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Why I Eat Kosher

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Who will trust us with the True Riches.


Why I Eat Kosher

I eat Kosher for more reasons than one.
When home, it is Chicken Breasts on a Gorman Grill. 
No fat at all.
When out is usually fried, baked or broiled chicken, but I peal off the skin and grease filled batter if any, then pick the fat out.
I hate the taste of chicken fat. Blahhhhh
A Steak now and then is also good.
I eat with Rice, Multi grain whole grain bread, only one slice.
Lamb when in a finer restaurant.

This is the reason I was inspired to post.
At times I am in a hurry, and with the fried chicken, loving the burnt skin, I sometimes go at eating it, BUT Abba 'always' asks me not to eat it. Or if already have it in my mouth, 'don't eat any more.'
OK! Fat is not good for us according to Scripture and Medical science. BUT even a little??????

So I ask 'Ma Nish TaNa' = What's the difference?
He tells me, "It separates us!." How much,? I ask. "Depends on how much you eat."
He did not say how much you disobey Me. Just how much you eat.
Going back to a previous discussion on Alcohol, I remember we discussed. Alcohol does the same thing.
Only difference is, Alcohol does it immediately in any quantity.
My heart wants to follow Him in every way possible, even to death if that is required.
So I ask for ultimate guidance over the years, and after many years, that is what I get.  Do I slip??? Now and then through ignorance. He reminds me quickly. But that is our relationship.

It all started when He was giving me some things to stay away from, and not to speak.  Not wanting to offend, I told Him that I am weak-human-poor memory at times, and could not promise.  I told Him that it would break my heart if I were to disobey Him after a promise.
He told me that if I could not promise, He could not help me with it.
I said what if I fail?? He said, that if I promised, He would then and only then be able to remind me.

In other words, we are weak = a given - all of us - you and I included.
He knows that!
If we desire to follow Him and learn from Him, He would be there for guidance.  Can I say this?? It is only if we promise! Failure is also a given - human.
This is the difference. He will remind us immediately, even when it is on the way to our mouth -- either food or speech - action or word. If we fail He is quick to forgive us BUT if we continue to disregard His Word, we will be left to our own devises. His Word and Our Word must be a Marriage. When and if we divorce His Word, He divorces our word. We then become of no affect with Him.

Now, these are a lot of words on the subject, and the more words to explain will just bring on more circling around the peripheries; Farther from the center and more susceptible to argument.

This is 'my' relationship with Abba YHVH, I do not expect everyone to even desire that close of a relationship with Him. This closeness does have a higher degree of accountability, but I am not afraid of accountability.

I have learned.
He is the most Humble person I have ever met, by far.
He is the softest, most gentle Person I have come in contact with.
He shares the most Peace-Shalom by far, than any and all put together that I have met.
He never goes back on a promise.
He is there 24/7 no matter what is taking place, and I know because He is really there, really in reality, and can be felt, heard, and counted upon, in all things.

Some of us have a bad reaction to Pork, and get sick from it.

I really mean a blessing. You do not even have to think about it.
There are a few things that have an adverse reaction on me also.
I have always considered that a Blessing too.
How can someone get addicted to sticking his hand in the fire? Impossible.
One gets a quick and immediate reaction, 'that is not habit-forming.'
I call that, 'Getting your Blessings ahead of time.'
There are many blessings we throw away by not following.
Some/most are not Salvation Issues, but Blessing Robbers.
It would be so nice if we could do all of this in a short period of time, But....Our blessings come from perseverance, generally; at least the good ones.
I have heard of certain blessings from early age, but they seemed so distant and were not for my life style then. But....

With years behind me, and many trials faced down, a lot of hardships in testing, more heartache than happiness by far, untold stories of disappointment, large amounts of discouragement, enormous tentacles of perseverance, previously encountered disagreements in foolish and lavish stupidity, enjoined partnerships with evil people unaware, posthumous disregard for altered sensitivities, and relentless pursuit for Truth in it's Truest Form, I have come forth unscathed but scarred, from both physical and spiritual encounters with the workers of darkness within seemingly highest of places.

Tehillim 119:Mem A duplicate for my Testimony.
Oh, how I love your Torah! It is my meditation all the day.
Your Commandments make me wiser than my enemies, For they are ever before me.
I have more insight than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation.
I understand more than the aged, because I have observed your precepts.
I have restrained my steps from every evil way, That I may keep your Word.
I have not turned aside from your ordinances, For you have taught me.
How sweet are your Words to me taste, Ya, Sweeter then honey to my mouth.
From your precepts I get understanding, Therefore I hate every false way.

It takes more work than most care to spend,
But the rewards are enormous.
"I Am thy exceeding Great Reward," says Abba YHVH.

There is a cost for every decision.
There is a trial for every blessing.
There can be a most humble beginning for those of a contrite heart.
There is nothing more refreshing than the Still Small Voice of Love in His care and Heart.
We can see through nothing without His Personal Wisdom in us.
We are blind, when we refuse His presence by not listening, and doing it our own way.
We are His Eternally, even while in this existence, when we allow His closeness to our lives.
When not, we are still on the fence, without a defined goal of total and personal son-ship.
We cannot come with baggage. We must come naked and alone....
Transparent without deliberate blemish. Open, without surgery. Contrite without force.

Perfection in His Eyes is nothing more than following Him with all of our heart.
He says, "You Praise Me when you follow Me."

This is how we discover Life More Abundantly
11 26 2008