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Creation from what we can see.



So Goes Creation

When we speak of the spirit and the flesh in the same sentence, there is reason to doubt that we know what we are about to say. It is usually thought that they are the same, but scripture tells us they war against each other.    

Scripture tells us that, but let us qualify the well known things of the past that scripture takes at face value.  In this case scripture is talking about those who are believers in the Jewish Messiah.  It would have been common knowledge then that the two were different so allow us to go forward.  The flesh supports the flesh and the spirit the spirit.  These at war with each other will bring turmoil to anyone not grounded in that wisdom.  A Believer who has overcome the flesh will have no problem identifying the difference, but a non-follower of Abba will have no idea where his motivations originate as his spirit and his flesh desire the same things.


Common knowledge also requires all to understand the times we are in.  Today we are in the closing moments of world history as we now know it, is a given among the brethren.  The spiritual side of mankind however is another story.  What we see in the religious circles various, is pre-disposition with the flesh.  A bodily resurrection is one's most treasured hope for possession.  Living in the heavenlies in the flesh has been made to sound so tantalizing that the overwhelming majority of people require that among their peers.  We tend to reference a bodily resurrection of the Jewish Messiah.  I have come to not like the word Resurrection because of the baggage it carries with it, like Rapture and the baggage that carries it.


The ancients worshipped the flesh in that way to even embalm their deceased and place worldly wealth in the grave with them.  Had the deceased had servants, they were smothered in wrappings to be there when the king or whoever resurrected along with the wealth and position they enjoyed in the flesh.  Most of that has carried over through the Churches because of the flesh the Churches worship also.  That is the most dangerous bit of dogma in Churchianity today as it carries so much baggage along with it that smothers clear scripture understanding.  We become focused on the flesh instead of the spirit, yet we tend to think that we are living in the spirit while worshipping the flesh because we recite certain man made sentences geared that way and we follow from the pulpit fleshy empowerment and live there unknowingly for most of our natural lives. 


What we need mostly is to understand the differences between the two.  Scripture tells us that 'flesh and blood will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  We have need to take that to heart.  'Flesh and blood profits nothing,' said the Jewish Messiah, yet we are bombarded by teachers of a bodily resurrection-that word again.  I can almost hear true Christians saying, What is wrong with that?


OK, let us examine it, with patience please.  It is not time to discard this memoir until a few facts are brought forward, then if it still sets painfully in your craw, dismiss it as one you cannot comprehend yet. 


I touched on this with a promise of More to Come, so let's get on with it.  Examine with me a little science for a bit.  Science is not perfect and aside from Creation Science little is understood of the origin of man.  This though, both agree on: when matter is broken down into its smallest known form there is little actual matter there but just a lot of space between.  I was very interested in these when studying the little science I did but this stood out with me very well.  I am rusty on the measurements but there are may SIGNS in the heavens to qualify as examples for us both in this and in the time schedules of our earthly existence.  Here I would like to stay with Size instead of Time. 


Besides a quark and such, the atom is the smallest particle and the Hydrogen atom the smallest to my knowledge.  Dictionary says, the lightest of all known substances: symbol H; atomic weight 1.00797, melt at -259.14 C, boil at -252.8 C.  Helium melts and boils at a slightly colder Temp. 


This Hydrogen atom has but one revolving electron by itself, when combined with Oxygen becoming water is H2O, Two Hydrogen one Oxygen and the molecule gets larger as they become more complex. 


Here is where my memory is a little foggy.  Science says that a H nucleus expanded to the size of the head of a pin would have its one revolving electron 100 yards to 200 yards away, and the electron is much smaller than the nucleus.   So, what does it consist of??? Space, nothing much, but very explosive if the atom is split.


Our example for reference is again in the stars.  Our sun is approx. 93,000,000 miles away from the earth, and earth is about 8,000 miles in diameter.  All of our planets  are many millions of miles apart and in our solar system there is mostly space.  Not mostly but to attempt to put a numerical value to it, lets go with 1/200 billionth of a trillionth of a ',' you guess the rest.  The next star from us is many light years away.  That is the distance light travels in a year at 186,000 miles a second.  I do believe they have narrowed that number more accurately since I studied this many years ago.  Our Galaxy is, what is it, 10,000,000 light years in girth, and the closest Galaxy to us is how many tens of millions of light years away and what is between any of it??? Space!  That is our example to follow and get some idea of what we are made of and the materiel we call substance is nothing to write home about considering.


Take a minute to picture this in your minds eye, then ask yourself, what is it that resurrects? If the entire earth can be shrunk to the size of a pea, what are we made of really?


Paul had it right when he spoke of "When our change comes."

That is what I mean by 'Resurrection is not the best word' to describe what happens to us when Our Change Comes.  Since flesh and blood cannot inherit eternal life, what does?  Our spirit which has been our driving force from Bereshit.  Our spirit lives in the spirit and knows the difference.  Our flesh is, the Veil of the Spirit that will inherit one of two outcomes.  His Choice.  We are just here for the temptation.  We are here to show the effects of the thinking our driving force heart/spirit lives, so there is really no excuse.  Our flesh profits nothing.  That means nothing.  In the twinkling of an eye we will be changed, not fleshly resurrected.  Changed from this veil of the flesh into the spirit.  Scripture tells us that at death the flesh goes back from where it came and the spirit goes back to its Creator who gave it.


It is really rather simple when we look at the facts, and the examples given.  Worshipping the flesh gets us nowhere but into confusion, and from there the adversary takes us on a merry-go-round.  He takes us where his desires always have been, in control of his own destiny; but certainly in the flesh, from which he can have his Star Wars existence.


I know that this can be difficult to bear but the very simple matters are usually the most difficult to understand, especially when we have been turned over to a Greek method of thought.  Intellect and knowledge, instead of Humility and Wisdom.  That is what our Greek conquerors did to our Hebrew Roots. 


Now it is time to return to the Faith that was once delivered to Israel.  Begin to Honor our Creator in His Ways and not in the ways of the heathens who conquered and changed our mind-set.  We will be living during the Reign of the Jewish Messiah, even as we speak He is making His changes.  We will live in the way/mind-set at origin for the remainder of His Thousand Years which at Pesach this year 2008,  will begin His Third Year.


Begin now is the call so we do not have to make the adjustment all at once.  It cannot be done all at once!
But one fine day we will slip these surly bonds of flesh, and our change will be final, and He will be finished with us at last.

So goes Creation!  Build treasures in Heaven, not in the non-profitable flesh.




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