since first penned.  Choices are what make each man a member of Israel, as the Jewish Messiah said,"I am sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel," and have access through one of the Twelve Gates into the New Jerusalem where we will find YHVH Shemma --The Presence of YHVH, for the remainder of Eternity.


I would hope there would be enough time left for those choices. There has been a rustling sound among the Angels for the past few years that some have heard, and it bears the intensity of the time at hand today.  We have entered the Seventh Day on Pesach-Passover 2006, YHVH has been preparing for HIS, a wonderful Thousand Years Reign He Has Promised to those who would....   Judgment is all but over.  Few on the scale of creation are left to make a choice.  Those taken out early were always taken for destruction.  Am not sorry, for who am I to hinder a man's decision to be with the deity of his choosing?  I Am only a Watchman doing my job.  Examine scripture, some heard the watchmen and were delivered, and for the watchmen doing his assigned work, the loss of none were charged to his hand.


Shalom Friends,


October 26, 2008