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 I Will Be     Whatever     I Will Be

When we study Scripture there are two thingswe must
follow to be
sure that we properly comprehend.

The first and foremost to observe, is that we are not just reading
a book, we are treading on the very Words that were given to
mankind by our Creator.  We must recognize, that the  Authority of
our Savior as Supreme Author is at stake on every Word that we
ingest.  We are not just reading to hear these words, we are
ingesting the Word of our Creator that we are to live by with every
breath we take, and we are to bind them on our lives for eternity.

There are no seconds to absorb into our span of life, or time frames
that  we are to follow in our search for  Supreme  Truth.   We are
reading  the most important Word that we will ever hear while on this planet.  
From TORAH to Revelation, there are no more perfect
 words possible to hear, even if we are hearing the very Words of 
  YHVH - יהוה
spoken to us directly. 

When He is speaking, eternal presence is coming forth from Him and
we are the recipients.  We must treat these Words just as if they are
being spoken to us personally, for that is the intent of our Creator and
 Author of both our  Faith and our very lives.  There must never be
any mistakes while we are consuming the Word of יהוה that these
Words be taken lightly, for our very existence is dependant on
every Word that comes forth from His eternal Throne. 

The Words that we read in the Scriptures, are not just words. 
Once Spoken by the Creator of the Universe, They are
eternal and will never change, not for a nano-second.  We are
to comprehend what we are reading from one and only one
premise, that we are hearing the very Words that were
spoken to the Prophets, and transferred into the written
Word, for us to feed on for eternity.  No mistakes are
allowed, for His Word is never changing,
never failing and never alterable.

His Words are Alive, even more alive than we in our flesh can
comprehend.  Alive, in that not one Word ever spoken by our
Creator will ever change, and not a glimmer of help but His is
needed for us to understand His Written Word.  The
Scriptures will interpret themselves, even with error from
translations that have infiltrated them. 

When comprehending the written Word that has proceeded directly
from the Father, there is no 
need for an interpreter, as these Words
are self consuming to those who attempt to dishonor them by false
translations, and ever building in Faith for those who are searching
 from a pure heart to understand our Creator and how to respond
to Him in an acceptable way.

Our lives are not our own to play with.  We are here for very specific
purposes, although most are not seen, or aware that a purpose has
been chosen for us as individuals from before the foundation of the
universe.  Most of His Creation are less aware by design, and not
of his own making.  Our specific purpose may never be known while
living on this planet.  The only One that is capable of revealing that
specific purpose to any individual is the Author of both that purpose,
and Author of the man himself.

Specifically speaking, there is no man upon this earth that has the
authority to speak for another man.  We stand naked and alone before
our Creator from the moment that we are conceived.  We are here for
 His good pleasure, and not for the pleasure of other men.  Although
some are given fleshly desirable stature, there are none who are above
another in the eyes of the very One Who Created them for His Own
purpose.  Not one man or woman ever created can say in the end that
they were created above or below another, or for a more desirable
purpose than another, for who can say what purpose His Creator has
put under him except it be directly revealed to him by its Author.

When comprehending the Words that are more alive than our
very existence,
one must consider the source of the original
communication.  With men there can  be  conversely  opposed  words
 that contradict each other and send understandings into tail spins. 
More of those writings have shown up in the churches than the pure
Truth that has proceeded from the Words of our Creator.  Careful
examination is necessary of every word spoken by mankind to
determine its authorship. 

We wrestle in this world with many opposing forces that confuse
and destroy the very foundation that we are to be standing upon. 
Not that the Foundation can be altered in the least way, but clouds
of misinformation have permeated our systems in an attempt to
darken our understanding of what that Foundation is,
and from where it originated. 

Can we, by our own design and personal purpose, change even the
slightest precept that proceeds from the very Mouth that Creates
with Eternal Speech?  Can we by our own design cause a more
perfect way than what has been provided?  Can we be more cunning
than the Author of the Universe who with Words Creates images
far more complex than man can ever begin to imagine in his finite
mind; even with his imagination, man cannot comprehend what
has already been Created.  Not one bit of Creation has been
understood by man who thinks for himself in attempting to unfold
the Creator's Purpose, for even the least of creation is more
complex than the very imaginations of men.

Who on this planet can count the stars?  Can man begin to examine
the depth of the universe?  Can there be a creation more magnificent
or majestic than what our Creator has provided for us to examine
Him by?  Are there any people on this planet who, even by
imagination, can come remotely near the awesomeness of  what
has already been Created?  There are none!  Not  even  in  the
imaginations of finite men can they conjure up anything to
compare, however remote, to the Creator of life, both physical
and spiritual.  The two are diametrically opposed.

Where on this planet or any celestial body, can man find any
resemblance of the Magnificent  Splendor that cannot be
contained or compared, than in our Creator יהוה ?

When we consider the creation of the universe, other considerations
must be taken into account than just its physical formation.

Celestial bodies are formed by only one source, יהוה, Who has
no limitations to expanse, depth, plane, level, speed, content,
nature, Provision, correlation, condition, temperature, power,
or dimension.We are limited to what we can think or imagine.  We
cannot bring even the simplest form of matter  into  existence. 
We cannot even develop, using preexistent matter, anything new. 
There are no formulas that have not been tried throughout
history either by natural selection or purposeful intention. 
There is nothing new under the sun. 

All existence has been placed into motion for us to view and consider. 
We see through the Vail that limits us by our own devices.  We are not
in any form creating a single element or condition, all has been placed
here by which to measure our Creator; to come to the knowledge that
we are subordinate, limited, conditional, temporary, and only here for
His good pleasure.  When we come to the end of ourselves, we will
find Him there waiting.  Not for condemnation, but for edification; a
help in sorting for us our own diversity and bringing us into His Peace,
should we by then be seeking Him.  Those who seek not, find not.

When seeking the Author of the Universe, there can be no self
projection into the finding.  We must come as we are, naked and
alone.  When seeking His good  pleasure we are not to be 
involved  in determination or we submit in part and receive in part. 
When seeking His good pleasure, can we be selfishly involved and
expect to fully comprehend His awesome purpose in our lives?  Not!

We cannot and should not be underwriting what He has planned for us. 
Although He will give us the desires of our heart, are we capable of
knowing what is in our best interest, especially when we consider
the Creation before us?  Are any of us capable of even the
most remote possible chance that we can for sure understand in
advance His plan and purposeful intention that is our existence? 
We think in our finite minds and consider ourselves worthy of
pursuing our own destiny.  Instead of taking everything to Him
with prayerful abandon, we tend to think we know  what is best
for us and those around us.  Are we that selfish that we cannot allow creation in our best interest, constantly trying to place input
into a perfect plan and undercutting our own happiness?


שמעיהוה- HearYHVH
My hand also has laid the foundations of the earth, and My right hand has spanned HaShamayim(the heavens):when I shout, they all stand up together. Is 48:13