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Without Purpose We Barely Exist


Our Purpose In Him

Our purpose on this earth was penned by the
Prophet Yeshayahu - Isaiah 14, who wrote that the
purpose that is purposed upon the entire earth is
 to cast S*t#n out of heaven.

With that in mind consider how your
individual purpose fits into this equation.

Are we here for His good Pleasure, or have
we become so hard and calloused that
we are selfish with our lives and live as though
we are the final authority concerning what
we intend for ourselves.

This is the kind of thinking that removes us
from being close enough to feel the Touch and
Breadth of our Creator working within our lives. 
Our selfishness separates us from Him - יהוה
leaves us vulnerable to the works of the advisory.

Our Creator יהוה has purposed humanity along
with the entire earth, with His Own reasons for
His Own Creation; that of casting the advisory
and all that follow him out of Heaven. 
When we consider this ultimately, we become
aware that we are also in danger of being cast
out with the advisory, since there are only two
directions that we can be in motion to achieve.

When Shamon Kepha -Peter was called S%tan
by our Messiah, it was for his attention to the
cares of this life.  "Get thee behind Me, S&t^n! 
You are a stumbling block to Me, for your
thoughts are not those of  יהוה,
those of men."

Peter repented, and we can also.  Our only desire
should be to serve the purpose that our Creator
intended for us and all of His Creation.  This
is not achievable without
involved in
everything we do, for it is not we who guides our
steps to righteousness but Him.  When we direct
our own steps, it is assured that the adversary
is our author.  There can be no turning from the
purpose that was purposed upon the entire earth
without succumbing to the wiles of the
adversary.  He wants us to stumble along
with him.  He wants us to write our own life
script for it will be he who authors it.

There are only two powers in this universe.
Chose you this day whom you will follow.

As for me and my house, We will follow  יהוה.