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Our Actions Write The Script

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Our Actions Write The Script
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So Goes Creation
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They Honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.



Our Actions Write the Script




Living a life that gives honor and esteem to the only One who deserves it is not the only prerequisite to eternal life. 


Giving Honor to Abba is only our reasonable service.

When we 'give of ourselves,' we receive the weightier message that lives in our spirit, "Joy" that our gift would be well received by the One who created all and sustains it with the power of His Word.  For, what kind of gift is adequate for He Who Creates whatever He pleases by His Word, and mixes not one verb unused, for not one Word He has spoken will return to Him void, but will perform His intended purpose among both mankind and every living creature His Word has spoken for.  Our lust for power, should that be our intent, will fade quickly when called into His presence, and dissipate into the nothingness that formed it.  We are not here for our own prosperity but His purposes to be tested with what is within our reach to profit, and the profit we seek tells all where our heart is.  Nothing else matters on the eternal scale of our lives, as all here are for His purpose and the stench that some carry with themselves, will be overpowering to even themselves when given to His Light.


Judgment is not easy to phantom from an earthly abode, but our works will do all of the work in judging ourselves, for whatever a man strives for, he will be judged by, and whoever treads upon creation unworthily, will give full answer in the presence of Abba YHVHAbba is not mocked, for whatever a man strives for will be his reward and sin nor any baggage will not enter YHVH's presence in eternity.  Our nakedness will be exposed when we stand before Him, so whatever a man carries with him will deter from his eternal life.  If the deterrence is much, so will be his fall.  Little deterrence falls little, but the end of it all will be great when considering that eternity is only for those who live for Abba YHVH and not for themselves.  A short fall or a long fall is still a fall, and that fall is great. 


Judgment begins in His House: Once finished, will never darken His Door again.  Commonality perceives the common, but Perseverance outshines them all, and our actions write the script.


August 2008