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Is There A Man Among Us Who Would Not 
Desire To Live According To Abba YHVH?

There can be no correction
without participation.

We think in terms that correction is a terrible thing. Once made
though, we find ourselves in a process of growth leaning toward
completion. Not wanting the old self, nor wanting to change in
either direction can lead to stagnation.

Correction is not a ripping up of the soul as many think, but a
conditioning of the Spirit onto newness of life. Correction is a
many faceted, step by step process that we go through in life as
we discover ourselves and correspond to alteration as we go from
one point in our lives to another, sometimes looking back in disgust
from where we came, never desirous to return to that old self,
but clearly moving forward, new and unafraid for
solution has led to change and a new life has begun.

Now is the time for change. Now is the time for correction. Now
is the time for forward thinking, removing the old un desirous
person to become a more complete, newly formed individual.

We are on the path to change all of our lives, as we encounter
change and grow with change, hopefully leaving the old behind to
live anew in our newly found present state of consciousness. Are
we therefore a new being or are we a corrected form of the old,
living within newer boundaries and in newness of life?

Unfortunately we are in a constant growth process from birth to
grave. Fortunately we understand that change is our friend and
not the enemy. Who would like to really go back to his old self
after growth, change and newness has found its way into our life?
He that would go back is unable to face correction or change and
is unable to connect to growth, willfully wanting to disconnect from
newness of life to remain unstable and permanently
disabled from the growth process.

Many of us live in the past, wanting only stagnation and what we
think as a comfort zone, but find after many years that the
world has left us behind. More than that, Spiritual growth has
also beenstifled. Not wanting to expand our learning process has
kept many of us unattached to sound, clear growth.

Disconnecting from the past is not an easy process for some, and
at times brings fear of the unknown. Without that journey we can
never see the horizon clearly; seemingly satisfied but conditioned
to fear moving forward does not offer safe passage, but once
taken, that new path opens into an entirely new life full of
challenges that offer many rewards. Who then wants to retreat
backward? Struggles bring growth and, as once said,
'We grow stronger in broken places.'

How do we grow without a growth process?

If growth is a process, is growth by design or mere chance?
When we begin the growth process through correction we open
ourselves to one of two forces. One for good and one for evil.
The one we choose dictates which path we will find ourselves on.
The push, and pull begins when we open ourselves to change.
One looking out for our best interest and
the other for its own interest.

The interest of one is the direct opposite of the other. We are
tested in other ways too, but testing is not the main cause of our
downfall or elevation. The choices we have made will direct our
choices in the future and what we concentrate
on will be the direction we go.

Our lives are but a flicker in the realm of the eternal. What
seems to be a lengthy lifetime is but a breath of eternity. The
overall growth process is a series of adjustments in preparation
for an endless life, or an endless death in total separation from
our Creator. Our life purpose here on earth is to love יהוה our
Elohim with all of our heart, all of our mind, and all of our soul,
and to love others as we love ourselves. What greater purpose
can we submit ourselves to than love? What can be a better
direction in life than to begin each and every day with love
in our hearts, love on our lips, and love our purpose?

How is it possible to love that much unless we have a teacher?
Where can we find a teacher that can be trusted on such a
delicate principal as love? If loveis the answer to a well adjusted
life span, then Who better than the Creator of love should we
follow? I say none, and if our Creator is only a thought away, why
do we labor so hard our efforts to find happiness? How much
difficulty we put ourselves through searching all the wrong places
for an abundant life when He is at the door knocking for an
opportunity to show us what love is, and we can achieve fullness
and completeness simply by asking. Where on earth can we
find real love or even know what real love is without asking
the Author of love into our lives for first hand instruction?

The author of love is not in a secret place. He is not hiding from
us. He can be found simply by searching with all of our heart, all
of our mind and all of our soul. Is that too much to give in return
for an abundant life, to search for the Author of our very lives
and learn from Him, or to wander through this life directionless
seeking through our self determined lust for love never failing?
We miss from the very first attempt. Our lust deceives us at
the start. Our self determined need, blinds and leads us to self
destruction, for we follow only one of two paths to eternity.
One path is with our eyes on the Author of Love. The other path
focuses on the author of destruction. We make the choice. There
is nothing good enough within man that he can build upon to find a
truly meaningful life in the eyes of יהוה, the Author and finisher
of our faith. We can search the world over and over and never
find real peace without יהוה our Elohim leading the way, for the
lust of self is deceitful since it serves self with no concern for
others. Lust for self only uses to serve self, and what self
considers happiness is short lived, for self knows only to serve
self with immediate gratification for a selfish moment and the
self serving begins its selfish cycle once more. An abundant
life is lost to the self seeking self that preys upon all for
selfish motives and lives in a state of desperation, for only
one discovery is made, love abandons the selfish to despair.
Hopelessness fills the selfish because the only way out of it
is love, and love cannot be found in self service.

There is only one way to a living happiness that lasts for a
lifetime. There is only one place that we can find peace, love,
joy, patience, happiness, and life more abundantly. There is only
one tried and true teacher of perfect love, the Master, Author,
Finisher of Faith, Hope and Charity, יהוה our Elohim,
our Creator, our Father, Who first Loved us.

It is impossible to know perfect love without first knowing the
Author of Love. Without knowing His Love for us, we can never
know Love. Searching for love is futile without seeking first the
Author of Perfect Love. Only He can teach us the meaning of
Love and That by example. He first Loved us. That is the
beginning of Love. We can know no Love without Him in our lives.
Without Him in our lives we are empty vessels and
how can we Love with emptiness?

Until we have experience the Love of our Creator,
Love is a mystery that will never be solved. Only when we know
His Love for us, and enjoy Love's abundance are we capable of
showing and sharing Love. Only from a New Heart, formed and
conditioned, molded after His Own Heart, a true copy of the
Original, are we then able to radiate
from within His Glorious Light.

So let His Light shine from within us for we are now the
Light of the world, His Marvelous Light shining forth through us
into the world, living examples made perfect in Him,
and living eternity from our earthly abode.