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Many books and much time has been spent on this one subject, but none able to express true love when we have it.  The word love is not a new concept but as old as creation itself, and emanates from the very One Who Created all for man to enjoy. 

The Author of love is not new, He is without beginning and without end.  Collected from before the beginning are His thoughts written by Prophets for edification of all who would care to look.  Nothing created has been without purpose, and not one thing given for mankind has been for naught.  He is the Author of all things created and all things yet to come. 

There can be no mistake about Who created all, for creation is above the minds and hearts of both men and Angels.  None can say that they were in on the creation process but those who were appointed by יהוה to aid in the very creative process that He set forth and empowered all participants with specific tasks to fulfill His Will as set forth in His eternal plan. 

Angels and men have tried relentlessly to duplicate His power of creation to no avail.  Not one has been able to produce anything that was not given him by Divine power.  Men have tried from the beginning to create but all has slipped through their fingers in futility.  Miracles are performed by Angels through the Power of the Almighty, and only by the Power of The Almighty can anything be created, altered, or repositioned.  Time has been an allusion to mankind from his beginning, and not understood by any until now.

Now, and only now, has mankind been able to fathom time in the minutest degree.  Not until time has ended will he be able to understand the allusion of time.  Allusion is not the best word to describe time but it is close enough for our study today.

How can man in his infinitesimal existance describe the universe to understanding?  Can he play chess with planets and stars?  Can man rearrange any part of the heavens or even move one celestial body one inch?   For the most part man is a victim of his own shortcomings, always trying and ever failing to comprehend life, love, and his own existance.  Put bluntly, man is merely here for the pleasure of his Creator for the ends determined beforehand, and will never ascend to any heights beyond his physical existance.

Only those whom the Creator has chosen from a pure heart, can ascend beyond the limits of creation, and only for the purpose of He Who Creates with Words can he be used beyond his imagination.  Nothing placed here is for man to accomplish without the Hand of יהוה Nothing beyond purpose will ever be placed anywhere for either man, or Angels to view or use, and then only for the intent of יהוה, Creator of all existence.

Man continues to attempt creation using everything in his imagination.  Nothing yet nor after is possible.  All creation has boundaries placed at inception that cannot be exceeded, altered or changed.  Nothing beyond The Almighty's given talent can alter one cause or effect placed anywhere.  Not one change is possible by Angels or man that has not been written in the pages of creation.  All limits will remain intact, unalterable without express purpose handed down from the Throne of  יהוה.  Not One Alteration, Not One Change, Not One Syllable can be taken away from eternity.  NOT ONE!

We continue with life as we know it until He Who Placed in motion brings to a close each form of created material.  Spiritual life will change as a passing wind as well as physical life.  Newly formed in the New Heaven and the New Earth, we humans and Angles will have a brand new beginning, and live for eternity with our Creator  יהוה, Who will then, and only then, disclose His New Name to all who are with Him. 

How many times will man declare his authority in futility upon this earth?  How much can mortal man deceive himself before coming to the feet of יהוה in humility.

Ask what you may, יהוה promised to fulfill our needs.  Ask to receive necessary blessings for change.  "Acknowledge HIM in all your ways and He will direct your path," said the Preacher.  Begin now.  Time will change into eternity soon, in the twinkling of an eye, and nothing will be left unfinished, for He has declared from the foundation of the heavens every purpose in this universe, and every timetable beforehand has been laid out within creation.

Life as we know it will change into eternal perfection, and beyond none will be in want, for all things will be in perfect order.  Desire will vanish away.  Lust will have ceased.  Need will not be understood.  Perfection will be sovereign!

Peace will pervade the New Heaven entirely. 
Love will abound.

April 9, 2002