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Where do we go, from reading the very essence of our Creator  יהוה - YHVH?

 Are we 'still born' when we are in His Hand, or alive and filled with His Set Apart Spirit?  Can we be closer to Him than to our earthly family, or are we bastards, without a Spiritual parent?  Can we be here on this earth and still in His Presence?  Is Heaven on this earth, or out in space somewhere, or both?  Can Heaven be seen with our physical eyes, our Spiritual eyes, or are we blind to the view?  Where do our priorities lay?  Are we His or do we look for another?  Any more Questions that matter, for now?  We will work on these!

For most of us, the questions asked above have never entered into our minds.  Some of us have dabbled in them with little hope for answers.  Few have dared to pray for these answers specifically, and have found them according to their Faith in varying degree.  We all would like to know various answers to multiple questions that seem to go around in circles and circles and come out empty.  Asking for the untouchable, however, can lead to emptiness, and a seemingly barren spiritual life filled with more questions than there are answers. 

Can we for one minute consider that when יהוה was here in the flesh, called by the Name יהושע Yahoshua, walking with those whom He chose to hear His Words from Heaven, that He spoke the very Words that came from the Throne and not one Word more; that He was then The Father, speaking The Words given Him by The Set Apart Spirit, Whom Is Himself in the Spirit, and confirming in the flesh all that the Prophets have written by which to know Him: That He was the One speaking to the Prophets during Old Testament times, and under no other authority did the Messengers speak to any of the Prophets but by Him; speaking no other Words then that which were given them to be handed down to the chosen Prophets.  Have any of us ever considered that there are no Words given to the Prophets other than those Breathed by יהוה Himself to then be penned under the watchful hand of the Set Apart Spirit, Whom Is Himself in the Spirit?

When we consider the awesomeness of all creation, and know that there is only One source for existence, do we retreat into ourselves or do we dare to ask for the answers that only He can provide?  Do the Scriptures say, "Seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened?"  If יהוה our Creator cannot lie, and we have assurance that He Spoke these Words, and we are His Spiritual offspring Whom we dare to call Abba Father, can we then sit upon His lap and ask the hard questions?  If we cannot, we are setting ourselves apart from Him for our own desolate reasons, distancing ourselves from Him to our own dismay.

Our Creator יהוה is not a light set under a basket, or one to be kept aside from the very ones He created to be in His Own Image.  We cannot [be like] what we cannot identify with.  He came here in the flesh to show to us Himself, Who Is the Father, that we might model after Him our lives as a living sacrifice, and be whole and acceptable to Him after His example.  How much more can a Father do than what He Himself has done for us to find our way home, even by walking beside and living within all who would have Him; by being not only The Example, but The Deliverer after creation Who gave Himself, a Sacrifice for us.  What more can be done for us than what has already been done, and all we have to do is accept.

It is very easy to know within ourselves if we have accepted Him.  Do we follow in His footsteps or do we follow someone else?  Do we keep His Commandments as written for us forever, or do we follow commandments of men?  Do we Love Him with all of our heart and all of our mind and all of our soul, or do we limit His portion that we may fill others?  Is He in our minds and hearts more than anything else?  Do we come to Him with everything?  Do we give all to Him, even our very lives to do with as He pleases, or do we keep some back for ourselves?  The distance that we put between Him and us, we do intently, nothing accidental about it at all.  What comes between you and Abba YHVY today, will come between you and He on the last day! 

The choices we make today to belong to Him, or to give ourselves to another, יהוה will determine our distance from Him when it counts.  There is no one at the Door but Him, and only He can open the door for you; the one that you determine is open or shut, for He stands at that door and knocks.  We all have heard the knock.  We have all determined whether the door is open or shut.  We put up the barriers, or clear the path laid out before us with His light as a beacon guiding us home.  Our eyes must be open to see.  The blinders have to be taken away.  He is the only one that can remove them, and all we need do is ask.  To do that we must give up the things that hold us.  But more than that, we must know that He is there, and where can we find that information? 

The Scriptures were not an accident.  The Prophets were not self motivated.  The un-contradictory words written for us to see, were penned for an eternity.  Those are the visual witnesses left for us to see Heaven, however limited, while on this earth.  We may, and are invited to read them every moment of our lives.  We are taught to read them by the very words that permeate the pages of 'life' we read in them.  We can make no mistake if we search them with a humble heart for truth.  We are invited to search the Scriptures daily, reason with Him in the Word, and enjoy the life we see in His Self Breathed Speech.

Where on earth can we find more comfort than with our Creator?  What restrictions are there to be in His presence continually, and converse with Him daily, even hourly, perhaps moment by moment?  What are the chances that we can hear Him; His Voice continually?  What are the chances that we are comfortable enough with Him to desire His presence continually, and with dialogue?  How long will we separate ourselves from the very One Who Created us for His Good Pleasure, and what is it that keeps us from attaining that bond in relationship with Him, that we converse with Him all day long?

Is this getting difficult or perhaps a little uncomfortable to fathom, or does it make your heart soar, just reading about the remote possibility, that we as an individual can give of ourselves, leaving what has been holding us, to become selfless enough, close enough, inseparable enough, to be unconditionally within His Presence, that we dare to speak with Him, deep interpersonal togetherness?  How does the thought of being that close to His Presence set in your spirit?  Can you bring yourself naked enough, without baggage enough, totally separated enough, into His presence right where you stand?  Are you indecisive about honesty at this point, when all is on the line?  Now is when you will find what holds you from a close interpersonal relationship, with He Who Created you and loves you more than all combined can love.

Do you know and love your Creator enough to fathom answers to these hard questions, favorable to relationship unlimited?  How do thoughts like these set in your spirit?  Answer if you can, for yourself right now.  

You now know what has distanced you from He Who loves you more than you can imagine.  Spend some time within yourself and ask what you would want to discuss with Him right now, or if He were to at any moment be right there in front of you, what would you find to talk about, or would you want to hide from His presence?  One Day we will all be Face to face with Him, alone.  Just the two of you, Face to face.  Is it worth waiting for a surprise visit when all is at stake, or would it be better to find Him today and cover future plans between the two of you and in private, no interference or other presence, just the two of you, spirit to Spirit, one on One, same space, same time, same personal commitment.

These are not isolated fictional questions.  This line of thinking is not desolate supposition.  One day we all will be faced with the above, hopefully not in a surprised nano-second.  Should we wait until the last moment, and face all at once when eternity is on the line, or would you prefer to ease in slowly and test the waters first, making changes as you go, getting direction as you proceed, understanding little by little, step by step, one moment at a time, at a pace that you can handle, with His help according to His plan and in His time.

The choice is yours.  No man on this earth can make those decisions for you.  We all will stand before Him with no baggage at some time in the not to distant future.  We are not in charge of the surprise timetable, but we are able to make these choices now, in preparation for His presence. 

All of us consider at times our fate, so to speak; our fate, as pre-described in a book somewhere, set for each of us, that cannot be changed or altered, added to or detracted from.  We rely, at times upon that easy thinking to get us through the night, or the day.  Consider, are we subject to that kind of aloneness, pre-set disposition, choice-less future?  Has our Creator given us over to robotics, or are we indeed free to make choices?  Bond or Free, even that is a choice. 

Can anyone really say in his heart that he has no choice?  If so, that person is lost to forces beyond his control, and indeed will have a distinct and definitive end.  Anyone who has surrendered to those forces has given up his or her right to a fair trial.  The jury is stacked against him and his fate is certain.  Even that, in all of its lonely desolation is a choice, albeit, made inadvertently.  None the less, a choice given to the wind and what ever blows along with it.  Unfortunately there is a force waiting for that sort of thinking and putting ones self in its control is most unfortunate, a choice not wise or necessary.

How does one protect himself from mindless waste and spiritual death?  From uncertainty?  From unmitigated disaster?  From relentless pursuit of personal ruin? 

Can anyone be the self motivating factor determining his own fate instead of wind mentality?  Is there anywhere one can find comfort in knowing that there is a Help in time of Need?  A Help Supreme?  A Help Unconditional, Who will accept you right where you are, baggage and all, to sort out your misgivings and release your fear, and bring the comfort that comes with serenity of certainty.  Is there any of us today who would reject that help? 

Who fosters the wind mentality?  Thoughtless vagabonds, predetermined to have no choice, which is a choice in itself?  Unable to consider the outcome, or care what it might be; worse, to encourage that eternal outcome. 

Yes unfortunately, many have set themselves up for the biggest fall of a lifetime.  Chosen with malice and forethought, to be as far away from his Creator as he can get, held by conviction to unreliable and determinable forces.  Sad!  Sad!  Sad!  Given to the fire for the sake of fame, fortune, or other gain for a season.  Willing to donate to the cause of destruction all he touches, inclusive of friends and family; given to loss of eternal love and freedom for a moment of gain.  Others do the same without gain, a willful toss into the fire for none other than inability to cope with being answerable to a Being Supreme, having no hope and without יהוה in the world.  Given to destruction for no other reason than hate for his Creator, unable to live by Love, kindness, patience, longsuffering, compassion, joy, gentleness, trustworthiness, and self control, whose spiritual father is the epitome of, lies, hate, greed, evil, deceit, insolence, pride, lust, divisive of evil, rebellious, disobedient, unforgiving, ruthless, whoring, envy, and wickedness beyond human imagination; Cold in heart and ever desirous of bitter destruction.

Now is the time to consider the outcome.  Now is the time to view through the eyes of eternity which path one will live, as we move from time to eternity.  Now is not the moment for speechless thinking, not letting known our desires in the endlessness of eternity.  Eternity is not just a word to be taken lightly, but a place that we determine; followers of יהוה or followers of the evil one. 

The first step to a determinable beginning, rather than a determinable end, is to visit with the Creator of eternity.  That is a very good start.  He has already started the action and is waiting for us to respond.  He has already determined the outcome, should we allow Him to be in charge of it.  He has already paid our price with His life, that nothing can come between and claim ownership.  He has already made an appointment and is at the door waiting for you, the door you determine is open or shut.  He will not be angry with you.  He will not be amused by your hesitance either, or ones coy folly in delay of making that choice.  He is there waiting for you to make the choice of an eternal lifetime.  Force is not an attribute of יהוה אלהים - YHVH Elohim as all things work together for good for those who chose life. 

Now is not the time for questionable motives.  Not time to exaggerate ones worth or opinion.  Not the time for unbelief or unworthy considerations.  Now is the time for progress, a directional walk, focused on life more abundantly.  Now is the beginning of eternity.  Eternity is the never ending focus on love and commitment to an honorable and purposeful existence in  the Presence of your Creator.

How difficult is that to imagine?  Does it bring peace to your soul, or blight to your spirit.?  Is it too confusing to put those thoughts together for consideration?  Does fear fill your mind, the thought of facing an Eternal Creative Authority?  Is it all to uncomfortable to fathom, the giving up of self and what you hold, in faith that He is a just and Honorable Friend looking for your best interest, and that He might just know what that is?  More than that, considering His ability to deliver, is He your choice or do you look for another?

Feb 2002