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Now We Begin
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Within these writings is the account of the beginning of the Seveth Day on Pesach 2006. Now we are entering the Fifth year since that commencement and as the transgressorrs are nearing, as Scripture detains, 'Coming to Full,' we can prophetically announce  the Beginning of Sorrows. It is known that these days were coming, and possibly already here for a few years, but on Passover 2010 the transgressore have finally come to full and truly, the Beginning of Sorrows begins now.

Beginning Now
We escape the bonds that have held us.

We expose the reigns and hearts of our adversaries.




There is little time anymore to get together our dowry.

There is also little time to conform to all Scripture that we have been deprived of through translation error, or hidden prophecy soon to be brought forward in our hearing. One thing sets us apart from those who neglect these wonderful gifts for Faith building and that is our heritage.

“For All Israel Will Be Saved,” say the Scriptures, and only through Israel can any enter the eternal promised presence of  יהוה  before us.


Becoming Israel takes first a heart set on the Love of the Truth, and second, a personal desire from the heart to be in the presence of יהוה, no holds barred. Being in His Presence is not a fleeting choice of shallow expectation, but a heart-felt, and above every wish we may have, to be there in His Presence at all cost even life itself, and there are only few willing to live by returning to the seed. Our presence in kind is His desire, because it was from His Presence we were sent to do the jobs we were given in the face of evil men, and in the face of disaster, as a warrior set out in battle array with only the tools of Love to do that battle with.


Our promise was to return unscathed from the wiles of war and vicious men set to destroy us in the Face of  יהוה. We were even instructed to do battle with our hearts only as long as we could, and only when all else failed, should we bring out the big guns so to speak, יהוה fighting on our behalf.


Now we come to the end of patience.

We are approaching the end run by the enemy as he has planned from the beginning, to surround and strangle us out of existence and keep the spoils of this physical universe for his star wars existence, but that is being brought to an end even as we speak by his own lack of wisdom.


Today we are beginning the end of the war: The war that began eons of timelessness before physical creation. Today we are announcing defeat of the enemy, and our victory accomplished. The only thing necessary to finish this war is what is coming even as we speak. Scripture testifies!


With this, we begin the End Time
Prophetic Writings that will set us free.

Today, as we are entering the Fifth Year since beginning our One Thousand Years Reign with our Blessed Messiah Abba YHVH Yahoshua, we are beginning the Victory March around the camp. Today we are rejoicing, knowing from observation, that the evil ones have just announced their ultimate intention plainly enough to condemn them forever.


Today we mark the end of the age as we have known it and the beginning of our eternal existence for all who overcome. Today, Five years in, we claim Victory! 


Abba Now Speaks to All

Our Claim in Prophecy begins here


A Timeless existence is rapidly approaching
like a freight train on the downward

What can be seen of this existence is also rapidly approaching, and can be seen by examining the news we see throughout the world, as it conforms to Scripture, and separates Israel from the flock or herd, like a predator separating his prey and stalking it ferociously. Israel is like a lamb in the wilderness of strong and weak nations, all of whom desire to feed upon her and destroy her because of one precariously discovered condition that is only seen through an eternal glance: ‘Israel is the Apple of My Eye,’ and closely looking into Scripture proves that even the laws of the sun and the moon will not change and Israel will remain. Without setting a sail in the wind to understand which way it is blowing, the nations of this slowly changing world have chosen to die rather than serve their Creator and bless Israel. Therefore, an epitaph is being prepared for the eternal tombstone that will mark the demise of all past governments: Governments that have eventually turned on tiny Israel, hoping to keep the spoils of war and become what was eternally marked only for Israel.


Those shocking moments in time are set. Not set by our loving Creator, but by the enemies of life and love. With blood drenched hands, their leaders throughout time have dared to encounter the eternal plans set forth from before Creation that would have given them safety and solace forever. Instead, they, one by one, have chosen to thwart eternal plans for their own making and eliminate the Firstborn, Israel, from the hand of יהוה .


How have you been so vociferously denied by your own selfishness, O' daughters of evil and self indulgence?  How have you been brought down to the sides of the pit, O' daughters of Sheol? To think that you could change the commands that originate from the Words that Create and sustain both Life and Death among yourselves.


Today is this Prophetic writing come for your understanding, should you choose to Sh'ma. Or is that a word that you have failed to acknowledge as a COMMAND to hear?


It makes no difference whether you can or cannot hear. Time has all but condemned you in your lust for governance over My people Israel. They are Mine, and you have attempted to hid them from Me! You have murdered them in ways not even understood in your own minds. You have tilted the measures of justice to suit yourselves. You have condemned My people Israel throughout time and even in My presence, you have worked within your own man made laws to curtail every vestige of decency given to you, to harm My people and drive them into oblivion. I have seen every wicked move you have made against them throughout time, and not one have you been able to destroy, for the Prophecies I have given for their future, you have worked to change, through your own greed and lust for personal gain and power.


Therefore, you wicked nations among the sheep, you will be brought down to the death of dying slowly, as you attempt to gain control in My Face. I will not take you out quickly, that would be worthy of a warrior with valor and dignity fighting for just causes. Your death will come slowly, as slowly as you have made My people Israel suffer throughout time by starvation, murder, contemptuous and careless abhorrence of decency and neglect as they scrambled about maintaining themselves as My people even in your face of deceit; and lastly, not that there are not many more to bring back to your attention, you have walked upon them because of Me. You have killed them because you hate Me! You have murdered their babies in the womb because you have hated Me, and in your bitter hatred, blinded by your greed and selfishness, you forgot Me. You blinded yourselves to Me, by contemptuously concentrating upon the weakness that I Created them in and upon this earth, small in number, but living under My watch, I have guarded them even as you murdered them in viscous ways right in My Face.


Therefore daughters of everything evil in this universe, you will have this warning, and a chance to show your true colors even more profoundly. You will one by one slaughter them anew, right there in My Face, and in doing so reap the most egregious penalties ever given throughout eternity. And to think that this was the only eternity to fathom, you thought that you could take even My seat in the heavens. The shallowness of your self-indulgences are your destruction. Looking inward, you have lost touch with the reality of eternal life for a moment of earthly gain. How will I bring your demise? Scripture!


Scripture has been My witness from even before it was penned. My Words went forth and are even now going forth again as you think an evil thought to finish the job you set out to do in the garden.





 I started out only wanting to post a page from my writings titled ‘Forever is Timeless,’ on a talk forum, added below, but Abba wanted it prefaced with the above, and because of its importance, it is being shared here with you. Recall the time, Mishpachah. The Beginning of Trouble begins now, and keep in mind also as you walk toward the goal set forth, that Forever is Timeless, and that is where we will all meet again, soon.  


Forever Is Timeless

Forever can be found in the blink of an eye when we
travel from time into eternity.
There are no facts or
studies that can compare to the vast distance in time
and space equal to eternity, yet we converse in
these terms at the drop of a subject, considering
that we have a grasp of what forever encompasses.

Ever wonder what the term forever means?


"Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the minds of man the wonderful things that  יהוה has prepared for those that love Him."


Ever try to explain eternity? Can we at all come
close to understanding this vast expanse, since we only
have the physical to peer through, and a Spiritual
experience or two to compare timelessness with,
how can we begin to understand?


None of us in the flesh have been there. None
of us have been able to see this picture clearly, either in
spirit or experience. Certainly not from the physical can we
make a judgment explainable, even if we had the gift of
eternal knowledge, we would still require the hand of
יהוה in every letter we print or word we write.


Who on this planet can see the eternity that has been
promised by He who both Created and Promised?  The
plans of eternity are less than vague even to those who try.

The Prophets were given glances into the future
from where they were, and not into the eternity
itself we so diligently seek to explain.


Words were written, thoughts were conveyed,
prophecies were given, yet the eternal event remains
a scant, exiguous view of a promise we are in wait of.
Eternity has no timetable except on the eternal scale.
The appearance of time can be summed up thusly:Imaginary; Absence of forward bliss; A blip in eternal presence aside from reality; A preposterous account of a fleeting moment; A momentary experience passing without notice; A non-memory!


Eternity is!


Faith is Hope for the substance of Promise.

Faith is the Substance of that Promise.

Faith is the ever present Word of conviction we can
hold in our hands, take into eternity, and keep forever.

Faith in יהוה only comes by hearing His Word.

Yosef – Pesach 2010



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