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As Eternity Past, so is Eternity to come!

An Appeal From Above

With all of the happenings these days both Political and Prophetic, one must remember that everything that happens, baring none, does so from spiritual motivation.  Deciding upon which spirit originates which motivation is desirous to understand.  None from the arena of events are happening individually or accidentally.  Everything going on in these last days is by design from one side or the other; not to mean politically only but spiritually mainly; we are following one side or the other.  Riding the fence is only an illusion.  The same goes for what and whom we see in today's arena of confused decision makers who seem to be asleep at the wheel, but the motivations that cause the effect of these decisions are orchestrated before they even enter the minds of men both for and against established thinking.


So, when we consider the element of origins of thinking in today's political and prophetical mind-set, we are in need to look a little under the cover of politics and religious jargon to see the direction one faces in receiving what comes out of his thinking and voice.  Not all that is seen is visible to spiritual discernment unless the one looking can see under the VEIL of hidden motives.


One is following after his maker or he is following the enemy of all things good.  There is no third lane in this wayward wind that is blowing across the waves of motives not visible to the naked un-discernable eye of the average onlooker.  We are in the battle today for our individual Eternal Lives, and so very few can understand the impact that will soon crash into our seemingly peaceful co-existence with odds and ends mixed into this tossed salad of the political and prophetically blind.  Can I say in this short note what is the way to become a more aware participant in the upended relay teams that decide our physical fate?  Not a chance.  Can I even begin to be a more enlightening harbinger without having been acutely aware for years of the origins of men's thoughts, without discussing a better way?  Not even a chance.  Our motivations either are established within Scriptural Precepts without religious indoctrination, or we are laid bare to the deceptions of spiritual confusion that have been our interference from the Beginning-Bereshit-Genesis. 


One good thing we can or will see very soon is this: Our destination is not a visual physical discernable event like so many receive from church-synagogue-chapel-religion-creed or political establishment.  No!  Ours is a destiny unfolding from before the universe as we know it was even placed into motion.  The event in final status soon is the casting into the place described in translated Scripture as the Lake of Fire will be overlooked until, as in the days of Noah, the time is literally at hand, and how could any religion follower in blind faith even discern what or when that may come to be or perhaps is even now a Happening? 


Men, O men, how have we been so vociferously deceived to think we can stand in the face of our Creator without even giving Him a glance in honor and praise?  The answer is simple!  One must 'follow first' before he can become privy to the mysteries that Abba YHVH is so openly willing to disclose to us individually and/or collectively as one living within His house.  Following is the most precise response to His call on our lives to 'Come as little children' to a loving Daddy without the baggage one places in his own way that blocks his advance by walls unfathomable except under a microscope that can penetrate the shell we call skin but in reality is discernable resistance.  Are we so embittered within our own lives toward a Loving Creator for acts of His Love bestowed upon us in retrospect of what we ourselves consider a better way, unable to release that baggage of bitter resentment for His demanding True Love toward our fellow man and within ourselves toward ourselves?  O man, how have you fallen from the Grace that was so lavishly bestowed upon you at your first state when Wisdom was more than in your face - it was part of your makeup when you were an innocent child in need of a loving daddy.  How have you fallen from your first estate, when all of the eternal promises were your so easy to grasp hold of when you had an empty hand to take hold of it?  But now, with all you hold, so embedded in deep caches that releasing them is almost impossible, do you seek blindly what you have no idea of because blindness has overtaken you?  Time is at a premium to the point of scarcity; we are that far along, and under the 'ban of decency' we as a people strive for our indecent ways to solve our differences with selfish gain in our sights instead of humility, and we wonder how we have fallen to this estate we so selfishly strove for. 


Now we are faced with the last few seconds, 'on the eternal scale' to make a repentant turn around to our original estate.  Isaiah 14, "How are you fallen from the shamayim-heavens, O Heilel-the shining one-satan, son of the morning-idiomatic expression of 'an angel!  How are you cut down to the ground-thrown out of heaven, you who did weaken the nations!  For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into the shamayim-heavens, I will exalt my throne above the cochavim-heavenly messengers of El: I will sit also on the Mount of the Congregation-in the heavenly assembly, on the sides of the north-third heaven.  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds: I will be like El-Elyon.  Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, to the sides of the pit....

יהוה-YHVH of hosts has sworn, saying, Surly as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed so shall it stand: That I will break Ashshur in My land, and upon My mountains trample him under foot: then shall his yolk depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.  THIS IS THE PURPOSE THAT I HAVE PURPOSED UPON THE WHOLE EARTH: AND THIS IS THE HAND THAT IS STRETCHED OUT UPON ALL THE NATIONS.  FOR יהוה OF HOSTS HAS PURPOSED THIS, AND WHO CAN ANNUL IT?  AND HIS HAND IS STRETCHED OUT AND WHO CAN TURN IT BACK? Emphasis Added.


Nothing stated above in red letters will ever be annulled, that is for sure.  Spoken by Abba יהוה, these can never be revoked, for once spoken His Word is eternal.  If these Words seem to have a present tense flavor, you are hearing these from above like parables spoken only for the benefit of those having an interpersonal relationship with Abba יהוה a Loving Daddy, exactly the way parables were understood during Biblical times.


In your favor today are the Scriptures that are available to all who desire to look forward.  The only things that can hamper their understanding are Religious beliefs, translational error, the lack of due reverence for Abba and His Name, and a general dislike for Truth as listed throughout Scripture for all mankind to sample and digest with prompting/understanding from above which is a solemn promise to all mankind, and once spoken/written can never be annulled.  We are following in the steps of the Jewish Messiah who is Abba יהוה Himself, or we are purposefully or inadvertently following the only other voice  of ultimate origin available to men; riding the fence follows the son of the morning of Isaiah 14.


So today, we are at the crossroads.  Time has allowed all to make their individual choices throughout life from life’s origin and before.  The crossroads are now front and center, and there is no where to hide.  Choices made enable us to continue in the pursuit of what we deem happiness and spiritual contentment, but a rude awakening for many and perhaps most, is about to commence into a rewards deficiency that Scripture told us, ‘Even from he who thinks he has, will be taken away.’  There is no easy way to convey what most have spent much of their lives running away from.  The spirit, being the motivating force has not let themselves down.  As they have sown so shall they reap.  But the main point throughout this page is that a man’s spirit is not the blind side of his life.  It is his driving force, and the flesh is along for the ride, for it is the flesh that has been made in the image of his spirit, not the other way around.


Those who desire to be made in the image of, and love to hear the erroneous interpretation that man is in the image of his deity he calls god, are following the original force that desired to raise his throne above the stars of heaven, and scripture is crystal clear to this precept.  A man’s heart/spirit will not deceive himself at any time in his life, especially today as HisStory has recorded every detail both in the physical and heavenly account.  There are no mistakes concerning this, as a man has judged-lived-accused-walked, so shall he be judged, and that final walk into his eternal choice is never a surprise.  We are aware in spirit as we live through this flesh, what are our choices and rewards.  Some a little foggy by religious camouflage, others distorted by our own human desires that we know darn well are to or against sound humility.  Selfishness has been a man’s demise that leads to self destruction, and the very knowledge of what we are is spelled out throughout our lives.  No surprises here!  Cannot we discern a little for the sake of eternal life, a brief glimpse of our future state and see personally the outcome we have fought for so diligently, before we get the not so surprising view of what happens from here?


How aware we really are!  Time and space has not been the deceiver.  A look inside will reveal the origin of our thinking first hand.  No one is or will be surprised.  The only difference is the wish and hope that Abba perhaps did not mean what He said when all the rules were given and the consequences were stated.  Prophecy is perfect.  They were spoken by a perfect Master who cannot lie and will not make war with Himself.  Hoping that He will change/lie is futile.  Perfect means exactly absolute Perfection.  If a man can, now is the last minute time to make a change.  We are not speaking about years, but days to get started.  Repentance is not afforded in an instant; it takes an accounting of what to repent from.  The last nano-second suffices nothing.


Perhaps we are not as accountable as we thought.  That will take a close look inside one’s heart.  He knows!  He Knows!  The man knows his own heart!


2 21 2008