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Soon, we will need a better understnading of these few days ahead.  Am preparing that even now and will put to writing what will be needed to understand those coming events.
All of the above writings are necessary to understand, especially  an Interpersonal Relationship with our Creator.  If things happen too fast, I will see you when the smoke clears. 

Preview of Beginning of Sorrows
One thing bothers me about coming future events that I have not talked about thus far.  Can we as a people, meaning those Abba YHVH has in the palm of His hand, counter the efforts of Islam and the party politics of this nation running within our midst and still be a free nation? 
WE consider all the facts, if we care at all about these events that plague our news media daily, and as for me, it sickens me, even though I am not a political Adventist or a secular counterpart to politics as usual.  In other words, I follow only Abba YHVH and not man, at least where I can see clearly, and that is what I strive for continually.
The coming events have proven to be a shocker to anyone planning a comfortable future in whatever his endeavors focus on.  Some today focus on their religious system, while others focus on the opposite aside from the Creator of all things good.  So where do we stand in this tossed salad today?
The prospects for a future in this country are oblique at best with all of the commotion in both Washington and on the street.  The debates have fostered only more questions that are left unanswered, and the view of our physical future remains foggy even at its best.
I only know one thing for sure these days and that is, my Creator is surely not playing politics in this tossed salad, and He is not a party-line player either.  Abba cares about every one of His, and in these last days,there are not many to discuss.  The overwhelming majority of today's 'So called believers' are and have been following the wrong fellow, at least that what I see when comparing Scripture with global human events, religions, secularists, even Churchianity.  We all have these choices today and as in all times past - today is no different.  We judge ourselves, and there is no one to blame for what it is that we strive for, knowing our destination aside from Abbas YHVH or not.  Our hearts guide us through these times as our hearts have always guided us.  What we are faced with today is this. 
We are on the precipice of the end of all things the world has been striving for since Creation.  In other words, the world and its political system and underground reckonings continue on pace with their pre-planned destination, although from the flesh that destination is unclear.  The flesh strives against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh.  What we think we are all about in the flesh is a camouflaged appearance of what most know not.  The evidence is within us to manufacture our thinking sequences, but our spirit/heart goes its way no matter how disillusioned our flesh that carries it is forced to be. 
Events globally are focusing on Biblical precepts in prophecy unknowingly.  This world is forming into all of the end-time events that will effect the biggest showdown in HisStory, and they do it thinking that they have won the eternal battle.  They are convinced within their flesh that they are victors of their little section of prosperity, and they all strive for the final grasp of global dominance, unknowing that they are actually all in the mix working for the same enemy of eternal Love and existence as prescribed from Bereshit/Genesis, spoken from even before Creation began.
There is no right or wrong for them spiritually, though in the flesh they have those thoughts and directions, all fighting for their own ideology and wondering why the rest of the world does not see their way.  They prosper in the way they think is good but under themselves they know something lurks in the shadows not in their best interest, that is the best interest of their flesh.  Where do they go for comfort when all begins to sway like a drunken sailor?  Surely they all have a soft landing place to hide, and that takes in the gamut of all things man can conjure up for comfort. 
One thing happens to them all, physical death, for the flesh will not profit anything, says the Scriptures.  The physical is dust from its origin to its demise, and all between is a glimpse of a ray of hope developed from what they believed in or thought they strove for, but little knowing that the spirit of the man is his driving force, and although the overwhelming majority of mankind think they are spiritual, in fact they disillusion themselves into thinking that they know from whence they came.  Most, even those who have a bible, have no real idea of what it says, and what the plan for mankind is.  Oh, why belabor that again.
Mankind's theory of self image is distorted by his own self-his heart, but every one of us today are sure of where we are going and how to get there, even atheists. 
What does it matter for mankind at large?  Few really have it right, and only those who follow the right creator of which there is only one, but so many think they can follow another one than 'All Scripture' testifies too.  What a mess!  How long does this book have to be to get the Story of 'Creation through Commencement' across, since Scripture has already spoken correctly?
I can write on for too long so I will gather my thoughts and finish.
Nothing good will come from these elections - 2008, no matter who wins, for the country is not in their hands but Globalists, and those who think they have written the epitaph of our earthly struggle.  Even they know not what they do but working for their self appointed deities whom they consider themselves to be, and that created in the image of deity.  It is all found in the spirit of a man, and the impact his spirit has left him with.
Only Scripture can sort out our individual future, and unfortunately, as Scripture testifies, the road is broad that leads to destruction, but the narrow path leads to Life. 
Consider the difference here. 
A broad road --- v/s --- a narrow path.  A path is walked, especially a narrow one.  A broad road carries on it the fast lane among others, and all sorts of vehicles at breakneck speeds.  So Scripture tells us, 'Few are they that find it.'
I know these times are difficult for all of us.
It will also get much worse, Dow down again 500 points an hour after opening, another day down 777, and as I write this on October 9, 2008 the Dow closed down 678.91 points.  The warnings have been here for a few years and were getting closer to free-fall by the month, even under the smoke and mirrors that covered it all up.
I have been warning for a few years that it was time to make preparations for two things.  This is the first of them, but it is not the worst of what is coming.  We all talked about the warnings in weather and seismic activity.  Almost everyone said hurrah because they expected to be Out-O-here by now, but now that the effects are surfacing personally, it is still not really understood except for those who have an Interpersonal Relationship with This One -- YHVH

Many of the others have their relationship with the lord and the jesus, but are unaware of what is really coming even based upon what can be seen.  These are more than enough warnings, but the hope is still there for the out-O-here doctrine even more than before.  They are expecting even more a spiritual rescue, and as it gets worse, they will expect even more. 
What about the persecution, beheadings, poverty of Biblical proportions, disease the same.  I have never seen a prophecy unfold that was not so powerfully seen by the magnitude of the fulfillment of it over these past few years.  What we are seeing is the beginning of sorrows-birth pangs, thus my second book 'Beginning of sorrows,' that will be put to print soon, as these days unfold, before our eyes.   Although I have some of it written, I am still searching for a better descriptive Hebrew Word to describe the proper magnitude.  The writings I am involved in are really for two reasons.  The first, as in this book,  is for returning Ephraim-10 Israel beginning with those still lost among churchmen. ' That past,' my writings took on a more intended flavor, for the understandings of the survivors of these Birth Pangs after the smoke clears, and all its survivors wonder what happened.   But more importantly, what will be happening then/as now, and how that relates to the immediate and not to distant future then. 
Although I continue to write information pertaining to today's events, save them on my computer, print them for readable reference when electricity is scarce, post them on various talk forums, my main focus now is for the survivors to understand that it was not their fault, and they are not the reason but the subject of the survival, and a sound mind is not only necessary now/then, but were to focus for the spiritual help to sustain during the rebuilding process and the restructuring of society made new.
These events were/are not only expected but planned for, that I not get caught in the doldrums of despair.  My Abba has prepared me by showing it to me the same way it was shown to all, by experience.  But, like all parables or misunderstood events, He gives the understanding.  It only took an Interpersonal Relationship with Him, not them-false deities.  So, I have written much on that interpersonal relationship, and in return received church doctrine jammed down my throat almost literally.  Being patient, continued against the flow of church doctrines galore that takes away from what was easy to see for any one looking, I finally withdrew and began to speak on how it is too late.  Too late almost, to begin preparing for both poverty, which we are only at the beginning stages of about 2% in comparison, and the spiritual that needed focus to get us through these rough times that are coming directly, the most important of which is calling out to the Scriptural Deity YHVH and releasing ourselves from profane man made deities.  Few heard and they will be OK.  The rest is not my problem because I was a good watchman.  I did the warning beyond human resistance. 
A while ago I warned that my patience had run its course and I am now without remorse for the willfully blind.  I had lost all emotion for those who sleep with eyes wide open.  Even to a little mocking to try and get their attention.  Tried to get them mad enough to debate with enough vigor that something take place inside.  I posted some on the spiritual side of man that is his driving force, the one who will eventually pay the eternal price as the flesh profits absolutely nothing.  Even then, Abba will have Mercy on the flesh of that man who's spirit was taken out for destruction at the proper time, the beginning of the Last Day-thousand years.  The flesh really profits nothing just as the Jewish Messiah told us, and the Greek Christ disagreed with and continues to supplant Abba YHVH in His efforts to give Grace to the flesh of the man that is now gone.  The enemy of Abba YHVH even takes the flesh of a man down with him no different from the mob bosses.
I really mean it. Time is all but gone.  So little remains.  Wake Up Sleeper, the Jewish Messiah has been crying out these Two Thousand years.  Who cared!  Not many!  Hoping it would not happen in our lifetime was futile, but hidden among men by the Greek Christ and those who preach his lack of favor with promises of Lawlessness;  He has done it in their faces.  Abba has done the same to them, the same way they practiced and prospered in His Face, for the reward of a man comes in the same packaging he dishes it out.  I showed them how, what they do they do to YHVH's Face in rebellion to His Perfect Love and Mercy. 

Now they are just lost, and I cannot even say too bad.  We get our rewards at their proper time.  We get what we have sought for all of our life.  This should not anger the man who got what he sought, life with the lord and his Greek Jesus for eternity.  This is what those men strove for and judged themselves with in the face of all the warnings and preaching for centuries.  All they did was shoot the messenger over and over, skinned them alive, took off their heads, buried them alive, drowned them, mutilated them to death and their wives in their faces as they died, cut the babies out of the mothers wombs as she lived to see it, burned them at the stake and in wooden cages on Halloween, smashed them to pieces, slowly tortured them to death like Christian churches were very good at, and tried to wipe out all Israel through abortions, child sacrifice, infanticide, and the least noticable-replacement theology, all to take over the earth for spiritual gain that the enemy of Scriptural YHVH not only desires but will fulfill because He spoke these from His Word..  Scripture says Abba wins even in the face of the most diabolical slaughtering's imagined, but He also told us that He would accomplish this without hand.  That is, until He takes 5/6 of the invading armies out that invade Israel-Jerusalem, soon to come.
I don't know if I should say any more, in this writing.
I do not see how more would make a difference at this time.
The easy to see stuff has all about past.
The tough to understand and swallow is about to hit the fan, and there is not much time left. 
What I mean is this.  Begin at Pesach 2006 with an hour glass, turn it upside down and watch how much faster it seems to empty as the sand gets lower.  We are down to the last half inch of events left, counting from only Pesach 2006,  Not for all to happen, but for judgement to finish.
You see, those taken out are really for destruction just as Scripture says.  And the flesh of them are left to go back into the dust.  Fortunately Scripture also says 'I will put another spirit within you,'  not for eternal life, but to get one through this physical life and the free grace was only to the flesh to finish its time.  Free Grace was never for the spirit, as the spirit of the man could see, yet judged himself.  Nothing was ever done in secret, but to the spirit of a man, he saw even the spiritual battles and even participated in them, so why have remorse for a mans spirit that gets exactly what he strives for.
I have to stop.
Am writing another book for all of this. 
Again not for the lost, but for those who survive and need direction.